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Metropolitan Educational Council

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Metropolitan Educational Council. 2008 “K” OCTOBER STAFF EMIS REPORTING October 10, 2007. IT’S A FACT. Staff data does effect funding October “K” data submitted and used for the first foundation payment

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metropolitan educational council

Metropolitan Educational Council

2008 “K” OCTOBER


October 10, 2007

it s a fact
  • Staff data does effect funding
  • October “K” data submitted and used for the first foundation payment
  • STAFF EMIS comes from payroll. All corrections should be made in payroll and re-extracted to load into EMIS until the snapshot is taken. Then correction are made in BOTH USPS & EMIS.
2008 october k emis dates
2008 October “K”EMIS Dates
  • October reporting – 16 submissions!
    • First submission - 10/12/07.
    • Deadline for initial Period K - 10/26/07
    • Data submitted by 11/9/07 used for Dec first foundation payment
    • Warning letter sent – 11/30/07
    • Compliance deadline – 12/14/07 – initiation of 45-day data accountability corrective action cycle
    • Ho Ho Ho..Santa makes a visit – 12/25/07 – oops sorry not part of EMIS reporting! 
    • Final submission 2/1/08.
requirements for data submission
Requirements For Data Submission
  • EMIS Newsflash from 9/27/07
    • Changes the way ODE determines if you are in compliance.
      • Data submitted should be as complete and accurate as possible
  • Missing Data Report Sent To MEC
    • Districts will be listed on this report if the data submission requirements are not met. MEC will notify districts.
orc 3301 0714
ORC 3301.0714
  • ORC § 3301.0714 – What does the law say?
    • District Responsibilities
      • Meet deadlines for reporting (1)
      • Meet deadlines for correction (2)
      • Make good faith effort regarding condition of data (3)
    • ODE Responsibilities
      • Report district failure
      • Withhold 10% on first report
        • 10% is based on the full year foundation payment amount.
      • Withhold 20% on second report
      • Release funds on corrective action
      • Do not release funds after 45 days
  • 10/1/07 Treasurer’s Newsletter – announced that ODE is seeking comment on a number of proposed changes to this code. The data rules will be presented during the afternoon of Nov. 2 at the Bethel United Methodist Church, 1220 Bethel Rd. in Columbus.

SOURCE: Ohio Department of Education, Center for School Finance, EMIS Accountability presentation, by Paolo DeMaria, found at

usps fields loaded to emis
USPS Fields Loaded To EMIS

Staff Demographic Record (CI)

    • Data from BIOSCN and/or DEMSCN
  • Staff Employment Record (CK)
    • Data from JOBSCN and/or POSSCN
  • Contractor Staff Employment Record (CJ)
    • Maintained in EMIS screens ONLY – EMSSCN/EMSMCJ
  • Contract Employee Only Record (CC)
    • Maintained in EMIS only - EMSSCN/EMSMCC
critical piece to the emis puzzle
  • Critical Demographic elements (doesn’t apply to JVSD or ESC)
    • Authorized Teaching Experience Years (DEMSCN)
      • Pay particular attention to staff listed with less than 11 years
    • Semester Hours (DEMSCN)
      • If educational level =2 and semester hours over 149; then staff included in 5 year degree column of state salary schedule
    • Educational Level (DEMSCN)
      • Combination of these three elements will determine if district salaries are above state mean
      • Additional funds allocated on Line 13B of SF3
sf3 lines 13 a c
SF3 Lines 13 A & C
  • SF3 Line 13A
    • Negative adjustment for not employing the required # of teachers – 25/1
  • SF3 Line 13C
    • Negative adjustment for not employing the required # of Education Service Personnel (art, music, PE, counselors, librarians, social workers, nurses) – 5 ESP staff/1000
  • Districts can verify compliance with EMIS Accountability requirements on the SUBMISSION_STAT.PDF report.
    • This a report from ODE available from the MEC webpage/EMIS Reports
  • Reporting Period Sign Offs
    • Deadlines listed on ODE Processing Schedule
    • Form available from ODE Website
      • Search for keywords Reporting Period Sign Offs
    • Spreadsheet lists districts and forms receive.
attendance days
Attendance Days

Staff Attendance days pull from the employee calendars and ATDSCN “AD”justment days.

RPTSUM – can be generated to verify employee attendance and absence days

how does the emis tank fill with your district data
  • Districts will add and maintain data in USPS


- DEMSCN and POSSCN will need to be updated

  • Districts will run USPEMS/PERDET and check for errors
  • Once error free – USPEMX/USPEMS is run to create a sequential file for loading into EMIS “K” database.
  • Districts will email MEC that the file is ready to load into EMIS. [email protected]
bioscn fields loaded to emis
  • SSN: 987-65-4321 Employee ID: STO002002 Conceal: N
  • Credential ID: OH1143006 EMIS ID:
  • Last Name: Stopsign Suffix:
  • First Name: Randy Middle: Phone/Unlist:() -/
  • Street: 77 Violator Drive Dist Phone :() -
  • Dist Exten :
  • City : Columbus State: OH Zip: 43214- OSDI code:
  • Foreign Adrs: Ctry: Prov: Post:
  • Email :
  • Gender: M Direct deposit: Y Report to EMIS : Y
  • Marital: 2 Email dirdep notice: N Long term ill:
  • Birthdate: 08/27/1952 Check distrib.:
  • Hire date: 01/03/2007 Eligible retire: N
  • Last paid: 01/31/2007 ODHS New hire: Y01/03/2007
  • BIOSCN - Biographical data maintenance program Screen 1 Of 2
demscn fields loaded to emis
  • SSN/ID Last name First name Conceal
  • ID:ATT001223 Credential ID: UD1001923 EMIS ID: Conceal:
  • NAME: Geri Attricks
  • Address: 7651 Careful Drive Rocking OH 54669
  • Birthdate: 02/20/1953 Sex: F Race: Handicap status: Multilingual:
  • Length of Experience:
  • Report to EMIS: Y Total : 7 Accredit: OH Public :
  • Eligible retire: N Authorized: 7 Military: OH Private:
  • Semester hrs : 153 In Distric: TradeSch: NonOH Priv:
  • Education lvl: 2 Building : Retireme: NonOH Pub :
  • ECE Qualif. : * Purchased :
  • Other credent: * User Defined Fields:
  • Hire date : 08/21/2007 Amount 1: Amount 2:
  • Last eval. : 00/00/0000 Code 1: Code 2: Date: 00/00/0000
  • Long Term Ill: Text:
  • DEMSCN - Demographical data maintenance program
posscn fields loaded to emis
  • ID: WHI002002 Job: 01 Name: Ivana Whinn
  • Position: TEACHER
  • Salary Schedule Info: Position Information:
  • ID : 100 Start: 08/21/2007 Status: N Code: 205
  • Column: 2 Type: R FTE: 1.00000 Low/High grade: **/**
  • Step : 6 Paraprofessional:
  • FTE : 1.00000 Qualified: *
  • Building IRN : 118158 HQPD: Y
  • Appointment type : 1 Separation: Reason: * Date:00/00/0000
  • Certificate applic.: * Position Funding:
  • Exper. curr. class : Assign Area Code Percent
  • Extended service : 999560L100
  • Report to EMIS : Y000000
  • Contract type : 000000
  • POSSCN - Job/Position data maintenance program Screen 1 of 2
jobscn 1 fields loaded to emis
  • ID: HAR001001 Job: 01 Name: Hedda Hare
  • Position/Title : COSMETOLOGY TEACHER
  • Check stub desc: Pos. start: 08/21/2007
  • Position code : 207 Cont start: 08/21/2007 Pay plan : B
  • Position type : R Cont stop : 00/00/0000 Pay group : 10
  • Type of appt. : 1 Terminated: 00/00/0000 Calendar type : 100
  • EMIS appt type : 1 Last raise: 00/00/0000 Calendar start: 08/20/2007
  • Contract type : Retire code: 450 Calendar stop : 00/00/0000
  • Report to EMIS : Y Job status : 1 Job type:
  • Low/High grade : **/**
  • Separation reas: *00/00/0000 Assign Area Code % Benefit Eligibility
  • Building IRN : 118158999560L100 Sick : Y
  • Building/Dept : 004/000000000 Vacation: N
  • 000000 Personal: Y
  • JOBSCN - Job/Contract data maintenance program Screen 1 of 3
jobscn 2 fields loaded to emis
  • ID: HAR001001 Job: 01 Name: Hedda Hare
  • Position/Title : COSMETOLOGY TEACHER
  • Obligation : 44645.00Equal pays :YEMIS Contract Info:
  • Amount : 44645.00Hours per day : 7.50Hours per day:
  • Amount paid: 3434.24Pay unit:2Contract amt :
  • Amount due : 426.95Pay per Period: 1717.12Work days :
  • Amt. earned: 3861.19Daily rate : 241.324FTE: 1.00000
  • Amt docked :Dock next pay :
  • Retro next pay:Salary Schedule:
  • Extended service :ID :100
  • # of pays/Pays paid :26/ 2Column: 2
  • Work days/Days worked:185/ 16Step : 6
  • STRS Advanced mode :FTE : 1.00000
  • JOBSCN - Job/Contract data maintenance program Screen 2 of 3
checklist short version of items to confirm your district has completed
  • Run MASCHG/MASINC to increment years of experience (total and authorized)
  • Run USPCHG to update position status
  • Run CLRATD to remove Long Term Illness days reported at yearend. NOTE: Payroll and EMIS need to talk on timing. This also might have been cleared at Fiscal Year End.
  • Run USPEMS



1. PERDET - EMIS Data Detail Listing

2. USPEMX - Export USPS info to EMIS

3. EXIT - Exit program

uspems perdet

PERDET - Personnel Data Detail Listing

Enter sort option (SN,N,I,P,A,C,E,?): ______________


Enter Fiscal Year: <2008> ____

Enter Reporting Period: (K,N) _


Would you like to exclude 8xx positions from being reported (Y,N)? _


Select by specific employee(s)? (Y,N): _

Select by specific building IRN(s)? (Y,N): _

Select by specific position code(s)? (Y,N): _

Select only those employees containing errors (Y,N): _


Select employees reportable to EMIS, Not reportable, or Both? (Y,N,B):


Select appointment type(s) (A,1,2,3,4,5): __________


print and or view perdet txt report
Print and/or View PERDET.TXT Report





888-88-9999 Moore Lon Gender: Male !Race: Birthdate: 12/10/46

Semester hours : 0 !Education Lvl: Report to EMIS: Yes

Auth. experience years: 0 !Degree major : EMIS ID:

Tot. experience years : 0 Other credential:

Job:01 Title: INDUSTRIAL ARTS TEAC !Status:

Pos. code/desc : 205 - Regular Teaching Assignment (Course Master Elements Required) Assignment Funding

Report to EMIS : Yes Hours per day: 7.00 !Separation reason: Area Code Percent

Appointment type: Certificated No. work days: 186 Separation date : / / ! #

Position type : Regular Extended srvc: 0 !Cert. Application:

Position FTE : 1.00 Salary type : Annual Low grade : **

Start date : 09/01/1994 Salary amount: 41,635.00 High grade : **

!Building IRN : 020289 HQPD : *

Qualified Parapro: *

perdet errors
  • Errors are identified with !,?,# or $$
  • PERDET should be run for both reportable and non-reportable staff
  • Check to make sure that there are no staff on the PERDET who should not be reported to EMIS.
  • After errors are corrected rerun PERDET and verify error free.
usps id fields
USPS ID Fields
  • SSN – Employee SSN
  • EMPLOYEE ID – District assigned employee ID and may be employee ssn
  • EMIS ID – May be the state assigned ID and/or may be blank
  • Credential ID – Must be the state assigned ID for certificated staff
2008 fte change for extended service
2008 FTE Change for Extended Service
  • Position FTE change for 2008
    • NEW ruling on FTE
      • DO NOT report an FTE grater than 1
    • From ODE:
      • The total salary reported should be the salary from the regular position plus the amount being paid for the extended days
      • The work days reported should be the work days from the regular position plus the work days from the extended days
      • The FTE is the FTE of the day that the staff member works compared to the “normal” day for a full time staff member in that position; the FTE is not annualized. Therefore, when the salary and work days are adjusted for the “extended service” time the FTE should NOT be adjusted.
fte extended service paid as a separate job
FTE & Extended Service Paid As A Separate Job

You will want to:

  • Job 2 set the “Report to EMIS” flag to “N”o.
  • On job 1 (Job being reported to EMIS) screen #2 - enter in the EMIS Contract fields including the extended amount in the salary and also as 1 FTE.

EMIS Contract Info: (screen 2 of the JOBSCN)

Hours per day:

Contract amt : 76,000.00 =$74,000.00 +$ 2,000 ext service amount

Work days : 190 = 180 + 10 ext days

FTE : 1.00000

extended service paid in one job
  • If you have your extended service included in the employee(s) main job –you only report 1.0 fte.
  • Enter the number of extended service days in the JOBSCN
  • When running PERDET make sure you answer that extended days ARE included in the employee contract.
multiple building employee reporting
  • Multiple Building Staff
    • Option to report a single staff record with the district IRN or
    • Report Multiple Staff Employment Records
      • Unique Local Contract Code (Job #)
      • Divide FTE
      • Scheduled Work Days should be the same for each record
      • If Pay Type is Annual
        • Prorate Pay Amount/Rate and FTE
      • If Pay Type is Hourly
        • Report same Pay Amount/Rate on each job
question of the month what is considered a supplemental and a stipend
QUESTION OF THE MONTH! What is considered a Supplemental and a Stipend
  • Definition of the two is totally a district decision. There is no clear ruling. This might be a starting point to guide you to your final decision! 
  • What could define a supplemental? Might it be a position that you get contracts for additional duties not covered with your main contract.
  • What could define a stipend? This might be a payment for a position that is usually a one time payment or a stretched payment. Example for company vehicle reimbursement or the newest reimbursement for not taking insurance.
contractor only emis cj record
  • NO data is entered nor extracts from USPS. Data is entered directly into EMIS. EMSSCN/EMSMCJ
  • Entry is required for fields:

- IRN of contracting district

- Employee ID (must match the course master ID)

- Position code/fte Note: total FTE can not exceed FTE from all employment records reported)

- Local contract code must match the job number from USPS

contract only staff emis cc records
CONTRACT Only Staff EMIS CC Records
  • Allowed for non-EMIS reporting entities
    • Examples; food service, transportation & maintenance
  • District adds one record for all ‘staff’ working through non-EMIS reporting entity
    • One per position code/funding source combination
    • Required in K and N cycles
    • Entry of required data directly in EMIS maintenance screens; no USPS data entry
leave of absence reporting
Leave of Absence Reporting

Leave of absence prior to or during count

week – remember that is the first full week

of October

  • Report the staff member on leave as “P” status
  • Report the substitute that was teaching on the last day of count week
  • Both should be reported
leave of absence reporting1
Leave of Absence Reporting

If reported on leave for one year and does

not return the next, in year 2 reporting you-

  • If the staff member has not resigned report the teacher with status of “P”
  • If the staff member has resigned, report the teacher with a status of “U”
employee status options
  • A - Contracted personnel -- Agency
  • C - Active/Continuing employee in same position in district
  • D - Active/new position in district
  • I - Contracted personnel -- Individual
  • N - New to district
  • O - Retired and then rehired by the district
  • P - Leave of absence
  • R - Returning from leave of absence
  • U - No longer employed by district in his position
change in definition of field
Change in Definition of Field
  • Users must manually change the value that applied for “Degree Major” to those that apply to “ECE Qualification”
  • Changes will be made to the description in USPSCN/DEMSCN
  • Other Credential no longer required for EMIS
demscn field changes
DEMSCN Field Changes

ID: 111111111 EMIS ID: Conceal: Last: DEFAULT

First name: Middle: Suffix:

Address: OH

Birthdate: 00/00/0000 Sex: Race: Handicap status: Multilingual:

Length of Experience:

Report to EMIS: Y Total : Accredit: OH Public :

Eligible retire: Authorized: 10 Military: OH Private:

Semester hrs : In Distric: TradeSch: NonOH Priv:

Education lvl: A Building : Retireme: NonOH Pub :

ECE Qualif.: Purchased :

Other credent: User Defined Fields:

Hire date : 00/00/0000 Amount 1: Amount 2:

Last eval. : 00/00/0000 Code 1: Code 2: Date: 00/00/0000

Long Term Ill: Text:

  • CI225 - Early Childhood Education Qualification
  • * Not Applicable
  • 1 Associated in Early Childhood Education or Child Development
  • 2 Bachelor in Early Childhood Education or Childhood Development
  • 3 Enrolled in an Associate Degree program in Early Childhood Ed
Remember…count week is defined as the first FULL week of October!! It’s the critical week to “count” your staff data OR your numbers will be off! 