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Vocabulary. Art and Design 2013 Semester 2, Quarter 3. Gradation. Half Tones. A value intermediate of light and dark. A series forming successive stages; an advance by regular degrees.

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Art and Design 2013

Semester 2, Quarter 3


Half Tones

A value intermediate of light and dark.

  • A series forming successive stages; an advance by regular degrees.
  • In art, it is a visual technique of gradually transitioning from one color hue to another, or from one shade to another, or one texture to another.
the art of illusion what are half tones

The image above is printed only with black ink. The greys that you see are actually an illusion that works great at a normal viewing distance.To exactly reproduce a photorealistic image we would need to print millions of colors and that is not possible or affordable. To get around this limitation, some genius invented the halftone dot. This allows us to represent changes in tone while using a limited number of colors. Dots of varying sizes are used in the areas where the print color is not at 100% coverage. When viewed from a distance, these small dots create the illusion or varying tones.For the sake of clarity, these example images show the effect with a single print color. When we use this technique with multiple colors, then we are able to create new colors where the dots overlap and interact.

The Art of Illusion – What Are Half Tones?