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Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB) v1.0 Overview

Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB) v1.0 Overview Tom Slaight Server Management Architect Intel Corporation February 24, 1999 Agenda ICMB Overview ICMB Benefits ICMB Architecture Summary and Call to Action ICMB

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Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB) v1.0 Overview

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  1. Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB) v1.0 Overview Tom Slaight Server Management Architect Intel Corporation February 24, 1999

  2. Agenda • ICMB Overview • ICMB Benefits • ICMB Architecture • Summary and Call to Action

  3. ICMB Extends IPMI Intelligent Platform Management to multiple host and peripheral chassis Intelligent Chassis Management Bus ICMB ICMB Bridge ICMB Bridge ICMB Bridge ICMB Bridge Host Periph. Chassis Periph. Chassis Host Chassis Ctrlr. SEL Chassis Ctrlr. SEL IPMB IPMB SDRs SDRs BMC SEL BMC SEL SDRs Sensors Sensors SDRs Sensors Sensors

  4. ICMBRelationship to IPMI • IPMI specifications define a standardized, abstracted, message-based interface to intelligent platform management hardware • Including messaging interface and transport specifications: • System Interfaces - I/O ports for host s/w access • IPMB - I2C-based Intelligent Platform Management Bus for extending and accessing management within a chassis • ICMB - For extending platform management between multiple chassis

  5. PowerControl Monitoring Alerting Recovery Logging Inventory ICMBOrigins Power Mid-range Enterprise I/O Expansion Entry RAID UPS Pedestal Peripheral Rack Mount Different chassis - same management needs Same management needs Different chassis

  6. ICMBSolution • Bus dedicated to inter-chassis monitoring and management functions. • Not a LAN or peripheral bus substitute. • Complementary to in-band chassis management interfaces such asSAF-TE* and SES* • Adds manageability when in-band mechanisms are inaccessible * SAF-TE: SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosures specification. Copyright Intel, nStor SES: SCSI Enclosure Services specification. Copyright ANSI Third-party marks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

  7. Agenda • IPMI Update • ICMB Overview • ICMB Benefits • ICMB Architecture • Summary and Call to Action

  8. ICMB Benefits Software Hardware System

  9. ICMB BenefitsSoftware • Uses IPMI commands, abstraction, and data structures • Preserves developer knowledge • Supports software auto-configuration • Sensor Data Records make each chassis self-descriptive • Flexible configuration • Sensor Data Records allow sensor population and thresholds to be changeable without firmware modification

  10. ICMB BenefitsSoftware • Provides common chassis management • Power control, health sensors, inventory information and events • Enables mixed chassis management • Same system management software can manage variety of chassis types

  11. ICMB BenefitsSoftware • Enables common in-band and out-of-band management • System management software uses same IPMI commands via ICMB or in-band interface • Allows re-use of in-band software modules for out-of-band access • Supports OEM Differentiation • Inherits IPMI support for OEM commands, OEM sensor types, and OEM events

  12. ICMB BenefitsHardware • Flexible • Can be integrated into management controller • Can be added on to existing IPMI-based system • Scalable • Chassis contain their own SDRs and System Event Logs

  13. ICMB BenefitsHardware • Hot- Plug ‘N play • Chassis can be disconnected from AC power at any time • Chassis can be added or removed from bus at any time • Automatic address resolution • no address configuration software or switches required Extensible and Serviceable

  14. ICMB BenefitsHardware • Low-cost - designed for standard microcontrollers • Single RS-485 transceiver per node • Uses micro’s internal Serial Controller • Easy interconnect • Passive bus, no terminators required • supports daisy chain, passive star,and multi-drop cabling topologies Uses ‘Off-the-shelf’ Components

  15. ICMBSystem Provides always available monitoring and control • Health status, power and reset control, and inventory access with system powered up, powered down, or in a ‘sleep’ state • Independent of host processor and operating software state

  16. ICMB BenefitsSystem • Enables ‘Buddy Management’ for enhanced system RAS • Systems watch each other for fail over alerting and cluster platform management • Enables mixed-OS platform management • One computer can monitor the platform health of another - independent of the other system’s OS.

  17. ICMB BenefitsSystem Enables EMC Sharing Multiple chassis managed by single Emergency Management Card PhoneLine ICMB EMC ICMB Bridge ICMB Bridge ICMB Bridge Host Host Host IPMB IPMB IPMB BMC BMC BMC

  18. Agenda • ICMB Overview • ICMB Benefits • ICMB Architecture • Summary and Call to Action

  19. ICMB ArchitectureGeneral Specifications • 19.2 Kbps RS-485 serial • protocol and event policy keep message traffic and bus occupancy low • Electrical support for at least 64 chassis • 16-bit source and destination addressing • Support for 600’, min, of overall interconnection • Six-pin ‘Semcon’ and keyed RJ-45 connector options. Platform Management Focused

  20. ICMB ArchitectureAdd-on ICMB Bridge ICMB ICMB Bridge Controller RAID Backplane Aux. IPMB Baseboard IPMB Chassis Mgmt. Controller SEL SDRs FRU Baseboard Mgmt. Controller Monitoring & control circuitry Chassis Sensors System Interface FRU SEEPROM System Bus IPMI Messages

  21. ICMB ArchitectureIntegrated ICMB Bridge ICMB ChassisMgmt. Bd. IPMI Messages ICMB Bridge VirtualIPMB SEL SDRs FRU Chassis Mgmt. Control Drive Slot Status SAF-TE Commands SCSI Interface SCSI BUS

  22. ICMB ArchitectureMessaging • Based on IPMB Protocol • Request/Response protocol for multi-master and bridging support • Sequence number and retries for discovery and robustness • Plus transport extensions for hot-plug connectivity: DataIntegrity Arbitration Address Resolution Discovery EventMessages

  23. ICMB ArchitectureData Integrity DataIntegrity • 16-bit ‘sum to FFFFh’ checksum with data length adder • Retries supported via Sequence Number • Sequence number differentiates a new request from a retry • Sequence number also matches responses to requests across bridge

  24. ICMB ArchitectureAddress Resolution Address Resolution Bridges test for address already in use on power-up • Automatically select new address if conflict detected • Continue to monitor during runtime • monitor and re-enter assignment state on runtime conflict

  25. ICMB ArchitectureArbitration Arbitration • ‘Bit banged’ arbitration pulse • Pulse position and width determine winner • Low probability of collision based on arbitration and bus usage • Data integrity checks and retries handle collisions • Timing compatible with low-cost micros

  26. ICMB ArchitectureDiscovery Discovery Driven by system management software • S/W broadcasts‘Get ICMB Addresses’ command • S/W collects set of bridge addresses and sets a ‘discovered’ state to individual bridges • Discovered bridges do not respond to further ‘Get ICMB Addresses’ commands • Process repeats until all bridges discovered

  27. ICMB ArchitectureEvent Messages Event Messages • Broadcast Event Messages provide scalability and fail-over support • Directed event messages supported for development and test • ‘Chassis Online’ event • Chassis periodically announce themselves while waiting for discovery by sending • ‘Attention’ event • Sent on new events in SEL or power-state change

  28. DataIntegrity Address Resolution Discovery EventMessages Arbitration ICMB ArchitectureBrings it altogether... DataIntegrity IPMI Commands & Data Structures Address Resolution Discovery EventMessages Arbitration

  29. Agenda • ICMB Overview • ICMB Benefits • ICMB Architecture • Summary and Call to Action

  30. Summary • IPMI provides the foundation for new out-of-band management features • ICMB provides a common interface for enhanced inter-chassis management • ICMB provides always accessible chassis management • ICMB is simple, cost-effective, and scalable

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