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Get best astrology services in England UK with top Indian vedic astrologer specialist Pandith Varma who has started the Vedic Astrological Center to serve people who encounter problems and issues from all corner of their lives.

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Best Astrologer

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  1. Fascinating Facts About Astrology Presented By: Pandith Varma Email id: astrologervarma@gmail.com Website: www.bestastrologeruk.co.uk

  2. What is astrology? The word astrology originate from the Greek word "astrologia". Astrology is the combination of two greek words - astron, which means star; and logos, which means study. In simple word astrology is “study of stars”.

  3. Origin of astrology Astrology originated in Babylon civilization in the nineteenth century BC. After Plato, Aristotle and others studied astrology they consider it as a science. It spread to other countries in the middle-east and came to India later. At that time astrology mostly used to forsee future.

  4. Types of Astrology 1. Horoscopic Astrology 2. Natal Astrology 3. Psychological Astrology

  5. Horoscopic Astrology Horoscopic astrology is based upon visual representation of the heavens called a horoscope. Horoscope word originated from Greek word "horoskopos" which means "a look at the hours". This visual representation is in the form of chart or diagram alignment of the planets at the time of a person's birth.

  6. Natal Astrology Natal Astrology is based upon the thought that each individual's personality or future can be determined by constructing a natal chart for the exact date, time, and location of a person's birth.

  7. Psychological astrology Psychological astrology is based upon horoscope. Horoscope is seen as an image of your personality traits and predispositions that wish to be fulfilled. Psychology helps us to look into your early childhood conditioning and the resulting behaviour patterns.

  8. How Astrology Works ? The Astrology is based upon the idea that there is a relation between the position of the planets and the behaviour of the person born at that same time. In Astrology different number of components involves. The essential components is birth place of person. At this time, Astrology looks at the position of planets, the sign, the house and the links between the planets.

  9. Conclusion Astrology is a tool that can help you, it is like a language with that you can express yourself. Astrology provides certain amount of solace to people suffered by the slings and arrows of an uncertain life.

  10. Contact Us Address: 317 Station Road Harrow, London HA1 2AA Phone: 02088614442 , 07539987353 Email: PandithVarma@gmail.com Website: www.bestastrologeruk.co.uk

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