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FSEP Guide. DCBS forms for a Family Support Caseworker. Click Here to Begin. What forms do I use in my case setup? Let’s start with the 116. Let’s start with the 202. Special Case Forms. 203 Checklist and forms for client. DCBS Intranet Forms Finish. PAFS 116 includes: PAFS 203

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FSEP Guide

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fsep guide

FSEP Guide

DCBS forms for a Family Support Caseworker

Click Here to Begin


What forms do I use in my case setup?

Let’s start with the 116.

Let’s start with the 202.

Special Case Forms.

203 Checklist and forms for client.

DCBS Intranet Forms


PAFS 116 includes:

PAFS 203

PAFS 706

Birth Records

Identity Verification

Custody, Child Support and Divorce Records


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PAFS 202 includes:

KIM 101 (Application)

FS 8


PAFS 121

FS 704


PAFS 700

PAFS 702

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Child Care Verification Form

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Statement of Disability or Incapacity. Not used for incapacity Medicaid cases.

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Student Income Verification Form

Completed by Financial Aid Office

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Irregular Work Form

Used with Odd Job and Seasonal Employment

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Verification of No Income. To be completed by non-member that knows applicants income situation well.

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Used for Voter Reg. Rights & Declination

Will NOT change the applicants eligibility

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Used for Simplified Reporting Requirements, Rights & Responsibilities with all Food Benefit Applications.

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Change Report Form

Used to record reported changes from recipients

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Intent to Apply

Used for applicants with intent to apply for benefits

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Clients receive these forms from the PAFS 203 Checklist : PAFS 120FS 360 FS 500.1 FSET 101 PAFS 600Civil Rights Pamphlet Back to Start


Civil Rights Pamphlet

Advises all applicants of their civil rights, including their right for a hearing.

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Employment and Training Fact Sheet

Information on the Employment Training Program

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Consent and Release of Client Information and Records.

Used when additional information needs to be obtained from a third party.

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  • (1/09) Cabinet for Health and Family Services
  • Department for Community Based Services
  • Do you have a physical or mental condition that makes it hard for you to:
  • Apply for K-TAP, Medicaid, Food Benefits or other benefits?
  • Keep appointments with us?
  • Do a task or activity we ask you to?
  • If you do, we can help you. We can also help you if you care for a family member and that care makes it hard for you to get benefits. This flyer tells you why and how we can help.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • The law: You have the right under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to get
  • help applying for and keeping benefits. You can get help with any activity needed to
  • use our programs.
  • Who it protects: You have rights under the ADA if any kind of health problem makes it hard for you to do something basic and important, like:
    • care for yourself
    • walk, stand, or sit
    • see, hear, or talk
    • breathe
    • learn
    • remember things
    • do tasks with your hands
    • work
  • The problem can be physical, like diabetes, asthma, or migraine headaches. Or it can be mental or emotional, like depression, anxiety, ADD or ADHD. It can also be a learning disability.
  • You do not have to get disability benefits to get this help.

PAFS 600

Fact sheet for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

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Facts About Food Stamp Benefits

Information Fact Sheet

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Family Support Forms:

Access General Forms Workbook, or scroll page to access Table of Contents for Family Support forms.

Comprehensive Table of Contents:

Section I Food Stamp Forms

Section II Public Assistance/Food Stamp Forms

Section III Public Assistance Forms

Section IIIA KWP Forms

Section IV DCBS Forms

Section V Claims/Fraud Forms

Section VI Miscellaneous Forms

Section VII Publications

Section VIII KAMES Forms

Section IX Report Series Forms

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Don’t forget: Some local offices use additional forms for case setup. Check with your supervisor regarding your office procedures.You are now ready to continue with assignments under Part I on Blackboard.

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