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Pay Review. Manager Briefing - Implementation. What happens next?. Letters will be issued wc 8 February 2010 Home addresses To all those in scope: - Personal outcome - Still to be evaluated. Letter. Covering letter For ‘winner’s and ‘losers’ contract variation

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pay review

Pay Review

Manager Briefing - Implementation

what happens next
What happens next?
  • Letters will be issued wc 8 February 2010
  • Home addresses
  • To all those in scope:

- Personal outcome

- Still to be evaluated

  • Covering letter
  • For ‘winner’s and ‘losers’ contract variation
    • Personal job evaluation statement x 2, to be signed
  • Return pre-paid envelope
  • If accept return signed variation asap / within one week of attending conciliation event
  • Information booklet
information booklet
Information Booklet
  • Background info
  • Salary scales and Job evaluation Points
  • What to do next
  • Information on conciliation events
  • Appeals process
if you go down
If you go down
  • Pay protection minimum 12 months basic pay from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011
  • No change to basic salary until 2011
  • Support mechanisms
if you go up
If you go up
  • Backdated to 1 September 2009
  • Only paid once contract variation accepted and returned
stay the same
Stay the same
  • Reduced progression/headroom
  • No contractual changes
if not happy
If not happy?
  • Attend a conciliation event
  • Starting from 22nd February 2010 – 8 days
  • Priority to people who go down
  • Anyone can attend who is not happy or wants to find out more before they accept.
  • NJC and Hay sessions
conciliation events
Conciliation events
  • Book staff onto sessions
  • Paid time off to attend
  • Briefing on the full NJC Scheme or Hay
  • Opportunity to talk 1:1 or as a group with a trained evaluator
  • Scoring/rationale explained
  • Other support available
what happens next1
What happens next?
  • Accept outcome – sign and return contract variation.
  • Wish to appeal:

- Submit appeal form

- Form to you as managers to verify appeal paperwork

- Appeal arranged

  • Start 4 weeks after attendance at conciliation (22 March 2010)
  • Multiple occupancy post 51% need to appeal
  • Post grouped – multiple or individual appeal if different job duties
  • 3 stages for each JE scheme
njc appeals
NJC Appeals
  • Conciliation event
  • Factor based JE Scheme. Appeal 2 types – specific factor (s) or full job description
  • Stage 1 – Assessment
  • Stage 2 – Appeal Hearing
  • Stage 3 – Only where job description has been fully re-evaluated
hay appeals
Hay Appeals
  • Conciliation event
  • Appeal based on assessment of job description
  • Stage 1 – Assessment
  • Stage 2 – Appeal Hearing
  • Stage 3 – Appeal Hearing
appeal outcomes
Appeal Outcomes
  • Stay the same
  • Grade goes up
  • Grade goes down
  • Under Hay – full evaluation – risk of downgrading
  • If NJC if full evaluation risk of downgrading
  • NJC – part revaluation – stay the same or go up
what happens when the letter arrives
What happens when the letter arrives..

a) Some people are going to be happy

b) Some people are going to be angry, sad, unhappy

c) Some people will shrug their shoulders and get on with it

d) Some people will want to talk to you about it

People who lose may be any of the above

People who win may be any of the above

People who stay may be any of the above

what happens when the letter arrives1
What happens when the letter arrives….
  • Some people may behave in completely unpredictable ways.However – we need to be prepared for the moment.
the points you need to make
The points you need to make.
  • Do
    • Be there; clear your diary and make yourself seen
    • Be compassionate, human, strong and supportive
    • Ensure your employees understand the letter, and knows what they can do now
    • Reiterate and reiterate the fact that there’s a helpline, conciliation events, pay protection and an appeals process
  • Accept the fact that it’s not going to be 100% right for 100% of employees. Names, addresses, contact details may not have been right. But genuine mistakes will be resolved.
  • No-one is immune. The outcome will directly or indirectly affect everyone. Everyone needs to be sensitive to others. It will be tough for everyone
  • Remain professional
what else you need to know
What else you need to know
  • NJC spine will be used
  • Grade boundaries may be different
  • Grades with incremental progression
Know we won’t get 100% right
  • No blame culture
  • Council requirement – no choice
  • Encouraging a sense of reality Professional behaviour
  • Helping people to move on
Some allowances will end
  • Where included as part of evaluation (supervisory plussages)
  • Bonus
  • Other (car option)
  • Some allowances continuing:
  • First Aid
  • Sleep-ins
  • Looking at a local agreement to amend non-contractual overtime rates