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Doing Business with the NASA Johnson Space Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Doing Business with the NASA Johnson Space Center

Doing Business with the NASA Johnson Space Center

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Doing Business with the NASA Johnson Space Center

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  1. Doing Business with the NASA Johnson Space Center Meeting with the Port of Houston Small Business Forum November, 2007 Nancy Liounis JSC Industry Assistance Office

  2. JSC OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT Debra L. Johnson, Director Jeffrey M. Cullen, Deputy Director Lawrence A. Kenyon, Acting Deputy Director Laura G. Pepper, Acting Associate Director Connie R. Pritchard, Labor Relations Officer 5/01/07 White Sands Test Facility Delene Sedillo Space Station Procurement Office K. Autry, Acting ManagerJ. Trahan, Acting Deputy Projects Procurement Office D. Sedillo, ManagerG. DellaLonga,Deputy Institutional Procurement Office T. Baugh, ManagerM. Kincaid,Deputy Exploration Systems Procurement Office J. Garcia, ManagerH. Baker,Deputy Space Shuttle Procurement Office R. LaBrier, ManagerL. Phillips,Deputy Procurement Policy and Systems Office G. Skowron, ManagerB. Autry,Deputy Industry Assistance & Small Business Programs Nancy Liounis—Lead, Data Systems & Industry Assistance Monica Craft—Small Business Specialist Cheryl Harrison—Small Business Specialist Barbara Kirkland—Industry Assistance Officer Charles Williams—Small Business Specialist & Technical Advisor

  3. JSC Small Business Accomplishments • In FY07, JSC met our total small business goal and every mandated subcategory goal • Other JSC SB accomplishments: • Obligated over $225 million on contracts with small businesses, including $130 million to SDBs and another $82 million to veteran-owned businesses • Last year, our prime contractors obligated almost $400 million to small businesses • $305 million contract for facility operations at NASA’s White Sands Test Facility was awarded to an SDB • Small and minority businesses are performing integral parts of the International Space Station Program technical and mission integration work, under 5-year contracts totaling $348 million.

  4. Best Sources of Information for companies seeking business with NASA/JSC • The NASA Acquisition Internet Service get email notifications when NASA is posting or updating procurement opportunities • JSC’s Office of Procurement home page web pages for ongoing procurements, the FY08 Acquisition Forecast (of upcoming procurements), news & info of interest to small businesses, link to NASA Office of Small Business Programs for agency-wide procurement opportunities, listing of JSC prime contractors with subcontracting opportunities.

  5. The JSC Small Business Roundtable JSC has instituted a Small Business Roundtable, to facilitate working with the small business community. Its goals: • Increase small business access to JSC • Engage small business community into JSC procurement opportunities. • Understand small business issues/concerns, and work to a joint resolution • Create a self-mentoring forum—enable mentor/protégé relationships between established small businesses and companies new to the JSC community • Foster a networking forum for small businesses

  6. A Few Tips for Marketing Strategies • Federal Business Opportunities: Single Government point-of-entry for Federal Government Procurement Opportunities: • NASA Opportunities: • NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) • Search Feature allows you to type in List of Contractors • Acquisition Forecasts with points of contact • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests: • • (NASA generally posts existing contracts on their Acquisition Websites}

  7. Participate in Market Research - Collecting and analyzing information pertaining to companies’ capabilities, established practices, size, etc., used in Government’s development of acquisition strategy. • Central Contractor Registration (CCR): - Ensure • you are registered -- the Government uses this system as one of • our tools in conducting market research. • Requests for Information (RFI) - Be sure to assess your firm’s • capabilities in light of the potential solicitation before sending in any • requested information such as capabilities statements and provide • more than just a one-liner in response to RFI requests. • It’s important to respond to these—that’s what we use to make decisions on small business set-asides and on subcontracting goals! • Learn about FPDS-NG - (Federal Procurement Data System—Next Generation; the government-wide listing of all contract actions). Search out contracts in your area of expertise which are due to expire in the next 12-24 months, begin researching the marketplace and developing teaming arrangements.

  8. MORE MARKETING STRATEGY TIPS • Look closely at the Government Synopses/Solicitations for additional opportunities to communicate with the Government and the Contracting Officer. • Ask to be put on any “Interested Parties Lists” • One-on-One Meetings with the Government (CO & Technical) • Industry Day and pre-registration • Pre-proposal Conferences and pre-registration • Site Visits and pre-registration • Note: Procurement teams will tell you if they can’t answer • the question, but if you don’t ask, you have already assumed it • can’t be answered.

  9. JSC Procurement Points of Contact JSC Small Business Specialists • Monica Craft (281) 483-4134 • Cheryl Harrison (281) 483-3734 • Chuck Williams (281) 483-5933 Email: Or, contact our support contractor, Synergy Management Solutions, at 281-201-1551, for an informative intro of JSC procurement practices