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Take Charge of Your Future

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Take Charge of Your Future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Take Charge of Your Future. If you can't find work, why not create your own job!. Creating your Business Assignment.

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Take Charge of Your Future

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    1. Take Charge of Your Future If you can't find work, why not create your own job!

    2. Creating your Business Assignment Your task is to get creative, use your imagination, and dream up a unique small business that you think could work (survive, flourish, make a profit) in the specific geographical area you choose. Your final product will be a PowerPoint presentation that describes the business you proposed, the information that you found supporting it, and a short business plan.

    3. The area I want to live in really needs a ______________________. Now do some dreaming about this small business. Complete the following statements, as best you can right now, to help you better visualize your business: My business is called: The main thing my business will do is: Customers will choose my business over my competitors because: My business is located at: The operating hours of my business will be: My business will have this many employees: Per year, I think my business can earn: Per hour, I would like to pay my employees: I would describe my business logo as: The slogan I answer the phone with will be:

    4. Use the links below to research business plans and create your business model http://www.sba.gov/ http://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/starting-managing-business/starting-business/how-write-business-plan Include your business model in your presentation.

    5. Below are guidelines for your marketing and Financial Plan Marketing Plan • What makes your product/service unique? • Why would people go to you instead of your competitors? • Who is your target market? Financial Plan • Include a monthly cash flow statement with explanations • How much money are you going to need and what will you do with it (be specific)? Where will you get it?

    6. You must include 8 of the following terms in your presentation -Business Cycle -Sole Proprietorship -Standard of Living -Corporation -Expansion -Partnership -Peak -Conglomerate -Labor Unions -Arbitration -Collective Bargaining -Loose Monetary Policy -Interest Rates -Tight Monetary Policy -Cooperatives -Taxes/Taxation -Wall Street -Investment