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Joanne Woodward. Evan, Kelly, and Whitney. Biographical Information. Joanne Gignilliat Woodward Born February 27, 1930 Born in Thomasville, Georgia Graduated in 1947 from GHS Attended LSU Married Paul Newman on January 29, 1958 Mother to three daughters and three step-children

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joanne woodward

Joanne Woodward

Evan, Kelly, and Whitney


Biographical Information

  • Joanne Gignilliat Woodward
  • Born February 27, 1930
  • Born in Thomasville, Georgia
  • Graduated in 1947 from GHS
  • Attended LSU
  • Married Paul Newman on January 29, 1958
  • Mother to three daughters and three step-children
  • Awarded as the first person with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Feb. 9, 1960
  • Marriage is one of the few longest lasting Hollywood relationships.


Growing up

Joanne Woodward was born to Wade and Elinor Woodward in 1930. Growing up, Joanne was always interested in acting. When Joanne was in the eighth grade, she moved to Greenville, after living in Marietta Georgia. She was a member at Christ Episcopal Church, and resided on Cleveland Street.



Greenville High Days

“On the stage or off she was unsurpassed.”

Joanne started Greenville High in her sophomore year. In her three years at the school she was well liked by all. She was active in both the GHS productions and the Greenville Little Theatre. Her sophomore year she was a “Lovely Lady,” junior year she was a “Junior Miss” and senior year she was “Sweetheart of ’47,” a member of the cafeteria club, and voted “Best Looking.”



Acting Days

After graduating from Greenville High in 1947, Joanne attended Louisiana State University for two years. She then moved to New York and joined the Actors’ Studio and Neighborhood Playhouse. There she met Paul Newman while acting in Picnic. She later made many films, the most famous being The Three Faces of Eve.


Her First Oscar

The Three Faces of Eve

On March 26, 1957, Joanne won her first Oscar for Best Actress in The Three Faces of Eve. She was shocked when they announced her name.


The Interview

Catherine Tate

What are some of your most fond memories of Greenville High with Joanne?

“I always had a lot of fun with her. She was very pretty, sweet, and everyone liked her.”

Has Joanne changed since high school? If so how?

“She looked wonderful in high school and still looks wonderful today. She still looks natural. When she came back in 1975 to do “The Glass Menagerie” at the Greenville Little Theatre, they wanted to hire a driver for her, but she refused. She is just her same old self.”

What kind of extra-curricular activities did she participate in?

“She was always active in the theatre. She was also active in our church, Christ Church, which was where I first met her. She was also a beauty queen.”


The Interview

Catherine Tate

What did she have to do to become recognized in the entertainment industry?

“I think that the school that she went to in New York really helped her, along with the TV shows and TV playhouses, where she got her first acting jobs.”

What is her favorite movie that she made?

“I don’t really know. I guess she liked to make the movies that were filmed in Texas. She got to use her Southern accent in those. It’s funny because in New York she had to take lessons to lose her Southern accent and then she had to use it in several of her movies.”

What is your favorite movie that she was in? And why?

“I guess The Three Faces of Eve because it was such a hard role. But I really love all of her movies.”


The Interview

Catherine Tate

How did she feel when she won her Oscar?

“She was surprised more than anything. She made her dress because she was not expecting to win. But I think it bothered her that Paul didn’t win anything.”

If Joanne weren’t acting today, what do you think she would be doing?

“It would definitely be ballet. She was always interested in it.”

How has Greenville High and the Greenville Little Theatre helped her career?

“Robert McLane, the theatre director at Greenville High at the time, helped her. When her mom and dad divorced, he helped her through it. He also helped her pick out a college. He has kept up with her more than anyone else through the years.”


The Review

The Long Hot Summer

  • Joanne’s character is Clara Varner.
  • She plays Paul Newman’s girlfriend.
  • The Southern setting is appropriate to her childhood, and keeps her in touch with her Southern roots.
  • Her conflicting character traits allow the plot to take twisting turns of fate.

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Group Members

Evan- Information, Interview Questions

Kelly- Information, Interview, newspaper articles, movie, and Power point

Whitney- Information, newspaper articles, movie, and Power Point