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  1. PointTracker Eddie Madonna

  2. What is PointTracker?? • The POINTRACKER application is a ball tracking system that displays the trajectory of a ball on a computer screen in near real time. • Using POINTRACKER, fans can follow shot-by-shot coverage of how a particular point plays out.

  3. Who Created PointTracker?? • PointTracker was created by IBM to enhance the online viewing experience for tennis fanatics. • The Technology has been around since 2003, but made its debut at the 2006 U.S. Open. • IBM is continuing to make advancements on the technology.

  4. Advantages of PointTracker • Ever wonder at what point Andy Roddick's 140 mile-per-hour serve starts its descent? • Or which side of the court Roger Federer favors to place his shots over the other? • PointTracker answers all of these questions by its easy to follow scoreboard. • Instead of simply watching the score of your favorite player’s match upload, it is possible to; in a sense, watch everything that goes on in the entire match. • PointTracker also, ultimately lead to the use of replay in Tennis. This of course has helped the game by assuring umpires are making the correct calls and hardly delaying the matches by less than 30 seconds.

  5. Problems with PointTracker • PointTracker, along with Instant Replay, have yet to become 100% reliable. Clearly replay is much more of a concern, as it can cause an enormous change in a match. • Using PointTracker to “cheat.” - Sharapova v. Davenport (2004 Wimbledon semifinal match)

  6. PointTracker Solutions • IBM and the USTA are continually developing the technology with the hope that PointTracker will be 100% correct. • Until then, PointTracker and the instant replay used by tennis players (when they want to use one of their challenges in a match) is still more accurate than the umpire’s naked eye. • While PointTracker should certainly be allowed during practices and training, it should be outlawed for those playing in, and those communicating to players in a current match.

  7. Quotes About PointTracker "Today, fans can have a rich experience with instant analysis at the click of a finger," says Ann Wool, director at Ketchum Sports Network "By watching point-by-point how a game changes, an avid fan can get far more than just the score and understand how a game develops" says Rick Singer, director of Worldwide Sponsorship Marketing for IBM

  8. PointTracker Video http://www-03.ibm.com/innovation/us/adv/special/?p_campaign=usopen_aug07&p_creative=vanity&p_site=s500?P_Campaign=106AW03W_Site=S198