measuring outreach effectiveness
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Measuring Outreach Effectiveness

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Measuring Outreach Effectiveness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Measuring Outreach Effectiveness. Web4Dev – November 2006 Alex McKenzie - [email protected] Knowledge & Evaluation Capacity Development Independent Evaluation Group – World Bank. Key Points:. Share IEGWB’s approach for aligning web/online practice with mandate and business strategy

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measuring outreach effectiveness

Measuring Outreach Effectiveness

Web4Dev – November 2006

Alex McKenzie - [email protected]

Knowledge & Evaluation Capacity Development

Independent Evaluation Group – World Bank

key points
Key Points:
  • Share IEGWB’s approach for aligning web/online practice with mandate and business strategy
  • Share our experience running several outreach campaigns, discuss metrics
  • Measuring effectiveness and impact
  • Would appreciate hearing about your own experience and/or feedback
business strategy
Business Strategy
  • IEG is an independent unit that assesses the effectiveness of World Bank Group’s interventions
  • Well regarded for its evaluation capabilities and reports
  • Combines Accountability & Learning
  • “To be effective, IEG want’s to be an influential and reliable source of knowledge”
  • New Outreach and Communications Strategy:
      • Target key audiences
      • Embed outreach throughout the evaluation process
      • Accelerate learning, encourage utilization
      • Measure results
  • Decided on a campaign-based approach, 10 to 12 major evaluation products per year.
  • Multi-pronged outreach campaigns: media, print, online, in-person, translations, etc.
  • Piloted many new ideas, mainstreamed what worked
key audiences
Key Audiences
  • Systematic effort to identify audiences has led to two sets: “core” & campaign-specific (specialists)
    • Identify decision-makers & influencers
    • Identify key network nodes
  • Evolving audience criteria: from “static” classifications, to others based on opportunity or time-sensitive demand
  • Customize products to audience whenever economically feasible (e.g. conference CDROMs, translations, etc.)
measuring results
Measuring Results
  • Results-Based Management causal chain
measuring results causal chain
Measuring Results – Causal Chain

Source: “Strengthening EAP’s Results Orientation”, April 2004

measuring results outcomes
Measuring Results - Outcomes
  • Intermediate Outcomes: perception survey* of IEG evaluation products, covering:
      • Readership
      • Quality
      • Influence on Bank processes and policies (similar for external clients)
      • Utilization
  • Annual Review of Operations Evaluation (AROE) 2006, to be released in November/December.

*Source: IEG’s Annual Review of Operations Evaluation (AROE). See

measuring results outcomes13
Measuring Results - Outcomes
  • Survey targeted individuals defined as intended audience: 4285 internal (WBG) and 2759 external contacts. Results are indicative for respondents (22%) but are not generalizable to population
measuring results survey implications
Measuring Results – Survey Implications
  • IEG provides good services to its main client, the Board. External audiences are also highly satisfied with the quality of IEG evaluations and considered them to be influential.
  • However external audiences would like IEG to broaden its external consultation during evaluations.
  • Bank staff see IEG products useful with deepening their understanding of a given subject.
  • However they don’t see them as useful in day-to-day work. IEG needs to focus on influencing ongoing and future operations.
measuring results survey implications21
Measuring Results – Survey Implications
  • All audiences suggest:
    • High value placed on timeliness to provide information when decisions need to be made
    • Deepening analysis through more consultation and attention to context
    • Focus on operational value of findings
  • A call for action for IEG’s outreach program
    • 4-page briefs
    • Customized “findings” brief, upstream, via email
    • More use of non-print media
    • Balance “lecturer” approach with conversations
thoughts going forward
Thoughts Going Forward
  • "What information consumes is rather obvious; it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence, a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention."

Herbert Simon, Nobel laureate

your experience feedback
Your Experience/Feedback
  • What has worked in your organization? (audience analysis; relevance/timeliness; measuring outputs, outcomes, impacts, etc.)
  • Choices related to channels? High quality content vs. open/collaborative models
  • Outreach models used? Worthwhile consultants & advice?
  • What challenges do you see ahead?