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Shackleton’s Way

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Shackleton’s Way. Leadership Lessons From the Great Antarctic Explorer. Roger J. Jaffe June 7, 2006. The Voyage. December 5, 1914 – Endurance sets sail for Antarctic January 18, 1915 – Endurance gets stuck in pack ice October 27, 1915 – Men abandon ship crushed by ice pack

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Shackleton’s Way

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shackleton s way

Shackleton’s Way

Leadership Lessons From the Great Antarctic Explorer

Roger J. Jaffe

June 7, 2006

the voyage
The Voyage
  • December 5, 1914 – Endurance sets sail for Antarctic
  • January 18, 1915 – Endurance gets stuck in pack ice
  • October 27, 1915 – Men abandon ship crushed by ice pack
  • April 9, 1916 – Lifeboats launched after 5 months in tents
  • April 24, 1916 – Shackleton sets out on an 800 mile sail with 2 men in a 22 ft. boat
  • May 10, 1916 – Safe landing, rescue underway
the path to leadership
The Path to Leadership
  • Compassion and responsibility
  • Upbeat, positive environment
  • Turn setbacks and failures into advantage
  • Bold in vision, meticulous in planning
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Take the high road
hire an outstanding crew
Hire an Outstanding Crew
  • Hire those who share your vision
  • Evaluate personality, values, and perspective on life in addition to past experience
  • Surround yourself with cheerful, optimistic people
  • Hire those with greater talents and expertise than your own
  • Spell out clearly the exact duties and requirements of the job
  • Equip employees with the best tools and equipment
get the best from each individual
Get the Best from Each Individual
  • Healthy bodies and minds are more productive
  • Match the individual to the position
  • Give consistent feedback on performance
  • Strive for human as well as professional relationships
  • Reward individuals as well as groups
  • Be tolerant; know individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and set reasonable expectations
lead effectively in a crisis
Lead Effectively in a Crisis
  • Communicate a plan of action and seek support
  • Keep malcontents close to you; resist the instinct to avoid them
  • Defuse tension; use humor to put people at ease
  • Let go of the past; don’t waste time on regrets
  • Seek advice and information from multiple sources
  • Be patient
  • Give people time to get used to the idea of an unpopular decision
form teams for tough assignments
Form Teams for Tough Assignments
  • Self sufficient groups work best
  • Empower team leaders but keep an eye on details
  • Be self-sacrificing; use the perks you can dispense
  • Show confidence in those acting in your stead
  • Never point out weaknesses of individuals in front of others
overcome obstacles to reach goals
Overcome Obstacles to Reach Goals
  • Go-for-broke risks become more acceptable as options narrow
  • Seek inspiration in enduring wisdom that has comforted and motivated you or others in times of crisis
  • Motivate your staff to be independent
  • Let your people inspire you
  • Make sure the whole job is done; see the entire job, not just tasks, through to successful completion
leave a legacy
Leave a Legacy
  • Leadership is a fine thing, but it has its penalties. And the greatest penalty is loneliness.
  • Optimism is true moral courage.
  • The loyalty of your men is a sacred trust you carry. It is something which must never be betrayed, something you must live up to.
  • I have often marveled at the thin line which separates success from failure.
  • If you’re a leader, a fellow that other fellows look to, you’ve got to keep going.