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Big Ben

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Big Ben. By: Rachel Herman 7B. What is the structure and w here is it located? How is i t unique? Describe the s tructure feature. Answer:.

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Big Ben

By: Rachel Herman 7B

What is the structure and where is it located? How is it unique? Describe the structure feature.


Big Ben is the main four-faced clock in London. The clock tower has 61 meters of brickwork with sand coloured Anston limestone cladding. The rest of the tower is a framed spire of cast iron. A spire is a pyramid like structure. The tower is based on a 15-meter square raft. The raft is made of 3 meters of concrete. It goes 4 meters below the ground. The four clock faces are 55 meters on top of the ground. Inside the tower is 4,650 cubic meters.

Big Ben is a combination structure. It is mostly a shell structure but is also solid because Big Ben has a couple rooms in it, which makes it partly solid. At one point Big Ben was the tallest four-faced clock in the world.

What purpose does the structure serve?


The purpose of Big Ben is that at each hour you will here the bell chime. It has four faces so you can most likely see the time whenever you choose to, or from whichever direction you are standing. Big Ben’s main purpose is to be the clock that mostly everyone in London relieson.


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