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Created by, Kathryn VanWormer
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Created by, Kathryn VanWormer

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  1. Astrology Created by, Kathryn VanWormer What is astrology?

  2. What is Astrology? • Our natal (or birth) charts are special "sky maps" which reflect (mirror back) the exact moment we drew our first breath. And with that first breath, we each began our own incredible hero's journey through life on planet Earth... The birth positions of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all play their own unique symbolic roles as messengers and ambassadors of the universe... On top of that - there are twelve signs, twelve houses which go into making up our unique, complex, and complicated birth charts... The position of the planets, how the planets connect with one another,and which house the zodiac is in. What is astrology?

  3. What are the Different Types of Astrology? • Chinese Astrology • Numerology • The Signs (your birth date) • Tea Leaves What is astrology?

  4. What is Your Sign? • ARIESMarch 21 - April 20 • TAURUS   April 21 - May 20 • GEMINI   May 21 - June 21 • CANCER   June 22 - July 22 • LEO  July 23 - August 23 • VIRGO   August 24 - September 22 • LIBRA September 23 - October 22 • SCORPIO   October 23 - November 21 • SAGITTARIUS   November 22 - December 21 • CAPRICORN   December 22 - January 19 • AQUARIUS   January 20 - February 18 • PISCES   February 19 - March 20 To see what type of person you are click here What is astrology?

  5. Your Sign and Its Elements • Sign Element Cycle  Mode Cycle • Aries Fire Cardinal • Taurus Earth Fixed • Gemini Air Mutable • Cancer Water Cardinal • Leo Fire Fixed • Virgo Earth Mutable • Libra Air Cardinal • Scorpio Water Fixed • Sagittarius Fire Mutable • Capricorn Earth Cardinal • Aquarius Air Fixed • Pisces Water Mutable What is astrology?

  6. Planets and Their Meaning • Mercury - communication, intelligence, thought, ideas • Venus - relating abilities, pleasure, enjoyment, values • Mars - assertiveness, getting what you want, survival • Jupiter - expansion, beneficent, jovial, opportunity, religious • Saturn - restriction, limitations, structure, learning hard lessons • Uranus - independent, electricity, shock, inventive, detachment • Neptune - dependent, foggy, romantic, misty, mystical, magnetic, imagination • Pluto - intensity, hidden, invisible, transformation, eros, erotic What is astrology?

  7. Aspects of Planetary Interaction When two of the planets share one of these connections - the two planets actively exchange energy with one another. They dialogue with one another (like two characters in play or movie). They have conversations with one another. Perhaps (depending on the planets involved and the type of aspect) their energies will blend - and they'll be happy compatible companions.... Or, maybe, their individual energies will conflict - and they'll wind up in opposite corners and feuding. What is astrology?

  8. Chinese Astrology • The ancient art of Chinese astrology uses the year, month, day and time of your birth to give insights into your personality. The system, based on the Chinese lunar calendar, follows five 12-year cycles. A different animal represents each of the 12 years. Chinese legend has it that Buddha invited all the animals of the Earth to visit him on New Year's Day, and when only 12 arrived, each was awarded a year of its own. It is now believed that those born during a certain animal's year have the qualities associated with that animal.Click here to see what animal you are! **** What is astrology?

  9. Tea Leaves • It is that after you drink tea when the leaves dry up they leave a tale of what is to come. Only certain people are able to read them. Click here to find your own destiny!**** What is astrology?

  10. Numerology • This is a form of Astrology that used your birth date, month, and year to assess which numbers are most important and prominent in your life. Click here to find your lucky number**** What is astrology?

  11. I hope you have learned a lot more about Astrology and its different aspects! Remember look to the sky for answers! THE END What is astrology?

  12. Reference page What is astrology?

  13. Aries-Arians are individualistic people who like to make their own decisions and go their own way in life. They are independent and action-oriented. Acting on inspiration, Arians are fiery and impulsive. Gemini- Geminians are basically curious and intellectually oriented people. Interested in learning something about practically everything under the sun, they like to meet all kinds of people, communicate and tell stories. Cancer-Cancerians are basically conservative, emotional people. They tend to be shy, but they may hide this behind a tough and cool exterior, responding with jokes or sarcastic remarks to disguise their true thoughts and feelings. Leo-Leonians are basically warmhearted, lively and sincere people. They like to tell jokes and stories, but they will speak their minds and let people know if they are displeased. Virgo-Virgonians are industrious and rational people, doers who like to see tangible results. They are down-to-earth in the sense that they are very observant and detail-oriented. Libra-Librans are basically friendly and socially oriented people. They are diplomats and networke rs who have the potential to be leaders. Scorpio-Scorpians are basically emotional, imaginative and secretive people. They live a strong and rich inner life, meaning they have a tendency to let their imagination create all sorts of positive and negative thoughts or feelings. Sagittarius-Sagittarians are basically positive, optimistic and freedom-loving people who are interested in knowledge and travel. They usually seek out lively projects and interests that broaden their horizons. Capricorn-Capricornians are basically competent, down-to-earth and result-oriented. They are usually hard workers. They love to organize and are willing to discipline themselves, shoulder responsibility and plan ahead in order to achieve their ambitions. Aquarius-Aquarians are basically cool, sensible and friendly people. They are intellectually oriented and want their minds to rule their emotions. They like to play with ideas and spend considerable time and energy in the "world of thought." Piscies-Pisceans are multitalented and unpredictable. They are hard to pin down because of their imagination and flexibility. It's easy for them to adapt to different cultures and situations. Taurus-Taureans are basically practical and down-to-earth people. They are builders who like to focus on long-term projects and see tangible results. What is astrology?