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NSG Group (Pilkington) and the Solar Energy Sector

NSG Group (Pilkington) and the Solar Energy Sector. St. Helens Chamber, April 2011. Overview. NSG Group Overview NSG Group’s Solar Energy Business and Strategy Solar Energy technologies and our solar energy product range The role of St. Helens. NSG Group - Historical Background. Pilkington

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NSG Group (Pilkington) and the Solar Energy Sector

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  1. NSG Group (Pilkington) and the Solar Energy Sector St. Helens Chamber, April 2011

  2. Overview • NSG Group Overview • NSG Group’s Solar Energy Business and Strategy • Solar Energy technologies and our solar energy product range • The role of St. Helens

  3. NSG Group - Historical Background • Pilkington • 1826 - established in St. Helens as a partnership • 1849 - converted to private company, Pilkington Brothers • 1959 - invented the Float Process • 1970 - listed on London Stock Exchange as Pilkington plc • 2006 - acquired by NSG (through NSG UK Enterprises Ltd) • NSG • 1918 -established as America Japan Sheet Glass Co., Ltd • 1931 - changed company name to Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. • 1950 - listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange • 1990 - invested in Libbey- Owens-Ford Co • 2000 - initial investment in Pilkington • 2006 - acquired all outstanding equity of Pilkington plc Acquisition of Pilkington plc in 2006

  4. NSG Group Today • A global glass leader – operating under the Pilkington brand in Building Products and Automotive. • Consolidated net sales of ¥ 588,394 billion for FY ended 31 March 2010 • Principal operations in 29 countries, with sales in approximately 130 countries • Ownership/interests in 49 float lines worldwide • Approximately 28,500 permanent employees globally • Leading supplier of high value-added building glass • Global Automotive customer base • Strong position in glass for solar energy applications • Leading player in lenses for multi-function printers A global leader of scale in Flat Glass

  5. NSG Group Strategy Solar Energy is one of the Group’s key strategic objectives

  6. Solar Energy Business Vision • To be the number one, specialist, global supplier to the Solar Energy sector offering full glass solutions. • Full sector participation; photovoltaics, concentrators, water heaters • Superior technical performance to competitors products • Preferred glass supplier status • Global approach

  7. Solar Energy Technologies Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics Thin Film Photovoltaics Sun  Electricity Sun  Electricity - Pilkington Sunplus™ • - NSG TEC™ - Pilkington Optiwhite™ - Pilkington Optiwhite™ Concentrated Solar Power Solar Thermal Collectors Sun  Heat  Electricity Sun  Heat - Pilkington Optiwhite™ - Pilkington Optiwhite™ - Pilkington Sunplus™

  8. Rapidly Expanding Global Market Demand.. 30 lines 7 lines 1 GW = 1 glass plant output (approx.)

  9. Global Solar Production Facilities St. Helens is a Global Hub for Solar Manufacturing

  10. Thin Film Photovoltaic Technology • Advanced high technology transparent and conductive coatings on low iron glass Manufactured at Greengate and shipped all over the world

  11. Batch mixing Float Bath Annealing Lehr Molten Tin Inspection 3.3m Molten Tin ガラス CVD Coaters On-Line Coating Process

  12. Mono crystalline Poly crystalline Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Technology c-Si Module (laminate of interconnected silicon wafer cell) Off-the-shelf Single cell (on silicon wafer) Manufactured at Watson Street Works and shipped to Europe

  13. Low Iron Products - Sunplus 2 Surface Types Matt-Matt MM or Solalite-Matt SM

  14. Low Iron Rolled Glass Manufacture

  15. Summary • Solar Energy is an exciting and rapidly growing sector for high technology, glass products; both coated and rolled • The Solar Energy sector is one of NSG Group’s key strategic focus • St. Helens is one of the Group’s global hubs for the manufacture of Solar glass products

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