the future of sex uality l.
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The Future of Sex(uality)

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The Future of Sex(uality) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Future of Sex(uality). Cybersex or Pseudosex What help can we get? What helps to free the inner child?. Is sex, or the excuses we dream up to meet to get sex, what defines a culture?. Internet made it easy to get the kicks, but has it really made it better?

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the future of sex uality

The Future of Sex(uality)

Cybersex or Pseudosex

What help can we get?

What helps to free the inner child?

is sex or the excuses we dream up to meet to get sex what defines a culture
Is sex, or the excuses we dream up to meet to get sex, what defines a culture?
  • Internet made it easy to get the kicks, but has it really made it better?
  • We lost the sense of wonder, the adventure of discovery, the rites of passage
  • sex is a commodity, we made love an illusion,
first technology
First: technology
  • Slow progress since Ted Nelson’s Dildonics (1974)
what new technologies are there to improve help boost sexual pleasure
What (new) technologies are there to improve/help/boost sexual pleasure
  • Chemicals like Viagra, testosterone, midodrine, viloxazine and moclobemide, XTC, 2CB and a score of old stimulants and aphrodisiacs
  • Mechanical: lubricants, dildo’s, electric pads, inflatable puppets, sex-robots, tactile interaction devices, VR-sex, dildonics, cybersex
  • Fantasy: nothing new, fetishes of all kinds, but now on DVD, internet, externalising our feelings
  • Exercises like Kegel, contraction exercises, yoga, kundalini, tantra
  • Psychotherapy in cases of rape, abuse and malfunctioning
  • Surgery in case of esthetical needs, malfunctioning or trauma, in extreme to make borgs
they work
They work!!
  • Different chemicals adress different systems, just pumping more blood (Viagra) is limited
  • Tryptamines, Amphetamines, what chakra, what senses do they enhance?
  • Hardly any study into multi-substance effects
  • See
cybersex a new fantasy genre or a new medium
Cybersex, a new fantasy genre or a new medium
  • M. McLuhan: the medium is the massage/message
  • Luc Sala: a bit is only information if it bytes
cybersex cyberporn
  • Addictive
  • Anti-social
  • Easily perverted
  • Crossover to reality

(molest, abuse, childporn)


  • Cheap
  • Safe
  • Big Business
  • An alternative
real time but not reality
Real-time, but not reality
  • Look-alike, fantasy-alike and for some the great escape
together in cyberspace
Together in cyberspace
  • In 1990 we believed VR would change the world, it hasn’t!

Leary, Barlow, Nelson, Gullichsen, RUSirius, Lanier, did we dream about the ultimate experience!!

And what if VR got spiced up with some good old LSD or MDMA?

And we did try!!

then psychology
Then: psychology
  • Lots of studies, lots of theories, little progress
  • Maybe the old sages knew more?
  • Sex, Love and happiness, what the heck do we know?
Has psychology helped us in establishing what is good or bad, so-so sex or ectasy, moral or sin? Hardly, I think
  • Since Freud and the behaviourists we are all aware of our complexes, trauma’s and sexual imprints and as we accept that we all have an outward Persona (Mask), and a wounded child inside or shadow (covering the deeper and pure inner child (higher self) then how do these two subpersonalities affect our sexual behaviour?
my work suggests
My work suggests:

Wounded Child and Mask are two distinct modes (personalities) with their own:

  • Intelligence
  • Memory and trauma scars
  • Sexual orientation
  • Talents
  • Medical profile
  • Chi/energy profile

Most people live 95% or more in their mask, the inner child comes out in stress, sex, mystic states, with some drugs and in dreams

it s the wounded child that eventually kills you
It’s the wounded child that eventually kills you
  • Experiences create the mask, but also scar the child inside
  • Diseases are signals from the wounded child
  • If you don’t listen they grow
  • Accepting the shadow (and cleaning its wounds) is the only way to psychosomatic


and now sex
And now sex!
  • Some people have sex in their mask mode ( about 12-15%)

Of these 45% has different sex-orientation in child/mask

  • Most people have sex in their (wounded) child mode

This is where SM/exhibitionism, fetishes, abuse, etc. abound

a sex matrix what does it tell
A sex matrix: what does it tell?
  • Sex in the mask (P1) is less satisfactory
  • 45% of the people under 30 are stuck in their sex-chakra
  • 40% of the people over 30 are stuck in their sex chakra
  • Most people don’t reach their sex potential ever, making it to 50% is an exceptional experience for them
  • Real sex is better than masturbation, but not always
  • We are all “abnormal”, against what the Church, Balkenende or Bush consider acceptable
and cybersex
And Cybersex?
  • Great if you like sex in your mask
  • Maybe we can learn to cope with a limited sensory arsenal
  • Sex-therapy via the internet or VR is an option
  • For now, cybersex will yield some 40% of real sex in terms of satisfaction at the physical and emotional level, and far less at the spiritual.
back to the future
Back to the future
  • Will we find ways to help people enjoy sex in their “child” mode

I believe a combination of psychotherapeutic methods, old wisdom like tantra practice and yoga, prudent use of substances and awareness of how our mask/child system works, can help.

and how about science
And how about science?
  • Once we learn to accept intuition and combine it with scientific analysis we might find ways to understand ourselves better.
  • Sex is an information process, mostly happening between the ears, so why don’t we start studying what information really is.
  • I personally believe that information, consciousness and love are pointing at the same ground of being.
  • A bit is only information if it bytes

maybe sex is only love if it changes you

luc sala
Luc Sala


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