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Skinny ties vs Regular ties: A Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Skinny ties vs Regular ties: A Guide

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Skinny ties vs Regular ties: A Guide
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Skinny ties vs Regular ties: A Guide

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  1. Men, have adapted themselves to the weird world of fashion and are on a loose to tickle the imagination of their women. With the launch of books like Fifty Shades of Grey, we are here to discover, what makes skinny tie, the hero of every woman’s fantasy. Exclusively by: BESTOW MENS FASHION Ltd. Skinny ties vs Regular ties: A Guide

  2. Let’s rewind and go back to the coolest era of all times, 1960. Imagine, a sepia toned street crowded with women in skimpy polka and men in body hugging 3-piece suits. Each era is complimented with a style statement that highlights the cultural evolution of the people. Today is an era of fusion. People mash up fashion from the past with free-style to create something new. The most common example of this invention is skinny ties. They blend well with either formal or casual wear. Skinny ties are the most opted ties across the world and many buy skinny ties to replace their regular ties; here’s why.

  3. Fits the Purpose Since the early days of fashion, neck ties have been in trend. The purpose of creating neck ties was to depict an aristocrat class along with hiding ones age appearing in the form of neck wrinkles. Initially, ties were stitched on the entire piece of cloth giving birth to the chines color with prints stretching till the end of the top. Later, this piece was separated and thin pieces called skinny ties, fitting the mindset of today’s generation and suiting their line of wacky fashion statement were invented.

  4. Solid and Striped Ties were mostly worn on formal outfits. Formal outfits were either solid colored or striped. This led to rise of solid or striped ties. The basic rule of fashion is to pin stripes on solid and vice versa. Therefore, the invention of striped and solid ties won the primary award of blending on any everyday attire. Skinny ties took the cake by being available in both these categories.

  5. Material From the material perce, satin and silk have always been a favorite, especially among women. Through the years, the fashion industry has encountered many changes. This time when style evangelist invented the skinny ties, their purpose was to disrupt the traditional line of formal wear. That’s the reason why skinny ties though available in stripes and solid are most favorite in bright neon or shimmering blacks. People also like their polyester ties in quirky designs. They break the rules of formal dressing and can pop well on suspenders with jeans, 3 piece shimmering wedding suit or even just a pair of jeans, only jeans. Women like them better on bearded men.

  6. Chosen by Celebs There are trendsetter celebrities who set a statement with their unique way of wearing skinny ties. Some of most adored ones being Ryan Gosling, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Robert Pattinson, Kesha and many more. So the next time you plan to wear a suit, make sure it’s quirked up with skinny ties.

  7. Where can I buy Skinny Ties? There are many stores in Canada that make and sell fashionable skinny and regular ties. Most of these stores offer both the variety. With the advent of internet, online shopping also has become a convenient option for people who want to buy skinny ties and regular ties. With most of them offering strong refund and return policy, there is little to fear when buying your favorite tie online.

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