Harassment bullying
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Harassment & Bullying. What all students need to know. Harassment looks a lot like bullying. However harassment is always linked to Anti-discrimination Laws designed to protect specific populations identified by:

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Harassment bullying

Harassment & Bullying

What all students need to know

The difference between harassment bullying

Harassment looks a lot like bullying. However harassment is always linked to Anti-discrimination Laws designed to protect specific populations identified by:

gender, race, ethnic background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability.

Harassment may be a single incident or a series of incidents.

Bullyingis repeated inappropriate behavior, direct or indirect, and by one or more persons, that:

harms, intimidates, threatens, victimizes, undermines, offends, or humiliates someone.

The difference between Harassment & Bullying

Direct behaviors include

physical intimidation =

Pushing, shoving, hitting, spitting, poking, tripping etc…

Touching someone in an unwanted way

Trashing someone’s personal property, such as their locker or notebook.

verbal intimidation =

Name calling

Threatening someone to their face

Writing to or about someone - IM’s, text messages, and emails count!

Prank phone calls, or leaving nasty voicemails

Direct Behaviors Include:

Indirect behaviors include
Indirect Behaviors Include:

  • Exclusion, which can include getting other people to ignore or leave out a certain person or certain people.

  • Starting rumors about a person or certain people.

  • Whispering and pointing at person or certain people.

  • Writing graffiti in stalls, on walls, or on lockers about a person or certain people.

Common mistakes
Common Mistakes

  • Calling someone “gay,” or calling them a “fag” is harassment, regardless of their actual sexual orientation!

  • Making sexually suggestive comments about, or to another student, regardless of whether they are male or female, is sexual harassment!

  • Making negative statements about a person’s race or religion is harassment, even if that person is not actually of that race or religion!

More examples of common mistakes
More Examples of Common Mistakes

  • Telling dirty jokes

  • Snapping or pulling at someone’s underwear/bra-strap

  • Staring at parts of a person’s body normally covered by underwear

  • Calling objects (not people), like a movie or class assignment, “gay,” or “retarded”

If you feel you are being harassed or bullied this is what you need to do
If you feel you are being harassed or bullied, this is what you need to DO.

  • DO NOT IGNORE IT! Everyone has a right to feel safe, respected, and accepted at school.

  • TELL THE PERSON TO STOP. Be polite and clear about how you feel.

If the person does not stop or you are afraid to say something to this person
If the person does not stop, or you are afraid to say something to this person:


  • A friend can go with you for support.

  • This is what the Adult or PEP member can do for you:

    Listen to you.

    Help you decide what to do next.

    Back you up in your decision.

    Help you file a formal complaint.

Harassment bullying

  • Fill out Incident Report Formavailable in the Middle School Main Office or High School Guidance Office.

  • A complete investigation of the situation will be made by an Administrator.

  • Parents will be notified.

  • The Principal will determine any disciplinary action.

Important considerations
Important Considerations CONTINUES, THEN YOU SHOULD FILE A

  • Harassment is not only a violation of school policy is also a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

  • If you are under investigation for Harassment, LEGAL COUNSEL will be involved.

  • If you are found guilty of Harassment, CRIMINAL CHARGES may be brought against you!

Harassment bullying

If you are a perpetrator, the victim and their family has the right to call the police and bring criminal charges of harassment against you, regardless of what the school decides to do!

BYSTANDERS the right to

  • Bystanders, sometimes you can and should step up and intervene when you witness an act of bullying or harassment.

  • You can stand up or intervene just by filling out an Incident Complaint Form.

  • Your identity can be kept confidential.

  • There is strength in numbers! Several students can fill out an incident report at the same time.

  • Adults can fill them out too!

Harassment bullying

Bystanders, the right to

it may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility.

Stopping harassment bullying is everyone s responsibility

Stopping Harassment & Bullying is the right toeveryone’s responsibility!

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