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SAS Training Session 1

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SAS Training Session 1. 1st class?. AIMS OF SAS. Recruitment to teaching Raising aspirations and widening participation Have you registered with the TDA?!. HANDBOOK. Working document bring to ALL sessions and to school visits

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aims of sas
  • Recruitment to teaching
  • Raising aspirations and widening participation
  • Have you registered with the TDA?!
  • Working document bring to ALL sessions and to school visits
  • Familiarise yourself with P5-14: admin and dates for training and school visits and SBTs
  • Part A : training
  • Part B: 11 day block
  • Part C: Reference section
  • Part D: Appendices
attendance and absence
  • All university sessions (sign in) – if absent due to illness let me know by phone or email. Other reasons should be cleared with me in advance
  • All school sessions – absence procedure is on P8, complete register of attendance sheet – mentor to sign
  • Lateness – inform school
  • Use public transport if possible
  • Cannot book own taxi – let Margaret know if you need help
  • If miss taxi you must get yourself to school and pay cost
  • AM: taxis pick up in L’ton (Newbold Terrace), Campus (boiler house)
  • PM: from boiler house
  • BE ON TIME – taxis won’t wait!
  • SAS Code of Conduct P91/92 – sign
  • Dress code
  • School policies and practices including meetings
  • No smoking anywhere on school site
  • Confidentiality
  • Never criticise a teacher or another student in public
  • ‘never touch a child in love nor anger’
  • appropriate language at all times
safe guarding child protection p15 in handbook
  • Find out about the school’s Child Protection Policy – may be explained as part of your Induction, if not, you must ask.
  • If an incident occurs when you are present, you should:
    • report it to your mentor and the designated Senior member of staff
    • write an account
    • ask the school to date and sign it
    • keep a copy
e safety
  • See SAS website for information on e-safety for you as well as pupils
  • Use of social networking sites/email: remember they are in the public domain
  • Never refer to pupils or members of staff by name on email or social networking sites.
  • SASTEP (SAS Training Entry Profile) P93
  • Keep records of evidence for completing it – use a diary/exercise book for notes from the start.
  • Signed by mentor
  • SASRAP (SAS Raising Aspirations Proforma) P109
  • Find/make opportunities to talk to pupils about higher education
  • Keep records
  • Signed by mentor
  • PORTFOLIO (Handbook P61-2)
placements half days
  • Start next week so contact school this week.
  • Arrive by 8.20am for mornings, 12.15pm for afternoons unless school tells you differently
  • Mainly observations but get involved!
  • SBTs – one each week, preparation in training
  • Plan and teach starter asap
  • You can do extra half days so finish in time for exams – negotiate with school and let me know
  • Agree with school on the timing of your 11 day block
what to take to your school
What to take to your school:
  • CRB certificate (as soon as received)
  • Photo ID: passport is best
  • A5/A4 summary sheet to introduce yourself
  • Handbook
  • Notebook
introduction sheet

Prepare an A5/4 Sheet to introduce yourself and the Scheme:

  • brief personal details including your university, degree, interests
  • aims of the SAS
  • reasons for being on the SAS
  • photo
warwick in africa
Warwick in Africa
  • Application deadline: 22 January
  • Application details at:

  • Recruitment Day: Saturday 6th February