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Anti-Aging Skincare Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Anti-Aging Skincare Presentation

Anti-Aging Skincare Presentation

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Anti-Aging Skincare Presentation

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  1. Anti-Aging Skincare Presentation • These materials have been produced by an Arbonne Independent Consultant and are not official materials prepared or provided by Arbonne International, LLC. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any consultant will be financially successful, as each consultant’s results are dependant upon his or her own skills and effort. Actual financial results of all Arbonne’s Independent consultants for the preceding year are contained in Arbonne’s ICCS on Arbonne’s official website.NOTE: Please do not add to this script without first running it by your upline NVP.

  2. Presentation Supply List • Arbonne Party Presentation Flipchart • RE9 advanced Set (This will be the main topic and your displayed products!) • Variety of other RE9 products • Primer and a small sampling of Makeup (like: foundation, bronzer, lipstick, blush & eye shadow) • Sampling Arbonne Essentials (like: protein powder, Fizz sticks, Detox tea, vitamins) • A couple of YOUR favorite products in a basket (and Holiday products from Sept.-Dec.) • Awaken Sea Salt Scrub (This is for sampling on hands at kitchen sink as guests arrive) • Black tablecloth and 4 Gold Chargers (3 for product display table & 1 for Deal or No Deal boxes) • Client Profile Card (Hand out when they arrive and ask them to fill out for a chance to win a prize) • If you’re doing foot spas: Tubs, towels, Unwind oil & Bath salts or Detox oil and Sea Soak • RE9 masque, FC5 scrub and both masks, head bands, and hand towels if you are going to do facials! • Testimonials- laminated and displayed • EOA Stories- yours, your upline VP’s, or your favorite stories • Pens, Calculator, Business Cards, • Prospect Packets to be given to those interested in business (or trial kits) • Catalogues and “3 ways to Buy” closing sheets • Deal/No Deal boxes (photo inside each box of Arbonne products) • Pretend $50 –for Deal or No Deal game • Chocolate kisses & candy dish to hold them • Product “giveaways” for games- ex: travel foot creams, holiday minis, sample gift (chews, detox tea, vitamins, fizz sticks) • 6 Clipboards -3 for closing table. 3 for client profile cards • Applications, product order forms & closing sheet for 1st clipboard on closing table (selling) • Open date card or your calendar for 2nd clipboard on closing table (scheduling) • Arbonne Opportunity Brochure-for 3rd clipboard on closing table (sponsoring)

  3. If you are going to do facials, have them get started as they arrive (1. wash, 2. FC 5 scrub, 3. RE9 masque, 4. FC5 mask…their choice to leave on during presentation) • Hello! My name is _______________. I have been an Arbonne consultant for_________. I am so excited to be here. I love my job! • Thanks ______ for hosting this great party! “We really pamper our hostesses! An average Arbonne party is about $500 in sales, so if that happens that means______ will earn $250 in products for only $50 (80% discount) + 1 Free product of her choice (up to $50) in addition to Free Shipping!!” If hostess wants to, have her share what products she loves! • My goal tonight is that everyone would have a great time. That’s it! No pressure. We are just really glad you are here! • To make sure you have a great time, you are going to have the chance to win some FREE prizes! • 1st, we will draw a name from the client profile cards. So, make sure that you fill yours out! • 2nd, we are going to play a fun game called “Deal or no Deal.” This is actually my FAVORITE GAME! We will play this at the end of the party! (Pass around Deal or No Deal boxes on a platter and let them select their own box. Make it a big deal and ask them NOT to open it until you say!) • 3rd, we are going to play a “kissing game!”…with chocolate kisses. Here’s how it works: Ask a Q about biz and get 2 kisses. Ask a Q about products and get 1 kiss. The person with most kisses wins a prize! So, don’t forget to ask questions!!! • 4th, we are going to go around the room and have you share 4 things: your name, 1 thing you would change about your skin, what you would be doing if time & money were no object & which of the 3 product lines displayed here you most interested in…) • Thanks so much for sharing. Getting to know people is such a fun part of the party!

  4. **Tell Your “I” Story – This should be no longer than 2 minutes!!!! • I would like to share a little about me and how I was introduced to Arbonne… “ Use the space below to write in your “Eye” Story. Make sure to weave Arbonne’s business information into your story! Also make sure to tell them if they would like to learn more, that you have a packet to send home with them! • Include your favorite Arbonne facts: • Own your own business • Work from home-part-time • Work around full-time job or busy life • Incredible six-figure + income potential • Residual and passive income (earn income on your work and the work of others • Tax deductions • Great training and teamwork approach • No geographical territories (US, Canada, Australia, UK) • Mercedes Benz Reward • Earn trips, Great products & discounts • ANY QUESTIONS? (“Remember we’re playing a game so don’t forget to ask your questions so you can win the prize.”)

  5. HERE IS WHAT MAKES ARBONNE DIFFERENT: • Company founded in 1980. 2010 was our 30th anniversary!!! • Skincare products are formulated in Switzerland, manufactured in USA. • We have a tradition based on PURE, SAFE & BENEFICIAL products, Arbonne is committed to the development of unparalleled products FREE OF HARMFUL INGREDIENTS! • 45-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all products. • BOTANICALLY BASED: This means we use things like herbs and botanicals to formulate our products. Every ingredient in every product has to be PURE, SAFE and BENEFICIAL! That means all the ingredients have to do something to benefit your skin. • INSPIRED BY NATURE!! • We use ORGANICALLY grown botanicals when at all possible • VEGAN CERTIFIED and KOSHER. • Products that are GOOD FOR YOUR BODY BOTH INSIDE & OUT! • Arbonne is committed to being “GREEN” with earth-friendly practices! • pH CORRECT (FYI: Skin care pH of 5.5 ensures maximum benefits.) • HYPOALLERGENIC • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED

  6. NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS FORMULATED WITHOUT ANIMAL PRODUCTS or BY-PRODUCTS FORMULATED WITHOUT MINERAL OIL: (Petroleum-based ingredients) which interferes with skin functions as well as advanced delivery systems. A cheap filler that clogs your pores. Essential oils that Arbonne chooses to use are better for our skin and penetrate into the deep layers of our skin. FORMULATED WITHOUT DYES or CHEMICAL FRAGRANCES: They are known irritants and can cause allergic reactions! It’s exciting to know that there are top-notch people who use Arbonne and sell Arbonne like: Plastic Surgeons Dermatologists Dieticians Nutritionists And other physicians/professionals recommend Arbonne to their patients and many of them are Arbonne consultants themselves! We also have modeling and talent agents that recommend Arbonne to their clients. That speaks volumes about Arbonne’s products…don’t you agree?! ANY QUESTIONS? Don’t forget our game!

  7. Before we discuss Arbonne’s Flagship line and BEST-seller, RE9Advanced anti-aging products, let’s talk about what affects the way our skin looks. It’s important to know what ages our skin so we can combat against those things. First, there are Environmental Factors:1. The Sun. We need to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. UVA rays destroys collagen & elastin creating sagging. UVB rays burns skin & increases the risk of skin cancer. Arbonne’s RE9 moisturizers have SPF that protect against both UVA & UVB rays. 2. Free Radicals-Free Radicals destroy skin cells. Having healthy skin cells is important to having healthy, young-looking skin. Anti-oxidants protect against free radicals. Arbonne’s RE9 products are loaded anti-oxidants like Alpha Lipoic Acid to help your skin cells stay healthy. (Give “cut apple” example) Second, is the Natural Aging Process- Several things happen naturally as we age:1. Our collagen & elastin production slows down. Collagen & elastin is what keeps our skin from sagging. Arbonne’s RE9 products NOW contains Algae extract with supports collagen synthesis and helps restore skin’s youthful glow and dramatically diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There is not one but 9 major age-defying elements and botanicals in a powerful system clinically proven to start working within 24hrs! 2. Our skin thins as we age, which means our ability to hold moisture is declining. Dehydrated skin causes wrinkles. Arbonne’s RE9 products have ingredients like peptides that increase the skin’s thickness. Arbonne’s RE9 products address all of the issues I just mentioned. You are going to love the results you see when you use these products! Results in 24hrs A Side Note: I really want to encourage everyone to take good care of yourself! You will NEVER regret eating healthy, exercising and taking good care of your skin…no matter what sacrifices you have to make! ANY QUESTIONS?

  8. Let’s try the RE9 ADVANCED Set on the back of your hand! Or, if you’re doing facials, have them rince their mask off and put products on their face. (they already tried wash) Smoothing Facial Cleanser– Crème cleanser provides effective smoothing and renewing of skin surface for soft, supple skin. Key Ingredients: Algae Extract, Sea Buckthorn oil. Don’t pass around but tell them they will only use a pea size amount. Regenerating Toner– Antioxidant-rich, pH-balanced w/ vitamins A, C and E visibly tones, firms and smoothes skin. Key ingredients: Algae Extract, Sea Buckthorn oil and Witch Hazel- much more than just an astringent to clean the face. Spray directly on face. Toner will also help minimize pores. Intensive Renewal Serum- A powerful blend of clinically proven, collagen-supporting ingredients that visibly firm and lift skin, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines. (Most powerful product, packed full of the key botanicals and elements) Restorative Day Crème SPF20 –HIGH Concentrations of advanced moisture-enhancing ingredients support collagen, and protect and restore skin’s youthful appearance. (your choice…regular or extra moisturizing) Corrective Eye Crème– Enjoy immediate visibly firming and moisturizing benefits. The eye crème moisturizes the delicate skin around the eye and is great for reducing dark circles and puffiness! Exclusive blend supports collagen! Night Crème –Ultra-hydrating blend of botanicals and concentrated vitamin C supports collagen and helps repair skin. Strengthens, firms and encourages cell recovery while you sleep. Targeted protection against moisture loss. Demonstrate to guests how quick and easy it will be to use all products Arbonne has what they call “The Fab Five!” The 5 best selling products in the company! The first four are in the skincare line that we just tried & the 5th is our Makeup primer! Sample Primer on back of guests’ hand or face: Vitamin-rich makeup primer visually diminishes fine lines and pores, creating a canvas for flawless makeup application.(It also helps your make-up stay on longer and it feels like silk!) Apply the primer after your moisturizer, before your foundation.)

  9. It’s time to outgrow aging… Before Arbonne introduced RE9 Advanced to us, they tested the products with clinical trials. Here are the results….. 83% reported increased skin firmness in 24hrs 92% reported a reduction in the appearance of fine lines within 1 week 96%reported a refinement in skin texture and smoothness within 1 week 100% would recommend RE9 Advanced to their friends and family The Company Arbonne used for the trials said that they had never received such high results from a skincare company before! Also, in our most recent clinical trials, Arbonne’s anti-aging out performed the leading dept. store brand and the leading Multi-Level Marketing brand! ANY QUESTIONS?

  10. (Quickly mention the other 2 product lines)Arbonne Essentials & Arbonne Cosmetics • These are two of Arbonne’s other amazing top-selling lines. Health & Beauty…inside and out! • Arbonne Essentials have: Nothing to Hide! • Formulated without gluten • NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners • NO cholesterol, saturated fats or trans fats • NO animal products • Share a little about Essential products displayed (protein powder, fizz sticks, chews, etc.) Our Healthy Living parties are very popular! Everyone gets to taste everything! Super fun! • Arbonne Cosmetics: Beauty with Benefits! • Optilight technology-designed to create a soft-focus affect-hiding flaws! • Breathable-feels like naked skin • Share about products displayed (primer, foundation, bronzer etc.) Our Make-up parties are super fun too! Everyone gets to use the skincare products then we all apply our make-up…one great product at a time ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THESE THREE PRODUCT LINES?

  11. Hand these out to each guest and review (laminated front and back)

  12. You are going to receive a catalogue in just a minute where you will see some of Arbonne’s other amazing product lines including our cosmetics, (& holiday line) which I have for you to see in the kitchen, that you can buy at a great discount if you decide to sign up to be a Preferred Client or Consultant.

  13. But 1st, Let’s see who won our games… 1.) Let’s draw from our client profile cards to see who won a free product! Congrats! ( have hostess or guest draw) 2.) Who has the most kisses? Wow! Lots of Q’s! Thanks! 3.) Now it’s time for Deal or No Deal! Take out your boxes I gave you earlier. If you think it would be fun to have a few friends over & have a party, you get to play Deal or No Deal! . The boxes you have contain SOMETHING that we’ve talked about tonight, so you know you’re getting amazing products. Now, open your box to say, “Deal! I will have a few friends over!” You + 2 or 3 makes a great party! Whose in? Or, you can take one of these $50 Arbonne bills and choose your own FREE product up to $50. The rewards for hosting an Arbonne party are amazing! Remember: • An average Arbonne party is about $500 in sales, so if that happens that means the hostess will earn $250 in products for only $50 (80% discount) + 1 Free product of her choice (up to $50) in addition to Free Shipping!!” If your party does less than $500, you still earn great rewards!!!! • (If guests hesitate, say, “OK, the first 2 people to open their box and say, “DEAL!” I will bring the snacks to your party! Who’s in? GREAT! Let’s see what you won! Awesome! I LOVE the……..! • Thanks for playing! That was fun! Let’s check our calendars before you leave to pick a date that works for both of us! • (Optional: if no-one books from Deal or No Deal, you can say, “If you are considering becoming a Preferred Client and buying the RE9 Advanced set, I will pay your $29 sign-up if you host a party for me THIS MONTH.”

  14. Hand out the Catalogues now! Now for the fun part. Let’s shop! Here are your catalogues and your applications to become a Preferred Client. I will be available to answer your questions and help you. My checkout area will be in the kitchen for those of you who need to head out! EVERYONE COME BY THE CHECKOUT TABLE. I HAVE SOMETHING FOR EACH OF YOU! Thank you so much for coming! This has been a blast! Thanks for all of the great questions! (Now, is a great time to approach the people that you were the most attracted to or showed interest in the business! Ask them if they heard anything about the business opportunity that intrigued them. Answer their questions, send them home with a packet of info and set up a time to meet one-on-one!) Also, approach each person individually about hosting a party. Maybe they decided to host after the Deal or No Deal game was over! (Don’t forget to call everyone who couldn’t make it to the party to ask them to try a sample and schedule a one-on-one appointment to talk a little more about the company and the products!!!) Next page…Trifecta Close

  15. Trifecta Close • On the kitchen table you have:Cosmetic Kit – with just foundations showing (do not have the color out or you will have problems moving the girls fast through the color match – reserve showing makeup as an incentive for them to book a makeover party with you).I have the FULL foundations – Rosy Beige, Natural Beige, and, Honey Beige. You can have more, if you like, but you will find these 3 make it fast easy and, most people can use these colors. • FIRST STACK: Sales Stack --- order forms, applications, pen, catalog. Help them place an order that is right for them and help them pick a foundation color. • SECOND STACK: Scheduling Stack ---Either your open date card with dates you are available or your calendar with open dates. Help Deal or No Deal players pick their date. Ask all others to consider hosting. • THIRD STACK – Sponsoring Stack ---- ARBONNE NOW Opportunity brochure with my business card stapled to it, tied with a PRETTY bow…..Hand each guest a brochure and ask them if they would meet with you to hear more about Arbonne’s income potential. • If you complete all of these 3 stacks, and, get each ---you have mastered the TRIFECTA!!!!!!! Now, just as any other system, sometimes, you will hit only a double or a single...because of the person. What this does, however, is creates a System in place so you are sure to ASK every single guest at your party to increase your chances of getting a new business builder, a future party and sales!