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OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. In Commercial Recreation And Tourism. Overview of Management.

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operations management



Commercial Recreation

And Tourism

overview of management
Overview of Management
  • The operation of any commercial recreation or tourism enterprise is initially mapped out in a feasibility study or business/operational plan that sets forth the components of the business concept. These components are used as an estimate of the long-term profitability of the business.
the disney example
“The Disney Example”

From Fortune magazine in 1998; “What Makes A Company Great”

“The Disney system puts strong division managers against a strategic planning unit that acts as a check on their power”.

  • The Disney Philosophy has been successful over the years due to the valiant adherence to Disney values and consistent planning components. Disney people know what to expect in a Disney operation. If the operation is NOT successful, then customer service principles are used to correct the mistake.
characteristics to improve business success
Characteristics to improve business success
  • Treat employees as “one main strategy”.
  • Adjust your enterprise to improve as corporate standards dictate.
  • Address as many full-service components (feasibly) to accommodate the needs of the customer.
  • Watch pricing and rising operational fees.
  • Provide “inspiring leadership”
  • Provide “knockout facilities” in terms of atmosphere, amenities, technology, and cleanliness.
  • Focus on customers, teamwork, fair treatment of employees, initiative, and innovation
new fundamentals of success
  • Plan for Unexpected Change
  • Focus on the Process
  • Pursue Equity Financing
  • Strive for Uniqueness
  • Concentrate on the Core
  • Think and Act Globally
  • Maintain a Contingency Reserve
fundamentals cont
Fundamentals cont.
  • Develop Relationships with Your Customers
  • Be Fair and Flexible with Employees
  • Address Expanded Constituencies
  • Address/Use Environmental Concerns
  • Establish/Maintain Solid Business Partnerships
human resource management in commercial recreation
  • Creating Culture & Climate
  • Hiring, Training, & Compensating Staff
  • Staff Supervision & Motivation
  • Part-time & Seasonal Labor
  • Unions
creating culture climate
Creating Culture & Climate

In creating a positive organizational culture, owners/managers should apply the following:

*Select for talent

*Don’t micromanage

*Allow employees to navigate their own course

*Help employees find roles that allow them to best express what they are

hiring training compensating staff
Hiring, Training, & Compensating Staff
  • Make the time commitment to do this process right
  • Familiarize yourself w/legal implications
  • Get a clear fix on the job
  • Be realistic w/your expectations of the job
  • Choose recruiting sources carefully
more stuff to remember
More stuff to remember …
  • Monitor screening procedures
  • Become a better interviewer
  • Do the reference checking yourself
  • Do your best to be objective
  • Make a decision
types of compensation
Types of Compensation
  • Health care programs
  • Employee discounts
  • Child care
  • Employee Fitness Program
  • Sick leave
  • Vacation
  • Sales commission
  • Maternity leave
compensation cont
Compensation cont.
  • Insurance programs
  • Retirement fund contributions
  • Employee Recreation Programs
  • Travel discounts
  • Educational reimbursements
  • Uniform reimbursements
  • Professional expenses
  • Employee housing/meals
staff supervision motivation
Staff Supervision & Motivation
  • Learn employees names and treat them as individuals
  • Don’t be afraid to do an employee a favor
  • Employees live “up” or “down” to expectations
  • Be aware of employees needs and goals “outside” of the workplace
  • Try to eliminate “dull” jobs or partner them with good jobs and learning experiences
  • Develop career paths w/in your organization
  • Provide opportunities for recognition, praise, achievement, responsibility, and social prestige.
  • Show employees that their welfare is closely related to the success of the business
  • Give them a real opportunity to contribute to the decisions w/in the organization
  • Be more flexible in offering work options such as flex-time, job sharing, and part-time scheduling
  • Offer lots of choices of employee benefits
part time seasonal labor
Part-time & Seasonal Labor
  • There are often problems that occur w/part-time and seasonal staff.
    • Do school vacation schedules coincide w/the company’s peak seasons and staff needs?
    • Are there enough employees in the local community, or does a labor force have to be imported?
    • Do the employees have the maturity, skills, and experiences to do a good job?
    • Will they “burn-out” by season’s end and/or quit early?
strategies to help combat issues
Strategies to help combat issues..
  • Higher pay for returning staff that completed the entire season.
  • Bonuses for staff that complete the entire season.
  • Hire extra staff to start the season in case you have to fire some.
  • Provide a thorough orientation and training program for staff
  • Utilize supervisors who understand and can communicate w/part-time and seasonal staff.
  • Diversify jobs to reduce boredom
  • Provide employee housing if you have hired from outside of the local community
  • Provide employee transportation if needed
  • Provide staff recreation programs for families.
facility management
  • The facility should be sufficient size for the people who are expected to attend, and have room for expansion.
  • The facility should be designed to serve the needs of the programs and services.
  • The facility should be designed to be flexible: mobile staging, room dividers, and changeable floor surfaces.
  • The facility should be designed for safety, ease of maintenance, and resistance to vandalism.
facility info continued
Facility info. continued
  • Facilities should provide aesthetics and amenities that the participants want, to include attractive lounges, furnishings, color, décor, adequate parking, etc.
  • Facilities must be maintained in a safe and attractive manner.
  • Every facility must have written operating procedures that everyone understands.
  • Facilities also must have security procedures clearly identified and put into place.
risk management
  • Identify ALL Risks
  • Analyze Every Risk
  • Develop and Implement Risk Strategies

1. Low Risk

2. Moderate Risk

3. High Risk