Business customs i n egypt
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Business Customs I n Egypt. By: Sam Stilley 5 th Period 4/4/2011. Main Companies. Orascom Hotels & Resorts Delta textiles National Bank of Egypt Qarun Oil Company. Government Roles In Business.

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Business customs i n egypt

Business Customs In Egypt

By: Sam Stilley

5th Period


Main companies
Main Companies

  • Orascom Hotels & Resorts

  • Delta textiles

  • National Bank of Egypt

  • Qarun Oil Company

Government roles in business
Government Roles In Business

  • The government in Egypt regulates business trades and functions. The government does not control any businesses, but only regulates through them.

The official language
The Official Language

  • Arabic is the most common used language in business meetings.

  • If the guest does not speak any Arabic it is considered an insult towards to host of the event or meeting.

Work schedules
Work Schedules

  • The normal working hours for this country are the same just as in the U.S.

  • The hours are Monday-Friday 9A.M.- 5P.M.

Tips before going to egypt
Tips Before Going To Egypt

  • Be very clean

  • Well groomed

  • Do not discuss politics and religion

  • Business is very formal

Proper titles
Proper Titles

  • When consulting with a business man it is correct to address him as “Excellency” with as much formality as possible.

Business gifts entertaining
Business Gifts/Entertaining

  • Every meeting before any talk you should always start with greeting the person you are meeting with a gift. This is because back in the oldest days of Egypt a gift was the symbol for starting a meeting.

Proper greetings
Proper Greetings

  • When meeting a business consultant in Egypt it is only right to greet males with a hand shake, and women with a verbal greeting.

Business women in egypt
Business Women In Egypt

  • There are gender differences as far as appropriate behavior. The men believe in not a lot of eye contact with the women, otherwise it is considered intimacy. It is also looked down upon to shake a woman's hand in the business world.

U s customs v s egypt
U.S. Customs V.S. Egypt

  • It is considered offensive in Egypt: to motion with hand gestures, to take your feet off the ground, and addressing someone by “Mr.”