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Virtual Virginia

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Virtual Virginia EDC Online Professional Development for Online Instructors Presented by: Cathy Cheely Director of Virtual Virginia Virtual Virginia Goal and Challenges

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Virtual Virginia

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virtual virginia
Virtual Virginia


Online Professional Development for Online Instructors

Presented by: Cathy Cheely

Director of Virtual Virginia


Virtual Virginia

Goal and Challenges

The goal is to develop and provide a quality online professional development program for beginning and experienced faculty and staff.

  • Challenges include:
  • Scarcity of highly qualified experienced instructors
    • Few pre-service programs for potential teachers
    • Little or no training in traditional academic training programs
    • Lack of knowledge of online pedagogy
    • Lack of experience in online work environment
  • Full time and adjunct faculty with different needs
  • Understanding of Virtual Virginia’s mission and standards
  • Best practices are evolving as new research influences the direction of online education
  • Others….

Virtual Virginia


  • Professional development program based on Standards for Online
  • Professional Development from SREB
  • Standards for Quality Online Teaching
  • All efforts lead to the development of a strong and inclusive learning community

Virtual Virginia

The W’s

  • What: Professional Development for Virtual Virginia
  • Who: Everyone!
    • Everyone participates in professional development activities including the Virtual Virginia administrators, support staff and faculty
    • Training is also provided for those in the schools who work with the program including the building level counselors and mentors
      • Online modules and handbooks as well as f2f sessions upon request.
  • Where: Virtual and F2F

Virtual Virginia

The W’s

  • When: Professional development begins with the interview and is a continuous process
  • What:
    • A varied menu of professional development activities that are timely, need based and related to the Virtual Virginia mission of serving students in the Commonwealth.
    • Data driven (based on student and school survey results and student achievement)
    • Research based (does it work and is it making a difference in improved performance?)
    • Collaborative – promotes sharing and working together to achieve goals of Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia

Mission Control

  • Content area - All reference documents, forms and how-to’s
  • Tricks of the Trade – A place for colleagues to seek and to offer general instructional support as well as discuss best practices for online learning
  • Faculty Bulletin Board - A place to share non-instructional news with your colleagues
  • News Articles of Interest - This is a place to post news articles either in print or online that may be of interest to the online learning world
  • Department Forums – Science, Social Studies, English/Humanities, World Languages
  • Book Forum - Seven Habits discussions

Virtual Virginia

Mission Control

“I am in these two worlds every day...and I can't help comparing the two...but I love having these articles and being a part of such a group that spends this much time on reading and taking these issues seriously - something like this would not happen in a f2f school, I think.  At least not like this.  I do not mean to diss f2f organizations by saying this.  But it feels pretty revolutionary!  Vive la revolution!”

(Adjunct French instructor who also teaches in traditional school)


Virtual Virginia

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