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Water Treatment

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Water Treatment. Warm-up. Update Table of Contents Write your homework Get your Vocab Day 3 out to be checked Make a prediction for our Coliform test…do you think it will be positive or negative and why?. Coliform Results. If our water is polluted….

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warm up
  • Update Table of Contents
  • Write your homework
  • Get your Vocab Day 3 out to be checked
  • Make a prediction for our Coliform test…do you think it will be positive or negative and why?
if our water is polluted
If our water is polluted…
  • How do we make water safe to drink and use for

everyday life?

  • What needs to be taken

out before we can use it?

wastewater treatment
Wastewater Treatment

But what happens when your city doesn’t have a proper sewage system?

toxic water the sewers of mexico city
Toxic Water: The Sewers of Mexico City
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a_4YhxN2vo&feature=fvst

The dirty water that runs down our drains & sewers that must be cleaned before it can go into lakes, rivers, etc. or be reused.

the sparkling water story
“ The Sparkling Water Story”
  • Listen and follow along as you see firsthand how we impact the cleanliness of our water everyday!
sparking water story part 1
Sparking Water Story Part 1
  • Darin wakes up bright and early to start his day. Since it’s Saturday, it’s his turn to water his mom’s plants. So, Darin grabs the plants & carries them to the sink. He is not paying attention because he is watching cartoons at the same time. He puts too much water on the plants causing the pot to overflow and spill soil into the sink. He quickly rinses it down the drain so he doesn’t get into trouble, and then runs off to watch his cartoons.
sparkling water story part 1
Sparkling Water Story Part 1
  • Dad has managed to get the coffee started and is impatiently waiting for it to be ready. Finally it is done and Dad pours a cup of coffee for himself and a cup for Mom; then goes to read the paper. Mom appreciates his effort but sighs as she realizes Dad didn’t clean up. “He didn’t even take out the coffee grounds,” Mom notices. She removes them but sees the garbage is full. “It wont hurt to put these down the sink,” she says to herself.
sparkling water story part 11
Sparkling Water Story Part 1
  • Becky walks into the kitchen and decides to try to make homemade biscuits for breakfast, but she burns them. Everyone tries to eat the dry burned biscuits. Darin excuses himself to the bathroom where he flushes his food away. Mom rushes to do the dishes and “accidentally” drops her biscuitsdown the drain and turns on the water and garbage disposal.
sparkling water story part 2
Sparkling Water Story Part 2
  • The family’s day continues as Dad and Darin go outside to wash the car. They spray the car down, soap it up, and rinse it off. The soapy waterruns down the driveway into the storm drain.
sparkling water story part 21
Sparkling Water Story Part 2
  • Darin notices that the car has been leaking motor oil, so he decides to spray down the driveway. He sprays and sprays, until he is convinced that he has gotten all of the motor oil off and just a stain remains. The motor oil runs into the storm drain.
sparkling water story part 22
Sparkling Water Story Part 2
  • Mom and Becky are now outside taking care of Mom’s garden. Mom is spraying the plants down with pesticides so that insects and animals don’t eat them. Becky is sprinkling fertilizer on the plants to make sure that they grow. Darin thinks to himself, “Well, I’m going to help them out and water the garden.” Darin sprays the hose over the plants. Mom screams for him to stop, but its too late, all of the fertilizer and pesticide has been rinsed off, and it too eventually makes it’s way to the storm drain.
filtration lab roles
Filtration Lab: Roles
  • Filtration engineer – creates the “blue print” for your system with input from group members
  • Supply management technician – responsible for supplies & clean up (others help them!!!!)
  • Eagle Eye – making note of possible changes to the system
  • Chemist – responsible for testing the pH of your water before and after filtration
filtration lab create your own filtration system
Filtration Lab: Create your own filtration system!!
  • Use the big white board to create a detailed plan.
  • Step by step instructions and diagram as to how each item in your kit will be used
quick write page 39
Quick Write: (page 39)
  • How well did your filtration system work?

What would you change to make it better?

  • How much CLEAN water did you actually end up with?
  • Based on your pH readings, is it safe to use?
step 1 coagulation
Step 1. Coagulation
  • Coagulation:The process at which chemicals are added so that dirt and other particles stick together into “floc”(Flocculation) so they can easily be removed
step 2 sedimentation
Step 2. Sedimentation
  • Sedimentation:The heavy particles settle to the bottom and the clear water moves on
step 3 filtration
Step 3. Filtration
  • Filtration: The water passes through filters made of different materials
step 4 disinfection
Step 4. Disinfection
  • Disinfection:A small amount of chemicals are added to kill bacteria(usually chlorine)
step 5 storage
Step 5. Storage
  • Storage:Water is stored in a closed tank to be used by the community
virtual tour of a drinking water treatment plant
Virtual Tour of a Drinking Water Treatment Plant
  • http://www.epa.gov/ogwdw/watertreatmentplant/flash/index.html
next class
Next Class
  • You will have a sub and you will be responsible for completing and turning in the work assigned.
  • I will give you the quiz the following class, but it will be more than just vocabulary…it will focus on WATER POLLUTION, WATER QUALITY INDICATORS & WATER TREATMENT
vocab practice quiz