evaluations for professional growth ohio tif and otes n.
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Evaluations for Professional Growth Ohio TIF and OTES PowerPoint Presentation
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Evaluations for Professional Growth Ohio TIF and OTES

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Evaluations for Professional Growth Ohio TIF and OTES - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evaluations for Professional Growth Ohio TIF and OTES. Core Beliefs. There is an urgency to ensure all students graduate prepared for college, careers, and future opportunities A critical link exists between teacher effectiveness and student achievement

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core beliefs
Core Beliefs
  • There is an urgency to ensure all students graduate prepared for college, careers, and future opportunities
  • A critical link exists between teacher effectiveness and student achievement
  • Effective educator evaluations are an important part of strengthening the teaching profession and providing professional growth opportunities for all
the context
The Context
  • The world is changing
    • Technology is advancing
    • Low-skill, living-wage jobs are declining
    • Businesses are looking globally for candidates
  • Education is the linchpin for future economic success
    • For individuals
    • For our country
  • Students need post-secondary training to open doors to future opportunities
adapting to a new reality
Adapting to a new Reality
  • Educators are embracing changes to prepare students for the future
  • This work involves:
    • What teachers teach – Common Core and state standards
    • How teachers teach – formative instructional practices
    • Evidence of student learning – assessments and data
    • Evidence of teacher effectiveness – teacher performance and student growth
teacher effectiveness
Teacher Effectiveness
  • Educator effectiveness is single most important classroom factor impacting student achievement
  • Effective evaluation systems:
    • Set high expectations for teachers and leaders
    • Provide feedback and support for professional growth
    • Help everyone in the profession, including the best, continually get better
evaluation for professional growth
Evaluation for Professional Growth
  • Educator evaluation systems should align with local district goals and values
  • Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) is framework to help districts design evaluation systems for professional growth
    • Aligned to Ohio’s standards for teachers
    • Based 50 percent on measures of teacher performance, and 50 percent on student growth
    • Provides targeted professional learning opportunities based on results of evaluation
pioneering through ohio tif
Pioneering through Ohio TIF
  • Through TIF, districts are designing and implementing evaluation systems that:
    • Support local values and goals
    • Bring out the best in teachers
    • Focus on student outcomes
  • TIF districts will use the teacher performance side of the OTES framework in 2012-2013
    • A year ahead of statewide implementation
    • Phased-in approach
    • Opportunity to be creative and test out the system
otes framework
OTES Framework

(OTES Evaluation Framework, Ohio Department of Education)

current state of the work
Current State of the Work
  • 2011-2012: All Ohio TIF districts (plus 100 other districts statewide) participating in OTES pilot
  • 2012-2013: All Ohio TIF districts begin phased-in implementation of OTES framework
    • Ohio TIF districts must have MOU in place by April 1, 2012 affirming they will implement in 2012-2013—we did this.
  • 2013-2014: All Ohio districts must begin full OTES implementation
    • Ohio districts must adopt or align to OTES framework by June 1, 2013 through local board policy
challenges and opportunities
Challenges and Opportunities


  • Capacity for implementation
  • Fairness in evaluations for different types of educators
  • Reliability and accuracy of data


  • 2012-2013 phase-in, transition year
  • Be innovative and creative
  • Provide feedback to inform statewide implementation
what does phased in mean
What does “Phased-in” mean?
  • USDOE has provided flexibility for Ohio TIF districts around OTES implementation
  • In 2012-2013, TIF districts must implement teacher performance components:
    • Two 30-minute observations and walkthroughs for all teachers
    • Ensuring inter-rater reliability by using credentialed evaluators
    • Using rubrics to determine ratings
    • Utilizing student growth in strategic compensation models
personnel policies
Personnel Policies
  • How does the OTES implementation impact personnel decisions in 2012-2013?
    • All local policies regarding personnel decisions stand for 2012-2013
    • Per House Bill 153, districts to not need to use outcomes of evaluations in personnel decisions until 2013-2014
student growth
Student growth
  • How will student growth be used in evaluations in 2012-2013?
    • Student growth will only be used as part of district strategic compensation award models
    • Student growth is not required to be part of the evaluation, rating or personnel decisions in 2012-2013
    • This phased-in approach provides additional time to explore value-added and other student growth metrics
the work ahead
The Work Ahead
  • Ohio TIF districts are receiving support from ODE and BFK to implement OTES in 2012-2013
  • Through participating in this year’s pilot, Ohio TIF districts are informing state policy and guidance on implementation
evaluations in our district
Evaluations in our District
  • Circleville’s work to implement OTES
    • Collaborative team – GAT
    • Kevin Fox and three EMS teachers participated in 2011-2012 pilot – very positive feedback – they actually liked it!
    • Student growth is embedded throughout our TIF award model
      • Goal #1—Improving P.I. Scores
      • Goal #2—Student Learning Objectives (SLO)
      • Goal #3—TBTs and Value-Added/Opt-In Data
learn more
Learn More
  • The work around evaluations is challenging work, but worthwhile
  • For more information about evaluations and OTES in our district, contact:
    • Jonathan Kuehnle
    • Phone: 740.474.4340, ext. 1312
    • Email: Jonathan.Kuehnle@cvcsd.com