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2006 Census

2006 Census

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2006 Census

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  1. 2006 Census The following is a listing of just a few prominent Blacks who passed in the year 2006. They will remain an inspiration for generations to come. Share these with the young, the older and the adult. For we are all the children of HISTORY! If you and your family lost someone last year or recently, share their story. LEARN & ENJOY!!

  2. Bradley's 60 MINUTES interview with condemned Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh (March 2000) was the only television interview ever given by the man guilty of one of the worst terrorist acts on American soil. "Death by Denial" (June 2000) won a Peabody Award for focusing on the plight of Africans dying of AIDS and helped convince drug companies to donate and discount AIDS drugs; Ed Bradley JournalistJune 22, 1941 Philadelphia, PA November 9, 2006 New York, NY Won an emmy for his hour on 60 MINUTES II about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, "The Catholic Church on Trial" (June 2002). Reported the reopening of the 50-year-old racial murder case of Emmett Till. He was born in Philadelphia. He grew up in a single parent household and learned the value of hard work from his mother. He attended Cheyney State College graduating in 1964 with a degree in Education. His first job was teaching sixth grade. While he was teaching he moonlighted at KDAS in Philadelphia working for free and later minimum wage. He programmed music, read news and covered basketball games.His introduction to news reporting came during the riots in Philadelphia in the 1960's. In 1967 he landed a full-time job at the CBS-owned New York radio station WCBS in 1967. His distinctive body of work have been recognized with numerous awards, including 19 Emmys

  3. Carl Maxie Brashear January 19, 1931 Tonieville, KY July 25, 2006 Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA The first African American to become a U.S. Navy Master Diver in the early 1950’s. In 2000, Brashear’s military service was portrayed by Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the film Men of Honor.

  4. SingerMay 3, 1933 – Dec 25, 2006 Barnswell, South Carolina James Joe Brown, Jr.Dec 25, 2006

  5. Ruth BrownR&B SingerNov 17 January 12, 1928 Portsmith, VirginiaNovember 17, 2006 Henderson, NV

  6. Octavia Estelle ButlerScience Fiction Author (June 22, 1947 — February 24, 2006) Her father was a shoeshine man who died when she was a child, her mother was a maid who brought her along on jobs, yet Octavia Butler rose from these humble beginnings to become one of the country's leading writers - an African American FEMALE pioneer in the white-male domain of science fiction.

  7. 1913 - James Cameron - June 13, 2006Lynching Survivor/AuthorFounder/DirectorAmerica's Black Holocaust Museum, Inc.Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 7, 1930. The night James Cameron's life changed forever. A day before, he and two other young Black men were arrested for the robbery, rape and assault of a White couple in Marion, Indiana. James is in a cell in the Grant County Jail. There is a lynch mob outside numbering into the thousands. James is sixteen years old.The mob comes into the jail and grabs one of men accused, with James, of the crime. He is beaten unconscious, dragged outside and lynched. The second man is then given the same treatment. The bodies of these two men, Tom Shipp, 18, and Abraham Smith, 19, hanging from a tree is depicted in a famous and disturbing photograph to the right. The mob now comes for James. He is beaten and dragged out to the tree where his friends now hang and the rope is placed around his neck. It is at this moment that James remembers hearing what he describes as an angelic voice above the crowd say "Take this boy back, he had nothing to do with any killing or rape." Suddenly the hands that were beating him are now helping him. The rope is taken from around his neck and the crowd clears a path for him to walk back to the jail. In interviews he later conducted with people who were in the crowd, no one remembers hearing any voice. Their reason for why the crowd did not lynch James: "You were lucky that night." Though James never admitted any guilt in the assault (he admits that he was there), he served 4 years in prison. The female victim later changed her story and confirmed that James had no part in the assault.

  8. February 18, 1950 – November 27, 2006 Elizabeth Bebe Moore Campbell Gordon Bebe Moore Campbell is a bestselling author and a journalist. Her nonfiction work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Ms., Essence, Black Enterprise, Ebony, Working Mother, USA Weekend, and Adweek, among other publications. She was a regular contributor to National Public Radio. Bebe Moore Campbell is the author of BROTHERS AND SISTERS, SINGING IN THE COMEBACK CHOIR, YOUR BLUES AIN'T LIKE MINE, and WHAT YOU OWE ME. Campbell was born and grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a bachelor of science degree in elementary education. She taught elementary and middle school for five years. She is survived by her husband, Ellis Gordon, Jr., her daughter, the actress Maia Campbell, and a son, Ellis Gordon III.

  9. Tamara Dobson Model/ActressOct 2 May 14, 1947 Baltimore, MD - October 2, 2006 Baltimore, MD

  10. Coretta Scott King Civil Rights Activist April 27, 1927 Heiberger (Near Marion), AL January 30, 2006 Playas de Rosarito, Mexico

  11. Gerald Levert Singer July 13, 1966 Cleveland, OH November 10, 2006

  12. “Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now” w/John Whitehead McFadden and Whitehead also wrote hits such as "Back Stabbers" and the much-sampled "For the Love of Money" for the O'Jays, as well as "Wake Up Everybody”, "Bad Luck" and "Where Are All My Friends" for Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. "Don't Let Love Get You Down" for Archie Bell & the Drells, "I'll Always Love My Mama" for the Intruders and "Be Truthful to Me" for Billy Paul, as well as "The More I Get, the More I Want" and "Cold, Cold World" for Teddy Pendergrass. In 2004, his writing partner John Whitehead was shot dead in Philadelphia while changing a tire on his car in Phili. Survived by: Wife and four children. Gene McFadden1949 Philadelphia, PA – January 27, 2006 Philadelphia, PA Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Producer

  13. Harry “Boom Boom” McGilberry, Jr. January 19, 1950 – April 3, 2006 A former BASS vocal and member of the Temptations. He was said to be “Melvin Franklin” reincarnated. He appeared on both the Phoenix Rising and Ear-Resistable CD/LP’s. Temp Trivia: Otis Williams is the only living original, but living or dead, how many Temptations have there been? 21 or 25

  14. John Jordan "Buck" O'NeilBaseball PlayerNovember 13, 1911 Carrabelle, FlOctober 6, 2006 O'Neil served as a first baseman and manager in the Negro Leagues from 1937-1955. In 1962, O'Neil became the first African-American coach in the Major Leagues with the Chicago Cubs

  15. Floyd PattersonBoxer 55-8-1 and 40 knockouts Before Mike Tyson, Patterson became the youngest world heavyweight champion when he beat Archie Moore in 1956 at the age of 21. January 4, 1935 Waco, N. Carolina - May 11, 2006 New Paltz, NY

  16. Wilson “Wicked” PickettSingerMay 18, 1941 Prattville, ALJanuary 19, 2006 Ashburn, VA Mustang Sally Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You Funky Broadway In The Midnight Hour I Found A Love (Pt 1.) She’s Looking Good 634-5789 Soulsville, USA Land of 1000 Dances Man and A Half Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

  17. June PointerNovember 30, 1953 - April 11, 2006

  18. William Everett “Billy” Preston September 2, 1946 Houston, TX June 6, 2006 Scottsdale, AR Nat Cole & 10 year old Billy. Raised mostly in Los Angeles, California. In addition to his successful, Grammy-winning career as a solo artist, Preston collaborated with some of the greatest names in the music industry, including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Little Richard, Ray Charles, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke, Sammy Davis Jr., Sly Stone, Aretha Franklin, the Jackson 5, Quincy Jones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. He played the electric piano on the Get Back Sessions in 1969 and is highly credited as being the "Fifth or Black Beatle". He is, in fact, the only person to receive label performance credit on any Beatles record. It is also said that, “He made the greats even greater!”

  19. Kirby PuckettBaseball PlayerMarch 14, 1960 Chicago, ILMarch 6, 2006 Phoenix, AZ A center fielder in Major League Baseball who played his entire career with the Minnesota Twins from 1984 to 1995. Puckett led the Twins to World Series titles in 1987 and 1991, the only two championships for the franchise since their move to Minnesota in 1961.

  20. Louis Allen RawlsSingerDecember 1, 1933 Chicago, ILJanuary 6, 2006

  21. Arthur WinstonMarch 22, 1906 Oklahoma – April 13, 2006 LA, California A picture of Arthur Winston taken at age 99. Left: w/Great Nephew Eric Was a Los AngelesMetro employee for 72 years. His hourly salary was 41 cents an hour when he began work for the Los Angeles Railway in 1924. He has set a record as the most reliable worker that the United States Department of Labor has ever chronicled. He worked for 72 years without ever being late, and having only taken off a single day (in 1988 for the funeral of his wife Frances). In 1996, President Bill Clinton awarded him with an "Employee of the Century" citation for his work ethic and dedication. On his remarkable record: "It's easy. You just get up and go to work," said Winston on his 100th birthday, "It ain't no trouble. You've got to like your job in the first place. I don't lay around and play sick — work two days, sick five days. People are just using this sick leave business. "The Arthur Winston Busyard (Division 5 in South Bay) was named in his honor in Los Angeles. His 100th birthday advice for kids growing up today? "My advice to them is to just get up and go to work." .