Introduction to lims department administrators
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Introduction to LIMS Department Administrators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to LIMS Department Administrators. Office of Collaborative Science July 2012. Objectives. Introduce LIMS capabilities and methodology Overview of Departmental responsibilities and benefits Walk through LIMS tasks: Logon to the LIMS System Navigate the LIMS Workspace

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Introduction to lims department administrators

Introduction to LIMS Department Administrators

Office of Collaborative Science

July 2012


  • Introduce LIMS capabilities and methodology

  • Overview of Departmental responsibilities and benefits

  • Walk through LIMS tasks:

    • Logon to the LIMS System

    • Navigate the LIMS Workspace

    • Manage PI chartfields and lab members

    • Approve & edit weekly usage reports

    • Locate information, Create reports

Logging on
Logging On

  • The system will be internet-based

  • Sign-ins will use Kerberos IDs

  • LIMS will be listed in the web applications list on the Link

  • Weekly usage emails will have links to the system

Google nyu cores
Google: “NYU Cores”

Lims functions
LIMS Functions

  • Roles for PIs, Lab Members, Department Administrators, Core Directors, and OCS Administrators

  • LIMS will automate scheduling, invoicing, billing, utilization and data analysis

  • Future components will be scientifically-oriented, with focus on Genomics and Proteomics

Lims roles
LIMS Roles

  • OCS Administrators

    • Automate monthly billing, send weekly invoices, create utilization reports, centralize data management

  • Core Directors

    • Schedule projects, manage data, set up projects and quotes

  • PIs and Lab Members

    • Online scheduling, automated usage reports, project estimates

  • Lab Managers

    • Manage interactions for each lab, update membership and projects

  • Department Administrators

    • View & monitor all financial transactions, assign chartfields to projects, run reports, set budget limits

Responsibilities of dept administrators
Responsibilities of Dept. Administrators


  • Set up of PI and User profiles (one-time only)

  • Validation of chartfield and charges via email

  • Management of Lab Personnel


  • Transparency into PI usage of OCS Cores

  • Immediate access to chartfields and charges

  • Utilization data

Lims departmental setup
LIMS Departmental Setup

  • Each Dept Profile will come loaded with PIs, Lab Members, and chartfields

  • Email Tom Winner with any missing discretionary chartfields

  • Ensure Lab Members are up to date

  • Designate Lab Manager for each Lab

  • Estimated Time of 10-15 minutes for each Lab

What to expect ongoing tasks
What to expect – ongoing Tasks

  • Upfront time to set up the system. Management of chartfields & lab members will be easy to maintain.

  • Try to have each PI appoint a lab manager to keep lab rosters up to date, making less work for you

  • Weekly emails will be sent to department administrators outlining all charges from that week. PIs will get weekly emails too.

  • Charges will be processed at the end of each month, so taking five minutes to review these on a weekly basis will ensure no need for later transfers.

Introduction to lims department administrators




If a list of PIs in your department does not appear, click the “OK” box

Click the little box next to the PIs name,

Click manage

Pi profile
PI Profile

Manage PI emails

Manage Chartfields

Manage Lab Personnel

Lab personnel
Lab Personnel

2. Add or remove member

3. Designate Lab Manager, allowing member to create projects, manage personnel

4. Save all changes

1. Click on name to manage

How to manage chartfields
How to Manage Chartfields

Click on chartfield to


4. Save all work!

3. Expired chartfields will be automatically removed from LIMS, but you can remove them here as well

2. Add newly awarded chartfields

What is a project
What is a Project?

All work is Organized in Projects:

Required: Core, Lab Personnel, Chartfield

Optional: Budget



Requires Experimental Design: DNA Sequencing,

RNAi, Creating a Transgenic Mouse

All self-serve instruments –FACScan,

LM Microscopy, etc.

Will be automatically approved

Will be set up with help from

Core Directors

How projects work
How Projects Work

  • PI or Lab Manager must set up a project in LIMS for each Core

  • Once approved by Core, requests and reservations can be made against that project

  • All invoices will reference existing projects


  • Each Saturday Morning, weekly utilization emails will be sent to PIs, Lab Managers, and Department Administrators

  • One email will be sent from each Core

  • Emails will outline all the work billed during that week

  • Upon logging in to LIMS, you will see all the cumulative charges for the month

  • Our intent is to be transparent & provide ample opportunity to manage chartfields

How to edit invoices
How to Edit Invoices

Microscopy Weekly Departmental Invoice

The following is an overview of the total Microscopy charges tallied by the CANCER INSTITUTE-CANCER INSTITUTE Department

during the time period indicated below.

All charges will be billed to the chartfields listed below on the Processing Date. Please review and make any needed changes before that date.

Core Department Time Period Total Bill to Department Processing Date

MicroscopyCANCER INSTITUTE 07/01/2012-07/07/2012 $ 1,618.00 August 4th, 2012

Each PI and their associated chartfield(s) will be charged the following amount on the processing date.

Please review weekly to facilitate more accurate and timely billing.

To review line-by-line charges, totals for the entire month and additional detail, please click here

Link takes you into LIMS

More invoice detail upon logging in
More Invoice Detail Upon Logging In

Click the icon to

edit chartfields –

Drop-down box

appears. Choose

correct account,

then save. Remember

to edit the project too,

or future invoices will

have the wrong


Click the “Services Performed” tab for total details

Services performed tab provides total details
Services Performed Tab Provides Total Details

How to edit projects
How to Edit Projects

  • Incorrect chartfields will continue to be invoiced unless you edit

  • the associated project

    • 1) First edit the invoice

    • 2) Then edit the project to prevent future incorrect invoices

Search projects by pi
Search Projects by PI

1. Click “Project by PI”

Click Magnifying Glass Icon,

new window will pop up

Type part of PI Name, hit return, then

click hyper linked name

4. Click “OK”

Select project
Select Project

- Check the box next to the project, then click “Edit”

- A new window will open with project information

Click Billing Info Tab for Chartfield

Other lab members can be added to project with “members tag”

Replace old chartfield
Replace Old Chartfield

In “Billing Info” tab, click icon next to chartfield.

Choose correct chartfield

Click “Save”


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