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Azure: un parque de diversiones en la nube para el desarrollador moderno !

Azure: un parque de diversiones en la nube para el desarrollador moderno !. Ariel Schapiro // Technical Evangelist Microsoft Argentina & Uruguay @ aschapiro. Offline Operations. Remote Debug. Tag Expressions. Xamarin integration. Traffic Manager. Site to Site Virtual Network.

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Azure: un parque de diversiones en la nube para el desarrollador moderno !

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  1. Azure: un parque de diversiones en la nube para el desarrollador moderno! Ariel Schapiro //TechnicalEvangelist Microsoft Argentina & Uruguay @aschapiro

  2. Offline Operations Remote Debug Tag Expressions Xamarin integration Traffic Manager Site to Site Virtual Network Stop without Billing Large Memory SKU Hyper-V Recovery SQL, SharePoint, BizTalk Images HDInsight Cloud Services SDK 2.0 Mercurial Deployment Scheduler Distributed Cache Windows Phone Support Partitioned Queues/Topics Log Streaming Dynamic Remote Desktop Per Minute Billing AutoScale IaaS Android Support HTML 5/CORS Active Directory Microsoft Azure IP and SNI SSL Custom Mobile API http Logs to Storage BizTalk Services IP/DDOS Protection Multi-Factor Auth Hyper-V Disaster Recovery Support http Logs to Storage MSDN Dev/Test Integration Dynamic Remote Desktop Storage Analytics Delete Disks WebSockets AMQP Support VIP ACLs New VM Gallery iOS Notification Support PowerBI Read-Only Secondary Storage Windows Server Backup Queue Geo Replication New Relic Mobile Services Manage Azure in AD Notification Hubs Git Source Control Windows 8 Notification Support AD Directory Sync AD Management Portal CORS/JSON Storage Support Software VPN B2B/EDI and EAI Adapters Point to Site VOD Streaming + Encoding VS Online Media Services Web Sites AutoScale/Monitoring Import/Export Hard Drives Message Pump Programming Model

  3. Azure Improvements in 2013 • Traffic Manager (GA: Nov 2013) • HTML Portal Support (June 2013) • Distributed Cache (Preview: Sept 2013) • Cloud Services + IaaS + Web Sites Support (Sept) • HDInsight (Preview: March 2013) • GA Release (October 2013) • Windows Server Backup (GA: Oct 2013) • Backup storage from Windows Server • Windows Server HyperV Recovery (GA: Jan 2014) • Hyper-V Disaster Recovery Support • Storage • Queue Geo-replication (June 2013) • Import/Export Hard Drives (Nov 2013) • CORS/JSON (Dec 2013) • Storage Analytics (Dec 2013) • Read Only Secondary (Dec 2013) • Service Bus • Message Pump Programming Model (April) • AMQP Support (May) • Partitioned Queues/Topics (Nov) • Cloud Services • SDK 2.0 (April) • Dynamic Remote Desktop Support (April) • SDK 2.1 (July) • SDK 2.2 (Oct) • Web Sites (GA: June 2013) • Mercurial Deployment (March) • Log Streaming (April) • IP and SNI SSL (June) • AutoScale (June) • IP/DDOS Protection (Sept) • Http Logs to Storage (Sept) • WebSockets (Nov) • New Relic (Nov) • Remote Debug (Nov) • Media Services (GA: Jan 2013) • VOD Streaming + Encoding (Jan GA) • Active Directory (GA: April 2013) • Management Portal (March) • Directory Sync (June) • Multi-Factor Auth (Sept) • Manage Azure (Oct) • SaaS App Access (July) • BizTalk Services (GA: Dec 2013) • B2B/EDI and EAI Adapters (June) • HTML 5 Management Portal (GA: Oct 2012) • Updates every 3 weeks • AutoScale/Monitoring (Preview: June 2013) • WebSites + Cloud Services + IaaS (June) • IaaS (GA: April 2013) • Large Memory SKU (April) • SQL, SharePoint, BizTalk Images (April) • Per Minute Billing (June) • Stop without Billing (June) • MSDN Dev/Test Integration (June) • Offline Operations (Sept) • Delete Disks (Oct) • VIP ACLs (Oct) • New VM Gallery (Nov) • Virtual Networking (GA: April 2013) • Site to Site (April) • Point to Site (April) • Software VPN (May) • Mobile Services (GA: June 2013) • Android (March) • HTML 5/CORS (March) • Windows Phone (March) • Custom API (June) • Git Source Control (June) • AutoScale (August) • Mobile Notification Hubs (GA: July 2013) • Windows 8 and iOS Support (Jan) • Android Support (June) • Tag Expressions (Nov)

  4. Remote Debug Storage Portal ASP.NET MVC 5.1 Virtual Machines SMB File System Traffic Mgr Disk Optimized Memory Optimized IBIZA Azure Redis Cache Hadoop 2.2 Static IP Powershell and DSC Resource Manager 99.95% SLA Puppet Chef Docker Event Hub 2014 Backup Subnet Routing Capture / Deploy .NET 4.5 SQL Database Web Sites Cordova BD’s up to 500GB Powershell Automation API Management .NET Support Autoscale Active GEO replication Node.JS project support Self Service Site Recovery Remote Apps Java Support Visual Studio & .NET Networking ASP.NET Web API 2.1 Web Jobs Point-to-site VPN Xamarin Mobile Services VSO Open Api’s Dynamic Routing Offline Sync HDInsight VSO GA VM Management AD support Autoscale Kindle Support YARN support Remote Debugging Site Recovery .NET Foundation

  5. Agenda • Azure 101 • Nuevo Portal • Mobile Services • Media Services • Machine Learning • Remote App

  6. Frameworks caching identity service bus media cdn big data commerce integration analytics hpc mobile Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fabric connect virtual machines web sites cloud services SQL database noSQL database blob storage virtual network traffic manager compute storage networking Global Physical Infrastructure servers / network / datacenters Infrastructure Automated Managed Resources Elastic Usage Based N Central US, S Central US, N Europe, W Europe, E Asia, SE Asia, S Brazil + 24 Edge CDN Locations

  7. Presencia Global de Datacenters North America Region Europe Region Asia Pacific Area N. Europe Sub-Region N. Central – U.S. Sub-Region NE. China (via 21Vianet)Sub-Region West – U.S. Sub-Region East – U.S. Sub-Region East JapanSub-Region W. Europe Sub-Region West JapanSub-Region E. China (via 21Vianet)Sub-Region S. Central – U.S. Sub-Region E. AsiaSub-Region S.E. Asia Sub-Region Major datacenter CDN node Live sub-region Announced sub-region Partner-operated sub-region East AustraliaSub-Region LATAM Sub-Region Southeast AustraliaSub-Region • 24 x 7 x 365 support. 89markets worldwide. 2x Compute and storage every six months.

  8. Nuevo Portal Demo

  9. Microsoft Azure Mobile Services Microsoft Azure

  10. InnovaciónMóvil predictive analytics + contextual engagement customer segmentation mobile analytics Mayor retención, tiempo de pantalla, conversion de campañas, etc. ROI basic push mobile app mobile web - Madurez de la estrategiamóvil Microsoft Azure

  11. Sochi 2014 Results App Microsoft Azure • Localizada para el language, país y zonahorariadel usuario. • Notificaciones push segmentadas y personalizadas en base a tipo de evento, deporte, atletas, etc. • Social y actualizadavíaintegración con Facebook y Twitter.

  12. Backends en… .NET Node.js

  13. Data Flexible

  14. Social Auth+ Active Directory

  15. APIs Office 365

  16. Notificaciones

  17. Notification Hubs 1. X-plat: de cualquier back-end a plataformamovil • Backend puedeser local o en la nube, .NET, Java, PHP, Node… • IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Kindle… 2. Evitarguardarinformación de los dispositivos en el app back-end • Notification Hub mantiene el registro de dispositivos y las asociaciones con usuarios/grupos de interés. 3. Usuarioslogicos y segmentos • Envíosindividuales y grupos de interés a través de tags 4. Personalización y localización • Backend libre de problemas de presentacióncomolocalización y preferencias a través de templates 5. Broadcast en escala, multicast, unicast • Notificaciones Push a millones de dispositivos (X-plat) con una simple llamada 6. Telemetría • En el portal o a través de APIs Microsoft Azure

  18. Mobile Services + Notification Hub Demo

  19. Customers Bing (news, finance, sports, …) Sochi 2014 Preinstalled on windows Millions of devices Interest groups (countries, disciplines, athletes) Localized notifications 10s 100s Minutes to delivery Million notifications Millions of notifications/day Million devices (iOS, Android, WP) 3+ <2 3+ 150+

  20. Microsoft Azure Media Services Microsoft Azure

  21. Las audienciascambian Among mobile owners, 84% use devices while watching TV. A 2x increase in 2 years. Millennials spend 34% of TV time online – triple the rate of non-millennials. In Q1 2014, 21.5% of all video plays were on mobile devices and tablets — an increase of 133% year-over-year and 532% since 2012. 10 Billion Connected devices by 2016

  22. Azure Media Services Content Protection Streaming Live and On-Demand CDN Upload Encoding Player ClientsAnalytics

  23. Subscription Video Service "With Microsoft Azure, we instantly have a scalable video encoding platform. We can spin up hundreds of encoding servers when needed and let them go when the job is done." -Jon Robinson Group Head of IT, blinkbox

  24. Live Event Streaming “There are a lot of stakeholders within our ecosystem that depend on this content being delivered at a high-quality rate, to anywhere and any device.” -Rick Cordella, SVP and GM, Digital Media, NBC Sports Group

  25. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Microsoft Azure

  26. By providing feedback, the Postal Service was able to train computers to accurately read human handwriting. Today, with the help of machine learning, over 98% of all mail is successfully processed by machines.

  27. One solution for Machine Learning — from data to results Business users easily access results:from anywhere, on any device PowerBI/Dashboards Web Apps Mobile Apps • ML API serviceand the Developer • Tested models available as an url that can be called from any end point • ML Studio and the Data Scientist • Access and prepare data • Create, test and train models • Collaborate • One click to stage for production via the API service • Azure Portal & ML API serviceand the Azure Ops Team • Create ML Studio workspace • Assign storage account(s) • Monitor ML consumption • See alerts when model is ready • Deploy models to web service HDInsight Azure Storage Desktop Data

  28. Machine Learning Demo

  29. Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Microsoft Azure

  30. RemoteAppPreview Aplicacionesremotas desde Azure Acceso desde Windows, iOS, y Android Entregado a través del protocolo Microsoft Remote Desktop y RemoteFX Escaladodinámico y elástico Opciones de deployment híbridas o en nube

  31. Azure RemoteApp: Cloud DeploymentWindows Server session-based applications hosted in Azure Cloud deployment: IT can quickly provision access to pre-built app collections Azure Active Directory Easy access from devices people love with Microsoft Remote Desktop Apps Files LOB Azure Portal RemoteApp Azure RemoteApp Coming soon: publishing LOB applications Users can access Azure RemoteApp from anywhere and anytime. Users can login in with their Microsoft accounts or organizational accounts (optional)

  32. Azure RemoteApp: Hybrid DeploymentWindows Server session-based applications hosted in Azure Hybrid deployment: IT can bring their own session host to deliver access to LOB Windows applications Azure Active Directory Easy access from devices people love with Microsoft Remote Desktop Apps Files LOB Azure Portal RemoteApp Azure RemoteApp VPN Users can access Azure RemoteAppfrom anywhere and anytime. Users can login in with their organizational accounts Active Directory Files LOB

  33. Remote App Demo

  34. Vimos… • Azure 101 • Nuevo Portal • Mobile Services • Media Services • Machine Learning • Remote App

  35. Vamo’ arriba! (a la nube)  azure.com

  36.  GaleriaSolucionesAzure.com

  37. Gracias! Ariel Schapiro @aschapiro

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