2013 cscma mcma 360 promotions and projects competition
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2013 CSCMA, MCMA, &360 Promotions and Projects Competition

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2013 CSCMA, MCMA, &360 Promotions and Projects Competition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 CSCMA, MCMA, &360 Promotions and Projects Competition. We are excited to expand this year’s competition to include entries from all sectionals attending the 360 Mega Conference. Make sure your paper is represented!. Entry Deadline.

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2013 cscma mcma 360 promotions and projects competition

2013 CSCMA, MCMA, &360 Promotions and Projects Competition

We are excited to expand this year’s competition to include entries from all sectionals attending the 360 Mega Conference.

Make sure your paper is represented!

Entry Deadline

Please use the provided Microsoft Power point layout as a template. Submit completed entries to [email protected] not later than April 1, 2013.

entry categories
Entry Categories

Paid Circulation*

  • Subscriber Acquisition or Retention
  • Single Copy and Business Traveler

Verified Circulation*

  • NIE

Circulation Operations

  • Carrier Recruitment and Retention
  • Cost Efficiency Projects – Initiatives that have reduced production, distribution, or sales costs while maintaining or improving results and services.
  • New business – New ideas that create revenue for your newspaper utilizing circulation department resources.

*Paid and Verified circulation categories have been established based on the Alliance for Audited Media definitions for these categories. Please follow this link for additional details for help to define these categories:


rules for the competition
Rules for the Competition
  • Competition entry materials must have been developed and used during the past year.
  • You are not required to attend the conference to enter or win.
  • Entries must be submitted in provided electronic template (Microsoft Power Point). -Unless otherwise approved by Promotions Chair
  • All entries must be received in the correct format by April1, 2013 .
  • Newspaper circulation size will be determined by combined daily circulation according to the most recent audit.
  • By entering into the competition, you provide CSCMA,MCMA & 360Media the authority to share and distribute copies of your entry, without compensation, among any member of CSCMA,MCMA or 360Media judges, or other industry organizations.
  • Entries received by the deadline will be judged. All judging decisions are final.

Entries should demonstrate results in the following areas of emphasis:

Paid and Verified Circulation Promotions

  • Unit volume – Quantify how the project improved audience demand or penetration.
  • Revenue – Demonstrate how the promotion supported circulation revenue (may not be applicable for verified circulation entries).
  • Cost Efficiency – Demonstrate efficient investment of resources.
  • Appeal – Visually attractive and/or interesting presentation to the intended audience.

Circulation Operation Projects

  • Innovative – New ways to accomplish circulation goals.
  • Simple – Concepts are easy to understand.
  • Universal – Concept can be readily applied at other newspapers.
  • Consumer Friendly (for cost efficiency projects) – Impact of the project did not erode quality of the product or services provided to the consumer.
how to enter
How to Enter
  • Use the PowerPoint template to submit your entry.
    • An example of a completed entry may be found on the next two slides. The entry template immediately follows the example.
    • A common template will ensure judging of entries is based on content and design of your promotion. The layout will also provide the foundation for combined presentation of all entries.
  • First slide – enter text for the category, objective, and results
    • Enter details regarding the category, contact information at your newspaper, the objective of the promotion, and results.
  • Second slide – insert visual presentation of the promotion
    • Insert images of the promotion as originally presented to the target audience via the web, direct mail, free standing insert, or run of paper ad. Please import the images as a .pdf or .jpeg format. Use text as necessary to highlight key elements of the presentation.
  • Third slide – permitted for additional examples
    • More than one .pdf or .jpeg image may be included on each slide. Use the third slide for additional examples. But, please limit your entry to not more than three slides. This will ensure equity in judging and continuity in the final presentation.
  • Submit your entry to: [email protected]

A confirmation email will be sent to acknowledge your entry.

Sample Entry – Slide One

Newspaper: Peoria Journal Star

City: Peoria IL

Circulation Group : over 35,000

Category and Name: Subscriber Acquisition

Name of Entry: eJournal Star

Submitted By: Angie Lyons

Phone: 309-686-3174

E-Mail: [email protected]

Title: Circulation Sales Manager

Objective: To increase readership and awareness our digital newspaper

Results: We did not start promoting our e-Journal Star until October of 2010. We have promoted it as an additional product for $1.00 per month to our current 7 day print subscribers

Final results: From October to December we acquired 510 e-Journal Star subscribers. This number of subscribers will give us an additional $6120 in revenue each year.

Sample Entry – Slide Two

Sample of ROP ad ran promoting e-Journal Star

  • Ad runs 2-3 times per week ROP
  • Over 500 customers subscribed to it in the first 2 months available
  • These 510 subscribers will generate an additional $6120 in revenue
Entry Template – Slide 1


City and State:

Circulation Group : select from:

Entry Category and Name:

Name of Entry:

Submitted By:







Entry Example – Slide 2

Enter Example of your promotional pieces here

questions comments concerns
Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Angie Lyons OR Jim Kennedy

Consumer Sales Manager Circulation Director

Journal Star Community Publishers Inc.

309.686.3174 417.326.6770

[email protected]@mo.neighbornews.com