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Corporate Ownership

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Corporate Ownership. How can so few control so much? Meeting 3. Transnational Media Myths. Mega corporations operate in most or all world markets Operate in preferred markets Bias toward home market 2. Companies are monolithic in approach

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corporate ownership

Corporate Ownership

How can so few control so much?

Meeting 3

transnational media myths
Transnational Media Myths
  • Mega corporations operate in most or all world markets
  • Operate in preferred markets
  • Bias toward home market

2. Companies are monolithic in approach

  • Corporate culture reflects founder or owner and business mission
cross media ownership
Cross-Media Ownership
  • Share news information
  • Cross-licensing and marketing
  • Bulk-buying & group discounts
  • Sharing resources
  • Discounts to advertisers with package buys
  • Shared distribution efficiencies
american multimedia giants
American Multimedia Giants

American companies have: highest revenue, encourage US tastes with advertising

  • AOL-Time Warner largest worldwide
  • Disney owns ABC radio/TV ad ESPN
  • Viacom owns CBS radio/TV, MTV, Blockbuster
more giants
More Giants
  • News Corporation has FOX, 20th Century Fox, STA TV (Asia), BSkyB (Europe); controlled by Rupert Merdock.
  • General Electric owns NBC (CNBC, MSNBC), European & Asian cable TV
hollywood and ny corporations
Hollywood and NY Corporations
  • Operate in English, the language of largest global segment of media outlets
  • Access to substantial fiscal resources
  • Purchase US made programming
  • Access to talent, producers, writers, directors
aol time warner
AOL-Time Warner
  • US core nation influencing all other cores
  • Merger part of Internet revolution
  • Properties (CNN, Warner Brothers, HBO, cable, music, Time Inc, Turner Ent.,New Line cinema, Cartoon network)
  • Records (150 retail outlets, 30 Asian stores)
  • Artists (Cher, Faith Hill, Madonna, AC/DC, Bare Naked Ladies)
  • Gained 35% of US broadcast market with CBS purchase in 2000
  • Includes 38 TV stations, 163 radio, 13 Internet companies
  • Controls Paramount’s 2500 title library, 33% United International pictures
  • MTV,Nickelodian,VH1,Nick at Night, BET, Showtime
  • Simon Schuster publishing @ 2400 titles/year
  • Blockbuster’s 6000 stores
  • Feature films
  • Part owner of A&E cable, History channel, E!Entertainment and E! Online
  • Disney TV International
  • Disney Channel
  • ESPN’s Lifetime and SoapNet
  • Theme parks (France, Japan, Hong Kong)
  • ABC news, sport, sitcoms, quizshows
general electric
General Electric
  • NBC’s holdings (network, news, sports, entertainment, cable, interactive)
  • Network Today Show, Friends, West Wing dominate ratings.
  • CNBC, MSNBC news and business
  • Many firsts: Stereo, color broadcast, made for TV movies, morning news, online/ digital broadcasts
  • 8th largest worldwide
  • Liberty Media Group (Discovery, Encore, USA cable channels, TV Guide)
  • 25% Telemundo Hispanic TV network
  • 25% Excite at home (Internet provider)
non us giants
Non-US Giants
  • Bertelsmann German group in 60 countries
  • 4th largest worldwide
  • Music Group has 14% world market; owns Arista Records, BUGjuice, Sonopress CDs
  • Internet entertainment (Game Channel, Sport 1)
  • Radio & TV throughout Europe
  • Pixelpark digital brand communications
vivendi universal
Vivendi Universal
  • French, 7th largest
  • Universal Studios, UMG Records in US
  • Major pay TV operator in Europe
  • Partnership with Seagram’s Universal Studios, Universal Music Group
  • Netherlands-based
  • 9th largest worldwide
  • Publishing (AdWeek, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter), TV, film production, music, Internet services, TV ratings (Neilson Media)
  • Japanese based
  • 6th largest worldwide
  • Owns CBS records, Columbia Pictures
  • Investor in Telemundo, produces telenovelas in prime time
  • Music division (Michael Bolton)
  • Film & TV shows (Good as it Gets, Wheel of Fortune)
  • Multiplexes (Metreone in SF, Tokyo, Berlin)
news corporation
News Corporation
  • Australian based, 5th worldwide
  • International empire of media, technology, and sports franchises
  • Owns LA Dodgers, LA Lakers, Kings hockey, Madison Sq. Garden (pt. Owner NY Rangers & Knicks, National Rugby League
  • Fox Network, 20th Cent, Harper/Collins, NY Times, TV Guide, Festival Records
  • Ownership shows connection between sports and mass media
  • Ever-increasing role that non-US media stakeholders are playing in global communication