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Writing Rubric PowerPoint Presentation
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Writing Rubric

Writing Rubric

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Writing Rubric

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  1. Writing Rubric How you will be gradedon your essays in NewportNews Public Schools

  2. Composing Written Expression Usage/Mechanics The Three Domains

  3. Composing Central Idea: All of your paper focuses around one main idea. Elaboration: You use details to support your main idea. Organization: There is order and sequence to your paper. Unity: You keep focused on the main idea of your essay.

  4. Composing Point of View: You stay consistent with the point of view in your essay. Transitions: You move from paragraph to paragraph with smooth transitions. Introductions and Conclusions are present. Accuracy: Your information is correct.

  5. Written Expression Information: You use necessary and detailed information to support your main idea. Vocabulary: Word choice is specific and paints a picture for the reader. Suitable Tone: You maintain a consistent tone toward your topic. Voice: You use formal/informal language when appropriate.

  6. Written Expression Figurative Language: You use similes, metaphors, etc. as details. Sentence Variety: Your sentences are varied in length, type, and begin originally.

  7. Usage/ Mechanics Complete Sentences: All sentences have a subject and a verb, and avoid fragments. Inflections: You use correct verb tenses, plurals, possessives and adverbs. Tense Consistency: You maintain the same verb tense throughout the writing.

  8. Usage/ Mechanics Agreement: Subjects and verbs agree; pronouns and antecedents agree Word Meaning: Words are used appropriately and accordingly.

  9. Usage/ Mechanics Capitalization: Words are capitalized correctly. Formatting: Paragraphs are indented properly. End Punctuation: Correct use of periods, question marks, and exclamations.

  10. Usage/ Mechanics Internal Punctuation: Commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks are used properly Spelling: Words are spelled correctly (when in doubt, look it up)