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spec@spec.co.kr spec.co.kr TEL : 02-561-9001 F AX : 02-561-9002

spec@spec.co.kr http://www.spec.co.kr TEL : 02-561-9001 F AX : 02-561-9002. Introduction of SPEC. Rev.10. SPEC is. SPEC merged KTL and QCPE (Quality Control Professional Engineers) culture. SPEC has dream and future, and do our best social responsibility as sound C.B.

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spec@spec.co.kr spec.co.kr TEL : 02-561-9001 F AX : 02-561-9002

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  1. spec@spec.co.kr http://www.spec.co.kr TEL : 02-561-9001 FAX : 02-561-9002 Introduction of SPEC Rev.10

  2. SPEC is.. • SPEC merged KTL and QCPE (Quality Control Professional Engineers) culture. • SPEC has dream and future, and do our best social responsibility as sound C.B. • SPEC will be your successful business partner for management system and product certification.

  3. Company history 1998. 01. 24 : Established LTD company 1998. 07. 01 : Pointed as CB of ISO 9001 (KAB-QC-18) 1999. 12. 21 : Pointed as CB of ISO 14001 (KAB-EC-08) 2002. 04. 27 : Join the certification work with NQA 2002. 08. 15 : Office moved to Guro 3-dong 2002. 11. 16 : Registered section office of KPEA 2002. 12. 02 : Named into SPEC certification Ltd 2006. 11. 01 : Pointed as CB of ISO 22000 (KAB-FC-04) 2007. 06. 01 : KTL is merged into SPEC SPEC KTL 1966. 04. 13 : Established LTD company 1979. 04. 01 : Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials === “omitted” ==== 1994. 02. : Pointed as CB of ISO 9001(KAB-QC-02) 1996. 10. : Pointed as CB of ISO 14001 (KAB-EC-03) 1997. 12. : Pointed as CB of QS 9000 1999. 03. 05 : Transfer to KTL 2002. 12. : Pointed as CB of TL 9000 2007. 06. 01 : Transfer the Management System Department into SPEC 2007.06.01 Named into SPK Certification Ltd 2007.06.22 Registered lifelong education organization 2007.09.10 Approved the remote control training organization 2007.11.22 Registered Taiwan BSMI (09600136561) 2010.04.09 Changed the company name into SPEC

  4. Certification business scope • By International and Nation Standard. • management System Certification • product Certification • Edu-Business which is related with Management and Technology

  5. Management Policy • SPEC consider the clients first. • SPEC discharge the responsibility of certification in society • SPEC progress together with clients. • SPEC think of the clients one more time.

  6. Managing with Quality Control Professional Engineer Audit by Professional Engineerwho is specialized in each industrial sector Symmetry technique with Management tools Focus on customer competitive power In terms of Quality & Environmental Management system, Using the best Professional Engineer who have lots of experience in science technology Keynote of SPEC

  7. Issuing the certification • Above counting is included the actual result of SPEC (2010.6.30) • Excluded the actual result of NQA which is above 200.(TS 16949 , ISO 13485 & OHSAS 18000,..)

  8. SPEC’s Interest Party Set up the total CB with client, which can give fully trust in System and Product Certificate SigmaXL PIMS NQA FDX

  9. Organization Chart C.E.O The Steering Committee Quality Control Professional Engineer Association Quality Management Professional Engineer Planning Dep. Factory Management Professional Engineer Certification Dep. Verification Dep. Training Dep. Effective and efficiency Organization system for the trust

  10. Control and Secure the best Human resources per specialized sector Using the Professional Engineerof each industrial sector for audit Reinforce the internal power by using being advanced audit skill Reconsider the competitive of company with ability audit Managing the best Professional Engineerwho have lots of experience in science technology as auditor keynote of SPEC recourse

  11. The keynote of Audit • Supplying the discriminative service • Involve Professional Engineer over 2 auditors team • Perform the Stage I on site • Focus on customer competitive • Emphasis on the effectiveness and efficiency • Integration and process approach

  12. 2011 Operation Policy Improved customer service satisfaction by deeply understanding Changed the organization structure for effective communication Increased performance level from valuable information Embark to overseas certification Detail Plan ☞ Establish network for customer information ☞Quicklyresponse of customer needs/expectation ☞Computerization for certification activities ☞Activize organization from structured communication ☞Carry out valuable activity ☞Embark to Kazakhstan, Taiwan and Mongolia

  13. SPEC Auditor Resource ISO 27001 2 auditors QMS 40 auditors EMS 20 auditors FSMS 7auditors HACCP 2 auditors OHSAS 18001 3 auditors T/S 16949 12 auditors

  14. NQACert Service • Total CB for Management System • Quality Management System (ISO 9001) • Environment Management System (ISO 14001) • Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001) • Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) • Medical Device -- Quality Management System (ISO 13485) • Aerospace -- Quality Management System (AS 9100) • Automotive Production and relevant service part organization (ISO /TS 16949) • Production Cert • CE • HACCP • BRC-CP, BRC-FOOD

  15. Training • RAB QSA & IRCA COURSE • Lead Auditor Course • Internal Auditor Course • HACCP Course • Enhance the trust of Training with RAB QSA & IRCA • Above Training course focus on role play and practical exercise

  16. Soft ware for certification • Sigma XL • PIMS • Process innovation management system • CPM • Certification process management

  17. Introduction for Sigma XL Introducing Sigma XL Powerful User-Friendly. Used by Motorola University and other leading consultants. Cost-Effective. Priced at $249, Sigma XL is a fraction of the cost of any major statistical product, yet it has all the functionality most professionals need. Quantity, Educational, and Training discounts are available. • visit www.spec.co.kr for more information about Sigma XL

  18. Why Sigma XL ? Measure, Analyze, and Control your Manufacturing, Service, or Transactional Process. An add-in to the already familiar Microsoft Excel, making it a great tool for Lean Six Sigma training. Used by Motorola University and other leading consultants. Sigma XL is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for Quality and Business Professionals. Used by Industry Graduated School of Kyung-Ki University and Six Sigma MBA course of Seo-Kyung University.

  19. Sigma XL Statistical Tools P-values turn red when results are significant (p-value < alpha) Descriptive Statistics including Anderson-Darling Normality test, Skewness and Kurtosis with p-values 1 Sample t-test and confidence intervals Paired t-test, 2 Sample t-test 2 Sample Comparison Tests One-Way ANOVA and Means Matrix Two-Way ANOVA Equal Variance Tests Correlation Matrix Multiple Linear Regression Binary and Ordinal Logistic Regression Chi-Square Test (Stacked Column data and Two-Way Table data) Nonparametric Tests Power and Sample Size Calculators Power and Sample Size Charts

  20. Illustrate for Process Capability report

  21. Introduction for PIMS • Provide sector Business process Model • Provide process approach Modeler BPM Groupware • Electric Documentation and Records control • mail and schedule control • KPI control • Monitoring and Analysis for KPI KPI • Contract and Project control and monitoring • Role / Responsibility Arrangement and scheduling Project control • Knowledge / information management • Security Information

  22. 문서/기록의 출력, 바인딩, 복사/ 배포, • 수발신, 개정관리, 이력관리 등 불필요 • File Box, Folder, 서가/서고, 공간, • 반출입, 보존 등의 업무 감소 • 원격지(현장,지사 등)에서도 업무 • 파악 가능, 업무 수행 자동화 실현 • 첨단통신 기술(Wibro)을 활용한 업무 • 접근 및 운영 가능 1 2 Paperless Office Easy Access 하드카피 문서/기록의 80% 감소 업무장소에 무관한 문서 열람/활용 PIMS BPM (Based 100% Web) • 프로젝트에 대한 실시간 업무 수행과 • 진행상태의 모니터링/통제 • 업무 부하를 고려한 업무분배, 지시, • 수행상태 등의 조정 가능 • 프로세스 기반을 통한 업무분장의 • 명확화로 중복/누락 업무 방지 • 부서별/개인별 담당 업무분장에 의한 • 업무 전개의 명확화 가능 4 Real-Time Control 3 Clear Job 실시간 업무 현황 파악 및 진행관리 부서/개인별 업무분장의 명확화 Effectiveness for PIMS BPM adoption

  23. Address : 407 Ho, Ace Techno Tower 5th, #197-22, Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel : 02-561-9001 Fax : 02-561-9002 E-mail : spec@spec.co.kr Homepage : http://www.spec.co.kr We will promise our best responsibility for your choice. THE END

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