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Parmele. By Eloise Greenfield and Lessie Jones Little. Word Knowledge. Gas station firefighter punching bag. Laugh enough tough. Narrow fellow grow. Comprehension Strategies. Making Connections Clarifying Visualizing. Comprehension Skills. Main Idea and Details

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By Eloise Greenfield and Lessie Jones Little

word knowledge
Word Knowledge

Gas station firefighter punching bag

Laugh enough tough

Narrow fellow grow

comprehension strategies
Comprehension Strategies
  • Making Connections
  • Clarifying
  • Visualizing
comprehension skills
Comprehension Skills

Main Idea and Details

The main idea is what a paragraph or passage is mostly about, while details give more information about the main idea. The main idea can be found in either the first or last sentence of a paragraph.

“One thing that we saw on the road frightened me. Chain gangs.”

What are some details that support this main idea?

comprehension skills1
Comprehension Skills
  • Discussing the Selection
  • What does this selection tell us about the author’s heritage?
  • How important is family to the author?
  • What are some differences and similarities between your family and Eloise Greenfield’s family?
  • How has this selection connected with your knowledge of the unit theme?
publishing a personal narrative
Publishing a Personal Narrative

Writing can be published in a variety of ways:

  • It can be displayed on a bulletin board
  • It can be made into a book by putting the pages between covers.
  • It can be collected with other pieces of writing and published in an anthology.
  • It can be submitted for publication to a local newspaper or national magazine
  • It can be published in a school newspaper
  • It can be read aloud to the class or another group

An autobiography tells the story of the author’s life, while a biography is about someone else’s life.

  • What kinds of people write autobiographies?
  • Who might be interested in reading such books?
  • What autobiographies have you read? Why did you read it? What did you learn from reading about that person’s life?
  • Might someone your age write an autobiography?
using a dictionary or glossary
Using a Dictionary or Glossary

A dictionary is used to clarify the spelling, pronunciation, usage, and definition of words; it is arranged in alphabetical order; and it has guide words.

Your Student Anthology glossary shares all of these characteristics, although it will only give the meaning and part of speech of a word as it is used in you book’s selections.

commas in a series
Commas in a Series

A comma is used to set off and separate words and groups of words.


cats dogs

Carrots tomatoes turnips

Tennis basketball football volleyball


Verbal and Nonverbal messages

Multimedia Presentations