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CONSTRUCTED FEATURES. Historic Places in New Brunswick. Province of New Brunswick. Can you find where you live in our province?. Province of New Brunswick. No matter where you live in our province, you will find examples of different types of constructed features.

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constructed features


Historic Places in New Brunswick

Province of New Brunswick

Can you find where you live in our province?

province of new brunswick
Province of New Brunswick
  • No matter where you live in our province, you will find examples of different types of constructed features.
  • What constructed features are there in your community?
jones house kings landing historical settlement
Jones HouseKings Landing Historical Settlement
  • Buildings are one type of constructed feature.
  • Many buildings in our province are an important part of our history.
  • They may be historic places.

Mazerolle House

Acadian Historic Village

124 church street moncton
124 Church Street, Moncton
  • This historic place is a house that was built in 1911.
  • It is located in the city of Moncton and is made of wood and stone.
  • Are there any homes in your community that look like this?
  • How are they like this historic place? How are they different?
105 grover street woodstock
105 Grover Street Woodstock
  • This house was built in 1834 in the town of Woodstock.
  • It is called Hazen House after the man who built it.
  • This house overlooks the St. John River and is recognized as the oldest

house in the town.

  • What is the oldest building in the community where you live?
carter house kingston historic district
Carter House Kingston Historic District
  • Some historic places are located in the


  • Carter house is located on the Kingston

Peninsula. It was built in 1810.

  • How many of you live in the countryside?
  • Are there buildings like this one in your

community? Try to find out when they

were built.

riverside consolidated school riverside albert
Riverside Consolidated SchoolRiverside-Albert
  • Some historic places are schools.
  • This school is located in Riverside-Albert.
  • It was constructed in 1905 and is built of wood.
  • It has three levels with the school gym on the top floor.
  • How is this school similar to your school? How is it different?
st andrew s and st david s church rexton
St. Andrew’s and St. David’s Church Rexton
  • Churches are another type of

constructed building in our province.

  • There are many historic churches in

New Brunswick.

  • This church was built in 1859 in


  • The church can hold 850 people and

there are three balconies inside.

  • What is the largest religious building in or near your community?
old ganong candy factory st stephen
Old Ganong Candy Factory St. Stephen
  • Some historic buildings are factories where people made or built things.
  • The Old Ganong Candy Factory was built in St. Stephen in 1873 to make candy.
  • The Ganong family became famous for their chocolates.
  • Today, St. Stephen is known as Canada’s chocolate town and the old factory is a chocolate museum.
  • Are there any old factory buildings in your community?
commercial palace saint john
Commercial Palace Saint John
  • This large building is located in Saint John.
  • It was built between 1877 and 1881 after the Great Saint John Fire of 1877.
  • This building is constructed of bricks and stone. Why do you think these materials were used?
  • This building has four levels and was used as a store.
  • Are there any historic buildings in your community that were stores?
mcadam cpr railway station
McAdam CPR Railway Station
  • Railway stations are another type of historic place in New Brunswick.
  • This train station was built in McAdam between 1900 and 1901 as part of the Canadian Pacific Railway line across Canada.
  • Because so many people traveled by train, this station was also a hotel. The people of McAdam have raised money to save and restore this station.
  • Are there historic buildings in your community that you would like to save?
  • How can you help to save them?