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The NASA Academy

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The NASA Academy. What are you doing this summer?. Agenda. What is the NASA Academy? Who am I? What did I do at the Academy? How did this experience effect me? How can you support the NASA Academy?. NASA Academy Introduction. Research

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the nasa academy

The NASA Academy

What are you doing this summer?

  • What is the NASA Academy?
  • Who am I?
  • What did I do at the Academy?
  • How did this experience effect me?
  • How can you support the NASA Academy?
nasa academy introduction
NASA Academy Introduction
  • Research
    • cutting edge research and development projects in science and technology
    • Center Directorís Discretionary Funded proposals
    • Research Associates paired with Principal Investigators
  • Discovery
    • Lectures from leaders in science, technology, policy, and NASA administration
    • Field trips to NASA and industry facilities
  • Space Grant pays travel and stipend (usually $3k to $4k)
  • Participating NASA Center pays for food, lodging, and programmatic costs
research emphasis
Research Emphasis
  • Ames:
  • Astrobiology
  • Goddard:
  • Earth Science
  • Space Science
  • Technology
  • Dryden:
  • Aeronautics
  • Marshall:
  • Transportation Systems
  • Microgravity
professional background
Professional Background
  • Education
    • The University of Texas at El Paso
    • Mechanical Engineering- graduating ë99
  • Experience
    • NASA JSC Co-op since 1996
      • currently on work tour in Advanced Life Support
      • previous tours in Aircraft Operations and Power Systems
    • FAST Center for Structural Integrity of Aerospace Systems - Research Assistant
personal background
Personal Background
  • Born in Chicago, IL, raised in El Paso, TX
  • Recently married to college sweetheart, Annie
  • Musically inclined- play guitar, piano, and trombone
  • Enjoy cooking, gardening, running, and playing with greyhound named Argos
  • Crazy about Space!
research background
Research Background
  • The Next Generation Space Telescope will replace Hubble by 2007
  • Goals
    • achieve 16 times the light collecting power...
    • for the cost of one Shuttle Servicing mission
    • andÖ be able to actively change the shape of the mirror!
  • Light-weight deployable mirrors are the only feasible solution
research problem
Research Problem
  • Mirror segments and the mirror surface itself must be positioned with nanometer resolution to focus correctly
  • Traditional actuators arenít reliable in the space environment at the cryogenic temperatures required for the optics
results of research
Results of Research
  • Innovative Lorentz Force Meander Motor concept was studied during the summer
  • Detailed design and analysis conducted by student indicate that the device will have advantages over traditional electric motors
  • Several ìspin-offî ideas resulted from synergy between student and mentor
  • At least one patent currently being written by student to be shared with mentor
the academy experience
The Academy Experience
  • Frequent visits to Headquarters to meet with top NASA administrators
  • Other government speakers from the White House, the Pentagon, and the FAA
  • Field trips to Kennedy Space Center, Langley Research Center, Orbital Sciences, and more
  • Lectures from Goddard scientists, engineers, and managers
the camaraderie
The Camaraderie
  • Research Assistants eat, sleep, work, and play together
  • Group project: A proposal for a low-cost lunar spacecraft was completed
  • Life-long friendships built with enthusiastic people who share a passion for space
  • Keep in touch by email and the NASA Academy Alumni Association:

what did i take home
What did I take home?
  • Lived the dream! Total immersion in NASA and the space world
  • Renewed thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for scientific endeavors
  • Innovation as a way of life - how to apply creativity to difficult problems
  • Direction in graduate studies and future career
what next
What next?
  • Graduate in May, 1999- spend summer in Europe
  • Graduate study in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on design
  • Possible graduate co-op tours at NASA / JSC
  • Return to NASA full time to work on planetary surface habitats
  • Apply for Astronaut Corps!
getting the word out
Getting the Word Out
  • Undergraduate and graduate students learn of the Academy through:
    • Space Grant professors
    • posters sent to Space Grant institutions
    • website:
    • word of mouth (most common)
  • Applications available online - due in Space Grant offices in early January