kentucky end of year processes n.
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Kentucky End of Year Processes

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Kentucky End of Year Processes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kentucky End of Year Processes. Session 1. Agenda. Introductions & Housekeeping Outcomes & Agenda Review Grading Closeout Student level Closeout Staff Closeout Graduation Data Entry Enrollment End Batch Process Inbox Notifications Inactive Accounts Calendar Rights. Outcome of Today.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introductions & Housekeeping
  • Outcomes & Agenda Review
  • Grading Closeout
  • Student level Closeout
  • Staff Closeout
  • Graduation Data Entry
  • Enrollment End Batch
  • Process Inbox Notifications
  • Inactive Accounts
  • Calendar Rights
outcome of today
Outcome of Today
  • Working with the other staff from your district, create a checklist for completing end of year processes
    • For each major step on our agenda identify
      • Responsible person
      • Timeline/deadline for completing that process
overview of eoy processing
Overview of EOY Processing

End of year processing involves preparation for the next school year, closing out student information for the current calendar year, completing and submission of end of year reports.

grading closeout
Grading Closeout

Missing Grades Report

  • Grading & Standards >Reports > Grades Report
    • Make sure that all teachers have turned in grades
grading closeout1
Grading Closeout

Transcript Post

  • System Admin>Student Portfolio>Transcript Post
  • Conditions needed for

a grade to be transcripted

      • Grading Task marked Post to Transcript
      • Course has Transcript box checked
      • Grading Task is assigned a credit type and amount
      • Teachers have posted final grades
grading closeout2
Grading Closeout

Changing Transcript Grades

  • Student Information>


  • Select Edit in front of grade that needs to be changed
  • Make necessary changes and Select Save
grading closeout3
Grading Closeout

Other Considerations:

  • Final Grading Window
    • Be sure to close the grading windows to “lock” data for the last term
    • Grading & Standards>Reports>Grading Window
  • Report Card batch
    • Do paper copies need to be run for student’s paper cumulative files?
  • Cumulative Labels
    • Are student cumulative labels needed?
    • Grading & Standards>Reports>Cumulative Labels
student closeout
Student Closeout

Locker Assignments

  • System Admin> Lockers> Locker Batch End Wizard
  • End date or delete latest locker assignments.
  • Select the correct locations, types and grade levels to end date
student closeout1
Student Closeout

Locker Assignments cont’d

  • System Admin> Lockers> Combination Rotation Wizard
  • Run Combination Rotation Wizard to change the combinations in the system IF the actual combination will be changed over the summer
student closeout2
Student Closeout


  • Student information> Reports
  • Fee Billing Batch will print final billing statements suitable for mailing
student closeout3
Student Closeout

Fees cont’d

  • Student information> Reports
  • Fee Auditwill find overpaid/underpaid accounts for further action
staff closeout
Staff Closeout
  • Employment Assignments should be modified for those being assigned to new sites in the district
  • District Assignment and Employment Assignment should be ended for staff members who are leaving the district
staff closeout1
Staff Closeout

User Accounts

  • Deactivate user accounts for staff who are leaving the district.
  • Enter an expiration date for the account to be disabled.
graduation data entry
Graduation Data Entry

Graduate Enrollment Records

  • System Admin> Student> Enrollment End Batch
  • Process graduation information
  • Students marked as retained or demoted will not be processed
  • Do not include any other grades
graduation data entry1
Graduation Data Entry

Graduate Data Elements

  • Student Information> General> Enrollments> Graduation Editor
  • Transition status and NCLB status needs to be entered in the Graduation Editor
ending enrollments
Ending Enrollments

Enrollment Records

  • Student Information> General> Enrollments> General Enrollment Information
  • Manually mark a student as being demoted, promoted or retained
  • Select the calendar and grade level that the student will be in next year
ending enrollments1
Ending Enrollments

Enrollment End Batch

  • System Admin>Student> Enrollment End Batch
  • Ends student’s enrollment if their enrollment has not been ended already
      • Run first for 12th grade graduates
      • Run for other grade levels

Be sure that Enrollment Roll Forward has been run (and enrollments for next year have been created) BEFORE using Enrollment End Batch.

cleaning up enrollments
Cleaning Up Enrollments

Enrollment Clean up Wizard

  • System Admin>Student> Enrollment Clean up Wizard
  • Clean up enrollment records rolled forward prior to a student withdrawing
  • Only removes enrollments created by the Enrollment Roll Forward tool if
    • Student's end date is prior to the last day of the last term
    • Student has not re-enrolled in the same calendar and grade.
process inbox notifications
Process Inbox Notifications
  • Vertical Interoperability messages can be deleted
  • Transfer Released messages can be deleted
  • Request for you to Release messages can be deleted after releasing
    • If request is for next year, do not release until end of the year processes are complete
  • Waiting messages should not be deleted until records are released
user rights inactive accounts
User Rights: Inactive Accounts
  • Deactivate/delete accounts of people who will not need access in future
      • Graduated or moved students and their parents (if they have no younger children in the district)
      • Staff members leaving the district
  • Ad hoc may be used to find accounts to deactivate or delete
      • Employment.districtEndDate

(<= a certain date, is not null, etc)

calendar rights
Calendar Rights
  • Change individual and group calendar rights according to district policy and procedures.
      • Does access to 08-09 become read-only for a time?
      • Does access to 08-09 get removed for a group/user?
      • When do staff get access to the 09-10 school year?
verify 09 10 setup
Verify 09-10 Setup
  • Calendar
      • Start and end dates for next year correct?
      • Term dates and period times correct?
  • Enrollment start dates set for the first day of instruction?
  • Are student schedules complete?