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Pre-Pharmacy Society prepharm

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Pre-Pharmacy Society prepharm

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Pre-Pharmacy Society prepharm

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  1. Pre-Pharmacy Get on the ListServ...Join Our Facebook Group…Visit Our Website…CMNS Updates 2ndGENERAL BODY MEETING! October 1st, 2012

  2. Agenda • Welcome! Don’t forget to sign-in • Ice Breaker: Mafia • Active Membership Requirements • Community Service Opportunities • Drug of the Week:Analgesics • Pharmaceutical Issue: Personalized Medication • Mentor/Mentee Program with APhA-ASP at UMB School of Pharmacy

  3. Icebreaker!

  4. How did you hear about us? • Chalking • ListServe/CMNS • Facebook • A friend • A professor/advisor • Other

  5. Active Membership Requirements • 3 General Body Meetings (GBM’s) per semester • 1 on-campus community service event • 1 off-campus community service event • Active participation in group discussions

  6. Active Membership • Don’t wait until the end of the semester for extra opportunities! • Commitment • Questions?? Contact Community Service Co- Chairs: • On- Campus Events: • Sophia Wang – • Off Campus Events: • Janet Akinduro-

  7. Upcoming Community Service Events

  8. WHEN: October 23rd TIME: 6-8pm DEPARTURE: 5:45pm from Capital One ATM in front of Stamp VOLUNTEERS: 6 Volunteers must wear appropriate attire (Long pants, closed toe shoes etc.) Volunteers must arrive on time for departure Volunteers must give a 24hour cancellation notice!!! Sign up sheet is available at the end of the meeting

  9. Why Pharmacy? The ultimate interview question…

  10. Hopefully today you’ll learn: • Some pharmacy basics • If this career is right for you • What you can do to find out more • Also, we hope to motivate those of you who have already chosen to pursue this career!

  11. Long Logical answers: Personal answers: The opportunity to coordinate with anyone you like -Physicians, bioengineers, patients, chemists, etc. Lead the life you want -So many choices to explore and choose from! Experiencing a misunderstood profession • Promising job outlook -25% increase in 10 years • Location flexibility • A lot of job depth and mobility -Retail, clinical, research, business-oriented, military, etc. • Educational investment is reasonable

  12. Dena • Why I chose pharmacy: • I love chemistry! And I want to learn about it more in an applicable healthcare field. • After having worked in an inpatient hospital pharmacy for almost 3 years, I know that this is the correct path for me. • Career goals: • I’m most excited about what we’re going to learn in pharmacy school! Although I’m unsure about what I want to do once I graduate… • …maybe teach? • …maybe work for the government or a pharmaceutical company? • …my real dream is to live in Africa and help prevent and treat malaria and AIDS. • ….we’ll see where life takes me!

  13. Ben Why I chose pharmacy: • Love helping people in the medical field • Flexible hours • Many different types of job opportunities Retail, clinical, hospital, industry, veterinary • Always something to learn Looking Forward To: • Pharmacy school • White coat and license • Working as a registered pharmacist at a hospital • Good pay is always a plus!

  14. Sophia Why I chose pharmacy: • Want a career in the health field where I can see the results of the work I am doing • Allows a flexible schedule and a stable career with many options • Knowledge is applicable in many aspects

  15. Chuka Why I chose pharmacy: • I like the healthcare field and I want to help people • I also like the large variety of fields in pharmacy Oncology, retail, hospital, research, military, nuclear, • I am introverted Career Goals: Research Pharmacy Looking forward to: • Research Pharmacy • Money • Working on novel ideas • Creating knowledge

  16. Eddy Why I chose Pharmacy: • Interest in Biochemistry and drug mechanisms • Use knowledge to help others Looking forward to: • Meeting you! • Mentor/Mentee Program

  17. Janet Why I chose Pharmacy: • It allows me to serve my community and gives me the satisfaction that I want from a career • As a Pharmacy Technician, I have noticed the great need for pharmacists in the community • I enjoy the duties that come with the job. I look forward to working each week • The trust that patients have in the pharmacist makes the job more prestigious • The career allows me to have a family (in the future) and enjoy other hobbies • Great schedules (Especially in Retail)

  18. Abdul Why I chose Pharmacy: • I have always been interested in healthcare • You have an opportunity to learn a skill/practice that impacts the life of patients • Different field of Pharmacy / different opportunities • There's always a need for pharmacist = Job safety • Prestigious and respectable field of study • Excellent pay!!

  19. Lauren Why I chose Pharmacy: • I want to use my knowledge of chemistry, biology, and nutrition to help people achieve a better quality life • I was always interested in health science and I was deciding between this or med school, but pharmacy school is only 4 years and med school is about 10 • Flexibility Career Goals: • To work in a hospital with a team of doctors- not sure which branch Looking Forward To: • Continuing to learn - not a stagnant career

  20. More Info. • Talk to us! • Pharmacy School Websites • PCAT Websites • Volunteer • Pharm Tech

  21. Drug of the Week Interferons

  22. What are interferons? • Immunostimulant • Protein • Source: Tumor cells or infected host cells • Purpose: To recruit more white blood cells during immune response

  23. Pros/Cons Pros Cons Has some toxicity Relatively weak understanding of this type of drug Can cause a lot of energy drain • Relatively high success rate • Naturally occurring • Encourages natural immune response • Simple injection method

  24. When would you need this? • Cancer types/viral infections • 20-25% success rate in hepatitis B • Melanoma • Multiple sclerosis

  25. Brand names • Avonex (MS) • Infergen (Hep C) • Betaseron (MS) • Actimmune (Osteoporosis)

  26. Sources • • •

  27. Pharmaceutical Issue

  28. Regulating Imported Products • FDA regulated products (cosmetics, drugs, medical devices) are estimated to triple in the time from 2007-2015 • 80% of active pharmaceutical ingredients sold in the US are manufactured overseas • “Some of the products coming in are adulterated or misbranded, or are simply fraudulent and don’t contain what they say they contain.” – Jesse Vivian, BSPharm, JD  Need for better regulation

  29. How is the FDA planning to increase regulation? • Increase collaboration with foreign regulators by establishing overseas offices • Develop international data systems and networks to allow for the sharing of information across global markets • Build additional programs focused on risk analytics and information technology

  30. Discussion • Although tighter regulation sounds like a good thing, what are some risks associated with the FDA’s new plan? • What if a country that we are currently doing business with rejects the idea? Are we going to ban them from exporting drugs to our country all together? What are the consequences of this?

  31. Source • Erickson, A. (2011). FDA launches global strategy to monitor imported products. Pharmacy Today, Retrieved from

  32. What would you like to see more of this year?

  33. Next time… • Mentor/Mentee Program with APhA-ASP at UMB School of Pharmacy