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World History I

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World History I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World History I. Unit Two Block Five Lecture Ancient Egyptian civilization (geography, political and social developments).

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world history i

World History I

Unit Two Block FiveLecture

Ancient Egyptian civilization (geography, political and social developments)


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where is ancient egypt
Where is Ancient Egypt?

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Mediterranean Sea


Persian Gulf


Red Sea


fortress ancient egypt
Fortress Ancient Egypt!

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  • Egypt is protected on all sides
      • The Mediterranean Sea protects Egypt in the north
      • The Mountains protect Egypt to the south, and
      • Deserts protect Egypt to he east and west

Protected from invaders

Not so much

gift of the nile
“Gift of the Nile”

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  • The Nile River dramatically effects civilization
  • Nile Delta in North Africa Provides fertile soil
  • Flooding and irrigation are possible
  • agricultural surpluses increase
  • Trade develops between the upper (south) and lower (north) river valleys
the three kingdoms
The three Kingdoms

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  • Egypt is an old civilization that lasts a very long time.
between the kingdoms and the end of ancient egypt
Between the kingdoms and “the end” of Ancient Egypt
  • The Kingdoms are interspersed with periods of disorganization and outside rule.
  • The society ends in 330 BCE/BC with the arrival of Alexander of Macedonia.

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