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WEL-COME. THE SUPREME INDUSTRIES LTD. GADEGAON Department: Quality Assurance Presented By: D. J. Salunkhe (DGM QA). Introduction & Brief History.

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Department: Quality Assurance

Presented By: D. J. Salunkhe (DGM QA)

introduction brief history
Introduction & Brief History

The Supreme group of companies established in the year 1966, and has cascaded in plastic processing. The further pages of this manual elaborate the profile of entire Supreme group of Industries. The Supreme group of Industries are located over 18 places on the national scenario, it has a unique vision of achieving the “Quality as per the Customers Requirement”. And enhance the same by continuously improving the customers satisfaction thereby forming an integral part of customer focus.

The Supreme Industries ltd – a Plastic piping system division of the Supreme Industries ltd., strictly adheres to the statutory and regulatory requirements related to both the product and process. The Supreme Industries ltd. has implemented an ISO 9001 QMS since year 2000 and it follows process of continual improvements to achieve its quality policy & quality objectives. The organization is basically engaged in the following manufacturing and supply activities.

1. Plastic (UPVC/CPVC) pipes from 15 mm to 450 mm diameter.

2. PPRc pipes from 20 mm to 160 mm.

3. HDPE / LDPE pipes from 12mm to 450mm diameter.

4. Plastic Injection moulded fittings for above pipes 20 mm to 200 mm diameter.

5. Plastic Hand made fittings for above pipes from 20 mm to 450 mm diameter.

6. U drain system & inspection chambers.

7. ASTM solvent weld system.

8. Casing pipes, Slotted pipes, Ribbed pipes, Cable duct pipe, Submersible pipes and Wavihole pipes.

9. Rain water Roof Gutters system.

10. Rotomolded products.

Most of the above products are marked with ISI mark for domestic market, similarly for export market, company is having moulds and dies to suit export market standards. Above products are made for Agriculture, potable water supply, SWR & drainage system, Plumbing, Borewell casing and submersible pipes, cable ducting pipes, pipes for Hot and Cold water application. The company is fully equipped to test the product as per national and international standards. The company is having well established processes to introduce new products in the market. New product developments are monitored, measured, analyzed and appropriate actions are taken to satisfy the customers need. New products are introduced based on customers demand or to cover potential market segments. Adequate documents, procedures, work instructions, quality plans, process flow diagrams are available to ensure that the organization is adhering to quality systems. To ensure all the above, management review meetings formal and informal are conducted as a part. For the new products along with adequate development work is carried out for improvement in the Quality of the product and new product development which are monitored, measured, analyzed and appropriate actions are initiated.

profile of the supreme ind ltd

The Supreme Industries Ltd. Gadegaon – is one of the leading processor of the plastic pipes with total capacity of over 176000 MT of plastics every year. One of the major processing capacity –PLASTIC FITTING DIVISION is located at Jalgaon, and it is having installed capacity of 23,000 MT Injection Moulded Fittings per year . The total 150 nos. of Injection Moulding machines are located at MIDC plot D 101/102 & 49 nos. of Injection Moulding machines are located at H-20 plot, backed by the 33 KV MSEB power & D.G. sets. New plastic pipe factory with 72 extruders are Located at Gadegaon Dist- Jalgaon backed by the 132 KV MSEB power & D.G. sets.

For world class technology and customer oriented products Supreme is having competent technical personnel and are proud to claim as the lowest cost Producer in the pipe industry. The Supreme brand is Recognized with associated high quality. The Supreme is having national / international distribution network with proximity of major Highways and Railways. It is backed by dynamic and resourceful marketing team, Committed Top Management to Ensure Customer satisfaction and continual growth of the Supreme. The Supreme is also having demanding export market and are competent to meet the International Market requirements.

quality control laboratory
Quality Control Laboratory

Lab Features -

  • Spacious & fully equipped laboratories for testing of PVC, CPVC, PPRC & HDPE pipes & raw materials.
  • World class testing equipments.
  • Availability of wide range of national & international product standards.
  • Competent technical staff.

Additional Test Facilities –

  • Methylene Chloride Bath – for gelation testing
  • TGA, DSC – for raw material & compound testing
  • 30 Ton Capacity Tensile Tester (Load bearing test) – for load carrying capacity of column pipe.
  • Torque Rheometer – for measurement of degradation, fusion & stability of compounds.
  • Accelerated weathering tester – for measurement of weather effect on pipe.
  • Scan O Lite – for differentiating pipe colour with master samples.
  • Liquid medium Impact test – for checking impact properties of pipes.
  • Modulus of Elasticity – for checking elastic properties of pipe.
  • Flexural Modulus – for checking flexibility of pipe.
  • HDT – for checking deflection temperature of pipe.
quality control
Quality Control

Below activities involved for maintaining product quality;

  • Raw material testing of every lot.
  • Inspection of brought out item on regular basis.
  • Online inspection of running product in every shift.
  • Finish product testing of each lot.
  • Pipe storage & yard management.
  • Pre-dispatch inspection.
  • Competitors pipe samples testing / analysis on monthly basis to maintain our product quality better than them.
  • Calibration of testing equipments on regular basis.
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Third party inspections for project orders.
  • BIS & Export license for PVC, CPVC, HDPE, PPR pipes.
  • Raw material & Product testing from outside laboratories .
quality control laboratory1
Quality Control Laboratory

Test Equipments (Lab-1) : -

quality control laboratory2
Quality Control Laboratory

Test Equipments (Lab-1) : -

quality control laboratory3
Quality Control Laboratory

Test Equipments (Lab-2) : -