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Tips for Green Living

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Tips for Green Living - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips for Green Living Dina Barnese Information Technology Services Green – The New Buzz Word Green Living: A lifestyle intended to ensure that one's impact on the environment and personal health is as minimal (or as positive) as possible Because , after all, we only have one Earth

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tips for green living

Tips for Green Living

Dina Barnese

Information Technology Services

green the new buzz word
Green – The New Buzz Word

Green Living: A lifestyle intended to ensure that one's impact on the environment and personal health is as minimal (or as positive) as possible

Because, after all, we only have one Earth

facts junk mail
Facts – Junk Mail
  • 100 million trees
  • Heat for 250,000 homes with one day’s supply
  • 4 million tons delivered each year
tip reduce paper junk mail
Tip – Reduce Paper Junk Mail




  • Sign up with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
  • Visit Junkbusters to learn how to remove your address from other lists!
  • Call the catalog company
benefits of reducing junk mail
Benefits of Reducing Junk Mail
  • Reduce paper demand
  • Reduce fossil fuel usage and carbon emissions
    • Paper production
    • Delivery
  • Reduce hassle!
  • Save time!
facts plastic shopping bags
Facts – Plastic Shopping Bags
  • 500 billion to 1 trillion per year = one million per minute
  • 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually = $4 Billion
  • Animals eat discarded bags. They die.
  • Plastic bags photodegrade
tip avoid plastic shopping bags
Tip – Avoid Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Only getting an item or two? Carry them without a bag
  • Get some reusable cloth shopping bags
    • Keep them in the car
    • A great habit to get the kids into
  • Reuse plastic shopping bags
  • Recycle (Albertson’s, New Frontiers)
benefits of reducing plastic shopping bag use
Benefits of Reducing Plastic Shopping Bag Use
  • Reduce litter
  • Reduce animal deaths
  • Reduce environmental toxins
  • Reduce fossil fuel usage

Save $$ - some stores give a discount if you BYOB!

facts our food travels far
Facts – Our Food Travels Far!
  • Average distance is 1500 to 2500 miles
  • Even further? New Zealand, Chile, Costa Rica
tip buy local regional foods
Tip – Buy Local/Regional Foods
  • Buy as locally as possible (choose a Washington apple over a NZ apple)
  • Join the Flagstaff Community Supported Agriculture program
  • Shop at the Flagstaff Community Market during the summer months
  • Buy regional honey, tortillas, corn products, green chiles, etc.
benefits of buying local foods
Benefits of Buying Local Foods
  • Support local economy $$
  • Support local environment
  • Reduce oil usage
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Know what you are consuming
facts hazardous waste
Facts – Hazardous Waste
  • Types of waste
    • Corrosive
      • Battery acid
    • Toxic
      • Pesticides, cleaning products, paints
    • Ignitable
      • charcoal lighter fluid, nail polish remover.
    • Reactive
      • Ooooo, scary!
tip use the city of flagstaff hpc
Tip – Use the City of Flagstaff HPC
  • City of Flagstaff Household Hazardous Waste Program
  • HPC Drop and Swap
benefits of the hhwp at the hpc
Benefits of the HHWP at the HPC
  • A safe place to dispose of hazardous products
  • FREE paint, garden chemicals, household chemicals, etc.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle – saves you $$
facts light bulbs
Facts- Light Bulbs
  • Incandescent bulbs lose energy through heat
  • Lighting consumes 22% of the electrical power generated in the U.S. 
tip use cfls or leds
Tip – Use CFLs or LEDs
  • Spend the extra $$ for a CFL
  • Replace with LEDs for even more savings
  • Replace Holiday lights with LEDs for significant energy savings
benefits of cfl led
Benefits of CFL & LED
  • CFL
    • Last 10 times longer and provide equivalent light
    • Use 75 percent less energy
  • LED
    • Low power consumption
    • Long life span
  • Both save $$
facts disposables
Facts – Disposables
  • 64 billion paper cups and plates are thrown away
  • 73 billion styrofoam cups and plates are thrown away
  • 190 billion plastic containers & bottles are landfilled or incinerated
tip bring your own
Tip – Bring Your Own
  • Coffee shop? Travel mug.
  • Keep a plate, bowl, mug and set of utensils at work
  • Be really radical – bring your own take-home container when you go out to eat
benefits of bringing your own
Benefits of Bringing Your Own
  • Less trash for the landfill
  • Less use of oil (styrofoam) and trees (paper products)
  • Save $$ - local coffee shops give a discount when you bring your own mug (Late for the Train, Macys, Campus Coffee Bean)
facts on bottled water
Facts on Bottled Water
  • 150 billion liters of bottled water per year
  • Very high fossil fuel usage
  • Toxins in the water?
tips for bottled water
Tips for Bottled Water
  • Keep a water bottle at work, take to meetings
  • Traveling? Fill a few water bottles and put them in a cooler.
  • Check city water quality online

Use Your Own

benefits of avoiding bottled h2o
Benefits of Avoiding Bottled H2O
  • Less plastic usage
  • Less fossil fuel usage; thus less carbon emissions
  • Possible health benefits
  • Save $$ - bottled water is expensive!
  • Junk mail stats:
    • Direct Marketing Association:
    • Junkbusters:
  • Plastic bag stats:
    • Purchase reusable plastic pags:
  • Food travel stats:
    • Flagstaff Community Supported Agriculture program:
    • Flagstaff Community Market:
  • Hazardous Waste stats:
    • City of Flagstaff Hazardous Products Center:
  • Light Bulb Stats:
    • One Billion Bulbs:
  • Disposables stats-
  • Bottled Water stats -
other resources
Other Resources
  • The Green Guide –
  • The 100 Mile Diet -
  • Slow Food USA -
  • LED Holiday Lights -
  • Reusable Bags –
  • Earth 911 -
  • SIGG Swiss Engineered Water Bottles –
  • Engines Off Campaign -
  • A special thanks to:
    • NAU Bookstore
    • New Frontiers Natural Marketplace
    • City of Flagstaff Hazardous Products Center