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Jonathon Steele

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Jonathon Steele. A Pirate Island Express production. Learning objective :. Connectives. Question 1. Jack ___ Jill went up the hill. a. then. b. also. c. after. d. and. Question 2. Suzi decided to go to the shop _____ she really fancied some chocolate!. a. because. b. and. c. then.

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Jonathon Steele

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Jonathon Steele APirate Island Express production Learning objective: Connectives

    2. Question 1 Jack ___ Jill went up the hill a. then b. also c. after d. and

    3. Question 2 Suzi decided to go to the shop _____ she really fancied some chocolate! a. because b. and c. then

    4. Question 3 _______ _______ having birthday cake, Burt had the chocolate fudge cake a. In addition b. Apart from c. Instead of

    5. Question 4 The auctioneer wouldn't accept anything _____ the very best offer a. except b. despite c. unless

    6. Question 5 Jamie kicked the ball over the fence playing football. ______ he got told off! a. Furthermore b. Significantly c. Next d. Consequently

    7. Question 6 “I really want my new car to be red. ________ I could get that green one which has the super sport package” a. Similarly b. Alternatively c. Whereas

    8. Question 7 Due to having new running shoes, her speed increased ________ a. significantly b. especially c. consequently d. therefore

    9. Question 8 Tim does well with his school-work, but _____ he always tries hard! a. in addition b. furthermore c. above all d. in spite of this

    10. Question 9 I do like Greece, ______ Spain will always be my ideal holiday destination. a. and b. whereas c. otherwise d. although

    11. Question 10 I am so happy ___ I can’t stop crying! a. therefore b. yet c. and d. because e. consequently

    12. SORRY TRY AGAIN! Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10

    13. CORRECT I wonder why they did this?

    14. It’s what dreams are made of….. Correct

    15. To Easter C O R R E C T You are the greatest holiday ever!

    16. Correct

    17. Football The Greatest Game on Earth! You shot You Scored

    18. CORRECT No

    19. WELL DONE

    20. WELL DONE!

    21. WELL DONE

    22. WELL DONE