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Macro Express Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Macro Express Training

Macro Express Training

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Macro Express Training

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    1. Macro Express Training Staff Empowerment

    2. A New Macro The Macro Explorer window appears when you open Macro Express. The first thing to do: create a new main macro file. Click on the new file icon in the top left corner. Name your file Orders, Circ, Catalog, anything!

    3. Creating a Macro Now, you can click on the new macro button at the top or double click in the white space below the list of macros. When the Add Macro box appears choose No Activation for your Default Activation, and then click on the Scripting Editor. Start using commands to form the structure of your macro

    4. The Commands You will see a list of the commands available to you on the left hand side of the scripting editor window.

    5. Getting Help Alt-h will give you access to your help options There are over 400 pages of help files at your disposal If you would like to know what a command does (Highlight Command and hit <F1>)

    6. Properties some things to remember Name your macro! If/When setting an activation make sure that there is not a conflict with another program. Icons can be changed if desired.

    7. Scope- Do this! You want to narrow your scope as much as possible without interfering with the operation of the macro This will mostly be done at the program level. You want to include in this list the program that the macro starts in, not all the programs used in the macro.

    8. Notes- Enter all the information in this area that is pertinent to the users operation of the macro. These are remarks that do not necessarily need to be added as remarks in the macro script. (e.g. What programs need to be running for the macro to work, what module to start in etc)

    9. Testing your macro You want to make sure your macro works, so test it as much as possible. No matter how much you fix it, something will always be broken. So it is wise to always remain vigilant. If creating an Aleph macro use the Test Client.

    10. Macro Express A new beginning!