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by Joey Cheah (4E5) PowerPoint Presentation
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by Joey Cheah (4E5)

by Joey Cheah (4E5)

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by Joey Cheah (4E5)

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  1. Our impression of people is often based on their physical appearance. Write about an occasion when you regretted doing this. by Joey Cheah (4E5)

  2. There is a popular saying, “Never judge a book by its cover,” but I never quite knew its significance until one fateful evening. I used to be a very materialistic person and tended to disregard people who were not physically appealing or well-dressed. However, in a strange twist of fate, something happened which made me regret this for the rest of my life.

  3. It was like any other day and I woke up with the alarm clock buzzing irritatingly. As usual, it took me 2 hours to get dressed and ready for work. It was the school holidays and I had found a job as a waitress at a posh restaurant situated near town. Even though my work required me to don a uniform, I still preferred to wear my own clothes there as I never really liked those garments they forced us to put on.

  4. When I finally arrived at my workplace after a bumpy bus ride, I was feeling rather out of sorts. My shift had just started, so I promptly went to the locker room to change. When I got out, I saw a man standing at the entrance of the shop waiting to be seated. He wore an old pair of jeans with obvious signs of much wear and tear. His T-shirt appeared to be too large for his gangly build. To match it all, his toes had nails at least half an inch long protruding from his cheap slippers. As I approached, the stubble on his chin became more prominent; it looked as if he had not shaved for weeks.

  5. “What do you want?” I questioned while chewing some gum, looking bored. I was half expecting him to ask to use the restroom. Perhaps he was looking for a job. Hard times were back.

  6. “Is this the way you treat our customers? Everyone who comes through this door is valued. You must treat them with respect even if they are just here to use the lavatory. Get the manager here now!” he chided, half scowling. I scurried away to look for my supervisor as he waited with his arms crossed upon his chest.

  7. My superior was soon at the scene. Back hunched, he spoke to the man. The former had an apologetic look while the latter looked visibly annoyed. I got worried as I pondered on what had been said. I was bewildered when the stranger mentioned “our customers”. I was even more anxious when he motioned me to come forward. My heartbeat doubled as I walked over in humility and trepidation. Little droplets of sweat formed on my forehead. As they trickled down my cheeks, I used the back of my clammy hands to wipe them off. My manager strode off the other way, sighing.

  8. “My company does not need such an impolite worker. Your services are no longer required,” he said calmly. Those words boomed in my ears as it dawned upon me that he was the owner of the establishment. At that moment, I recalled overhearing my colleagues gossiping about the proprietor liking to be inconspicuous.

  9. My poor judgment based on the man’s appearance had cost me my job. After some serious consideration, I realized that I was in the wrong. I truly regretted not heeding the essence of the old adage.

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  11. 45-minute Writing Practice • Write about a time when misinterpreting someone’s intentions led to adverse consequences. • Write about an occasion when something you dreaded turned out to be quite the opposite. • Describe how an unexpected misfortune turned out to be a blessing in disguise. • Miracle