how to keep your cool in traffic a four week course by ebon glenn mba n.
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How to keep your Cool in TRAFFIC A FOUR WEEK COURSE, by Ebon Glenn, MBA PowerPoint Presentation
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How to keep your Cool in TRAFFIC A FOUR WEEK COURSE, by Ebon Glenn, MBA

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How to keep your Cool in TRAFFIC A FOUR WEEK COURSE, by Ebon Glenn, MBA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to keep your Cool in TRAFFIC A FOUR WEEK COURSE, by Ebon Glenn, MBA. Know it’s going to S.U.C.K WEEK ONE. SAME traffic different day: By now you should know what freeways are going to be bad, and what times cars are going to pile up.

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How to keep your Cool in TRAFFIC A FOUR WEEK COURSE, by Ebon Glenn, MBA

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know it s going to s u c k week one
Know it’s going to S.U.C.K WEEK ONE
  • SAMEtraffic different day: By now you should know what freeways are going to be bad, and what times cars are going to pile up.
  • Understandeveryone feels the same way you do: All you guys are in this traffic together.
  • Control what you can: Know that you can’t make traffic go faster, and neither can anyone else on the road.
  • Keepyour focus on your destination, not the journey: If you keep you focus on getting where you have to go then you may have a better chance of not letting traffic bother you.
same traffic different day step 1
Same Traffic Different DayStep 1
  • Sametraffic different day:
  • At this point their should be no surprises. If this is your normal routine then the chance of there being traffic is pretty high so prepare for it.
  • There’s no need to assume that today is that magical day that there won’t be traffic during rush hour.
understand everyone feels like you step 2
Understand everyone feels like youStep 2
  • Understand everyone feels the same way you do.
  • The person next to you woke up, ironed their clothes for work got a quick energy bar and rushed out the door.
  • This traffic jam didn’t just happen to you it happened to everyone, so try not to take it personal.
control what you can step 3
Control what you canStep 3
  • Control what you can:
  • Not every situation that you’re going to be in is going to a bed of roses and this just happens to be one of them. It will be over soon.
  • There’s nothing you can do to make traffic speed up, so think.. what can I do to take my mind off of it?
  • Time to get creative.
keep focused on the finish line step 4
Keep focused on the finish lineStep 4
  • Keep your focus on your destination, not the journey:
  • The goal is to get to your destination not be irritated by getting there. What good does it do you to get worked up over a stepping stone?
  • Imagine yourself pulling into your parking space and how good that’s going to feel, your mind is the strongest muscle you have.
bring some supplies for the road week two
Bring some supplies for the roadWEEK TWO
  • Tune the car radio to your favorite radio station: This means your iPod road trip mix, or a good seminar. What ever entertains you.
  • Have a cup of tea, or coffee ready for the trip: A nice cup of Joe, Tea or what ever calms you can really make the trip enjoyable.
  • Set up your head phones, or blue tooth to your phone: these days cars have the ability to connect to your smart phone so you can talk to a friend hands free.
tune in step 1
Tune inStep 1
  • Tune the car radio to your favorite radio station:
  • Music lovers: I suggest some motivational music to get your day started on the right foot. Nothing like your favorite uplifting tune to get the day going.
  • CEO’s: How about CNBC videos streamed from your iPhone. Just attach a holding pod to your window and listen to current events.
  • Academics: Download a video app and lesson to some cool lectures until you get to your destination.
have coffee or tea ready step 2
Have coffee or tea readyStep 2
  • Have a cup of tea, or coffee ready for the trip:
  • Homemade: If you want to be economical there's nothing wrong with the traditional coffee pot, or tea kettle. Get up earlier than normal and make a good cup for the road.
  • Baristas: Find the nearest drive through Starbucks or Pete’s in your area if you can, if not walk in and get a nice Grande Mocha, or a Chi-Tea and enjoy your ride.
set up your hands free device step 3
Set up your hands free deviceStep 3
  • Set up your head phones, or blue tooth to your phone:
  • I’m sure you aren’t the only person frustrated in traffic, so pair your phone with your car and talk to a friend, client or co-worker hands free.
  • When you receive a early work email, respond back with a phone call, it doesn’t have to wait till you get to your destination.
how to kill time week three
How to Kill TimeWEEK THREE
  • Sing along to your favorite songs. Participate in the seminar by thinking about how you can apply it to your life. Use your audio supplies to take your mind off the road.
  • Make sure that the cup of your favorite drink is large enough to last at least a half of the trip, and if it doesn’t have a back up bag of small treats. Maybe something healthy.
  • Since phones are now hands free, set up a phone meeting with a client, or schedule to call another buddy on the road. A conversation can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an half hour.
interact with your audio step 1
Interact with your audioStep 1
  • Your one room solo doesn’t have to end in the shower, forget who’s around you and unleash your inter Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake.
  • For Mr. and Ms. Corporate, down load business news apps to your smart phone device, and tune in to latest market trends and have an informative conversation with your colleges.
  • Do you love the class room experience? Well YouTube your favorite subject from at a notable university and pick up some new skills. I enjoy ones from Harvard.
a treat for the trip step 2
A treat for the tripStep 2
  • The longer the trip, the bigger the cup. Just make sure you put your drink in a cup warmer. No one likes cold tea, or coffee.
  • Make sure whatever drink you order put some thought into it. Personally I like to get the holiday specials at Starbucks
  • If your going to eat, eat healthy. A energy bar tastes good and it’s good for you. It’s better to be health conscious, than to focus on traffic.
set up a phone date step 3
Set up a phone dateStep 3
  • Since you know traffic is going to “SUCK” set up a phone conversation, with a friend or relative a day in advance. Maybe a in a different time zone if it’s too late or too early .
  • How many emails did you fail to return last night? Follow up in the morning with a call. Work out as much of the details as you can over the phone.
  • Request a “Go To Meeting” conference during a time when you know you’ll be on the road. This app is great. You can see slides, send slides, and listen in, while you are stuck in traffic.
keep your routine week four
Keep your RoutineWEEK FOUR
  • What ever drink and snack that gets you going stick to it. It’s good to change things up to make it exciting but always have that go to drink.
  • Keep your audio supplies up to date. Listening to the same songs and seminars can get boring, so take some time to load new stuff on to your iPod or cd mix.
  • Spread out your phone conversations. This step may not always happen everyday unless you have flexibility to set up phone meetings. If not set a early phone talk date with a relative or good friend in advance.
the go to drink vs the random drink step 1
The go to drink vs. The random drinkStep 1
  • Stay consistent with your drink selection. When you do, that choice becomes a go to move when things seem out of place, or the day is off to a bad start.
  • Sometimes you just want to make the healthy decision. Look at the calories next to your drink and make a healthy choice.
  • Sometimes you want to live on the wild side. These are the days where you just want to pick a new flavor that you’ve never tried. I recommend that you don’t make a habit out of this.
keep the audio fresh step 2
Keep the audio fresh Step 2
  • Take some time on the weekend to load up new songs on your iPod, or smart phone device. Make sure you chose songs that put you in a good frame of mind.
  • Lucky for you business news apps load new content everyday. They have already donethe hard part, all you have to do is tune in.
  • There are literally millions of lectures on video sites that you haven’t seen. Take time to find a few and set them to your favorites file on your account with that free video provider.
  • For comments and questions you can reach me at:
  • @Yo_soy_Ebon
  • Thank you and happy driving!!!