enders game and lion king n.
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Enders game and Lion King. HERO’S JOURNEY. Enders game. 1 st stage-Enders a 6 year old at the beginning of his journey. And he has a brother that always makes him mad by killing animals. Lion king.

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Presentation Transcript
enders game
Enders game
  • 1st stage-Enders a 6 year old at the beginning of his journey. And he has a brother that always makes him mad by killing animals.
lion king
Lion king
  • 1st Stage- A little lion named Simba that has a dad that is a king and he will once become king. Then his uncle scar who tries to push Simba away so he can become king.
enders game1
Enders Game
  • 2nd Stage- it would be for ender when goes into the battle ship, battle school, and command school.
lion king1
Lion King
  • 2nd stage- When Simba has to go back to pride rock to fight scar to become king.
enders game2
Enders game
  • 3rd stage- When Graff comes to talk to ender about going to battle school. And then ender finally goes to battle school.
lion king2
Lion King
  • 3rd stage- when Naula comes to talk Simba about returning to pride rock and fight scar to become king.
enders game3
Enders game
  • 4th stage –ender meets Dink and him and dink talk awhile about what makes a good person and why being commander of an army isn’t as cool as it sounds.
lion king3
Lion king
  • 4th stage- Simba meets tammone and pumba and he finds out that a good way of life is akuna motata.
enders game4
Enders game
  • 5th stage-ender enters battle school and has to make his way through it and fight for himself.
lion king4
Lion king
  • 5th stage- Simba enters into pumba and tammones world and learns that being king doesn’t mean any thing.
enders game5
Enders game
  • 6th stage- Ender finds his enemies from other armies and really doesn’t have much allies beside dink.
lion king5
Lion king
  • 6th stage- Simba finds that he doesn’t have any enemies in his new land but his allies are pumba and tammone.
enders game6
Enders game
  • 7th stage-Takes classes and prepares to fight in battles with his launchie group.
lion king6
Lion king
  • 7th stage- Simba gets ready for his battle with scar.
enders game7
Enders game
  • 8th stage- Ender confronts the buggers queen after he thought that he killed them all.
lion king7
Lion king
  • 8th stage-Simba has to fight scar and end starvation for his kingdome.
enders game8
Enders game
  • 9th stage- Ender gets a break and gets to go see valentine but he also kills all the buggers.
lion king8
Lion King
  • 9th stage- Simba defeats scar and gets to become the king of pride rock.
enders game9
Enders game
  • 10th stage-Ender has to beat the buggers queen.
lion king9
Lion king
  • 10th stage- simba has to take full control of his kingdom and provide food and water.
enders game10
Enders game
  • 11th stage- enders has to make sure he kills all the buggers so they don’t have to worry about it.
lion king10
Lion king
  • 11th stage- Simba has to make sure that he is still the ruler and no one gets hurt.
enders game11
Enders game
  • 12th stage- He kills all the buggers and is a hero.
lion king11
Lion king
  • 12th stage- simba has a daughter that will feel his position but will be queen