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Looting Iraq: Past and Present Museum Director inspects the damage April 12, 2003 Museum worker, April 12, 2003 The British Museum Musée du Louvre Clay proto-cuneiform tablet with early pictographic writing, end of the 4 th millennium B.C.

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Looting Iraq:

Past and Present

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The British Museum

Musée du Louvre

Clay proto-cuneiform tablet with early pictographic writing, end of the 4th millennium B.C.

Baked clay foundation cone with cuneiform writing, end of the 3rd millennium B.C.

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Uruk III (c. 3200-3000 BC)

Various examples of cuneiform writing from Iraq Museum collection of over 7,000 pieces

Uruk III (c. 3200-3000 BC) ?

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Ambassador Iraq National Museum

L. Paul Bremer, U.S. Civil Administrator In Iraq

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Copper head of Goddess of Victory Iraq National Museum(stolen)

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Ivory plaque from Nimrud, beginning of the 1 Iraq National Museumst millennium B.C. (IM 60555)

Iraq Museum

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Sumerian Plate inlaid with shell Iraq National Museum(stolen)

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Stone figurines from Tell es-Sawwan, beginning of the 6 Iraq National Museumth millennium B.C.

Iraq Museum

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Sumerian alabaster statue from Ur, about 2400 B.C., Iraq National Museum

Iraq Museum

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Stone statue from Hatra, 2 Iraq National Museumnd century A.D. (IM 58084),

Iraq Museum

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An Ivory Plaque of a lion killing a Nubian, Assyrian from Nimrud, 1x10.5cm base, 9.8 high (stolen)

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Gray Diorite Statue of Entemena, Sumerian B.C.,15x76cm, weighs 150 kg (stolen)

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Bronze foundation figurine, end of the 3 B.C.,rd millennium B.C.,

Iraq Museum

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Gray Islamic tombstone end of the 8(stolen)

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Islamic glasses: cup (IM 11204) and bottle (IM 11223), 13 end of the 8th and 9-10th centuries A.D.

Iraq Museum

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Small alabaster vessels, Tell es-Sawwan, 6 end of the 8th millennium B.C. -- Iraq Museum

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Pottery jar decorated "scarlet ware" from Khafaji, beginning of the 3rd millennium B.C.,

Iraq Museum

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Islamic manuscript page in Arabic of the 3

Iraq Museum

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White marble head of Apollo, from Hatra Iraq Museum/Tabbaa(stolen)

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Islamic wooden panel Iraq Museum/Tabbaa

Iraq Museum

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Islamic coins Iraq Museum/Tabbaa

Iraq Museum

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Looted archeological site, Ishin Bahryat, Iraq Museum/TabbaaPhoto by Micah Garen

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Italian Police patrol Umma, Iraq. Iraq Museum/TabbaaPhoto by Micah Garen

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Done at the Hague, on 14 May 1954