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Analyzing Technology Issues. 8 th Grade Exploring Business and Marketing. The Impact of Technology on Work. Multinational Economy – conducting business with other countries. Electronic Commerce – allows products to be bought and sold through the Internet

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Analyzing technology issues

Analyzing Technology Issues

8th Grade Exploring Business and Marketing

The impact of technology on work
The Impact of Technology on Work

  • Multinational Economy – conducting business with other countries.

  • Electronic Commerce – allows products to be bought and sold through the Internet

  • Digital Cash – can pay online by transmitting a number from one computer to another

The impact of technology on education
The Impact of Technology on Education

Internet – one of the biggest factors affecting Education

  • Distance Learning – delivery of education over the Internet

  • Computer-Based Learning – Using the computer as a tutor

  • Simulations – Models of real world activities

The impact of technology on science
The Impact of Technology on Science

  • Science

    • Artificial Intelligence – to process info. w/o human intervention

    • Genetic Engineering – to change the DNA of a living organism

    • Virtual Reality- model of real-world activity that allows you to explore environments that may be dangerous (requires a helmet)

Types of computer crimes
Types of Computer Crimes

  • Computer fraud

    • Conduct that involves the manipulation of a computer or computer data in order to obtain money, property, or value dishonestly or to cause loss.

  • Computer hacking

    • Involves invading someone else’s computer, usually for personal gain or just the satisfaction of invasion.

Types of computer viruses
Types of Computer Viruses

  • Worm - Makes many copies of itself, resulting in the consumption of system resources that slows down or actually halts tasks.

  • Time bomb - Virus that does not cause its damage until a certain date or until the system has been booted a certain number of times.

  • Logic bomb - Virus triggered by the appearance or disappearance of specified data.

  • Trojan horse - Virus that does something different from what it is expected to do.

Computer viruses
Computer Viruses

A virus is a program that has been written to cause corruption of data on a computer.

Hoax – program that tricks users into thinking they have a virus

Software piracy occurs when you buy single user software and let a friend borrow it.

Security measures
Security Measures

Maintain and Enforce Security Measures such as:

  • Passwords – safeguard access/should be a RANDOM mix of letters and numbers

  • Electronic identification cards

  • Firewalls

  • Antivirus software – used to disinfect

  • Selective hiring process

  • Locking software to prevent users from making copies.

What is a browser
What is a browser?

  • The software program that you use to retrieve documents from the World Wide Web (WWW) and to display them in a readable format.

  • Examples:

    • Internet Explorer

    • Netscape Communicator

Advantages and uses of telecommunications
Advantages and Uses of Telecommunications

  • Telecommunication involves electronically transferring data.

    • Distance learning

      • Allows the user to take classes without being physically present.

    • Teleconferencing

      • Provides conferencing capabilities from several locations without leaving the office, reduces costs for time and travel.

What is email
What is Email?

  • Email, or electronic mail, is similar to regular mail. You have a message, an address, and a carrier that figures out how to get it from one location to another.

  • Email is used to stay in touch with family and friends, conduct business, and send attachments such as text and image files.

Advantages and uses of email
Advantages and Uses of Email

  • Faster way to communicate and respond

  • Quick and easy way to send messages

  • Forward messages to other individuals

  • Send messages to multiple individuals

  • Include attachments such as pictures, audio files, and documents

Electronic mail addresses
Electronic Mail Addresses

  • The address consists of three parts:

    • The user name of the individual

    • The @ symbol

    • The user’s domain name

    • Example:

What is a search engine
What is a search engine?

  • A tool that lets you find Web pages that match a particular word or phrase.

  • Examples of search engines:

    • Altavista

    • Google

    • HotBot

    • InfoSeek

    • Excite

    • Yahoo

Features of the internet
Features of the Internet

-Webquest – uses the internet for investigation and problem solving.

  • File extensions – edu = education, org = organization, gov = government, mil = military


  • A discussion forum or a type of bulletin board.

  • Each board is dedicated to discussion on a particular topic.

    • USENET

      • Worldwide network of computers that facilitates the transmission of messages among the news servers.

Other terms to know
Other Terms To KnOw

  • Auto Correct – corrects typos as you type

  • Ethics - Standards of good moral conduct or principles

  • Public domain software –distributed free

  • Freeware – free on a trial basis

  • Site License – used to load copies of a commercial educational program on every computer in the school.

  • Auto Complete – Keeps tack of and provides a list of sites a user has visited or fills out forms automatically.