the aids epidemic n.
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The AIDS Epidemic PowerPoint Presentation
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The AIDS Epidemic

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The AIDS Epidemic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The AIDS Epidemic. Alex Jones & Logan Bjorkman. What is HIV?. Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV -: killer T-Cells attach themselves to invader cells and destroy them HIV +: The disease kills the T-Cells and they are unable to fight off illnesses Can mutate to resist drug treatment

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The AIDS Epidemic

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the aids epidemic

The AIDS Epidemic

Alex Jones & Logan Bjorkman

what is hiv
What is HIV?
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus
    • HIV -: killer T-Cells attach themselves to invader cells and destroy them
    • HIV +: The disease kills the T-Cells and they are unable to fight off illnesses
    • Can mutate to resist drug treatment
  • You have “AIDS” when:
    • Your T-Cell count is less than 200
    • You have opportunistic Infections
what is aids
What is AIDS?
  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
    • Viral disease
    • Causes failure of the immune system
    • Makes body more susceptible to diseases
      • Can be killed by the common cold
    • Can not actually die of “AIDS”
      • Killed by a disease that you are unable to fight off because of AIDS
      • AIDS was the cause of death over 3.1 million people in 2004
how is hiv spread
How is HIV spread?
  • HIV is passed through blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and breast milk, and any fluid with blood tissue
  • Sex
    • Through homosexual sex there is a greater chance of spreading HIV
    • Contact of a fluids in sex makes it a great risk
  • Needles
    • The use of unclean needles from one person to another
    • Intravenous drug users, tattoos, shots
    • Clean Needle Programs
  • Childbirth
    • A process involving many fluids leaves many infants HIV positive
hiv aids history
HIV & AIDS History
  • AIDS may have been around since the 1940’s
  • Possibly acquired from the Simian Family (SIV)
  • HIV was discovered by two separate scientists (Dr. Robert Gallo, Dr. Luc Montagnier) in 1982
  • AIDS didn’t surface on a large scale until the 1980’s
hiv aids history1
HIV & AIDS History
  • At first it was common in Gay Males and was named the Gay Related Immune Disease
  • It was then realized that the disease was not restricted to gay males but was also present in women and child straight and gay alike
  • Gaetan Dugas was believed to be “Patient 0” because he slept with over 750 different males in four years
aids in africa
AIDS in Africa
  • There are 25.4 million people in Africa living with AIDS/HIV
  • 3.1 million are newly infected with HIV/AIDS each year
  • There are 2.3 million people who die from the disease every year
aids in africa1
AIDS in Africa
  • The AIDS epidemic in Africa has lower the school enrolment
  • Large amounts of money are being spent to prevent AIDS in Africa, but it is hard to help because it they are third world countries with little structure
  • The quality of care provided in hospitals is declining because of the epidemic
aids in america
AIDS in America
  • There are 569,713 known cases of AIDS and HIV in America
  • It is believed that thousands more people have AIDS or HIV and do not know about it
  • People are treated differently when they're HIV+, or when people think they might be
  • The campaign to promote safe sex and needle use has made America one of the leading countries in the fight against AIDS
  • The ABC approach
    • Abstain
    • Condomise
    • Be faithful
  • Clinics are passing out condoms and educating the public
  • Hard to teach third world countries of these safe methods
  • Registered prostitutes must check out to be HIV -
research treatment
Research & Treatment
  • STAGE 1 : Primary HIV Infection
  • STAGE 2 : Clinically Asymptomatic Stage
  • STAGE 3 : Symptomatic HIV Infection
  • STAGE 4 : Progression from HIV to AIDS
research treatment1
Research & Treatment
  • 1985-* Blood first began to be tested in blood banks
  • 1986- *Us Surgeon General reports on AIDS epidemic and SEX education
  • 1987-*First anti-HIV drug AZT approved by the FDA & AIDS memorial quilt began
  • 1989-* FDA approved four more drugs
  • 1991-* Red Ribbon adopted as AIDS symbol of life
research treatment2
Research & Treatment
  • 1993- *CDC changes to include opportunic infections
  • 1997- *AIDS deaths drop 19%
  • 1998- *AIDS deaths drop 47%
  • 2000- *Clinton Administration formally declares HIV/AIDS a threat to U.S national security
  • 2002- *Realized that American public was not informed about AIDS
  • 2004- *AIDS and sex education in the USA focus on sexual abstinence until marriage