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Glorious Google

Glorious Google

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Glorious Google

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  1. Glorious Google EDTEC 572

  2. Tech Tools of the Day • Communication tools to support learning: • One-way communication • Support/extend/expand your own thinking/learning with RSS feeds (one way communication) • Start your own blog to document your learning in journal format (one way communication) • Two-way Communication • Subscribe to your classmates’ blogs and post replies • GoogleDocs to collaborate with others (two way) • Just for fun: Explore Bookr to create online books with Flickr images

  3. Why Google? • Easy to use • Extensive tools • iGoogle • personalization options • Expand knowledge with select RSS feeds • Blogger for sharing • GoogleDocs for collaboration • GooglePages for easy web authoring and publishing sites

  4. Getting Started with Google • Go to • Select iGoogle in upper right corner • Use your gmail account to sign into iGoogle • iGoogle mini tour • • Login: sdsu, Password:

  5. Customize Your Page • Personalize your iGoogle home page • Click on “Select Theme” (upper right) • Browse and click on a theme for header • Select gadget to keep or find more by clicking on “Add Stuff” (upper right) • Add 5 or 6 different gadgets and return to your iGoogle main page • Click on header bar of gadget to move it around • Consider your topics and add category tabs • Find the HOME tab, click on the “Add a Tab” hotlink • Return to HOME page to arrange gadgets

  6. Expand Your Own Knowledge with RSS Feeds • RSS feeds link to blog sites • News, Sports, Cooking, Edtec, Education, etc. • Some popular education feeds: • • (local teacher) • Explore and add to your page • If there isn’t a RSS symbol, check the end of the URL for the orange RSS symbol, click it • Organize your feeds under tabs to locate topics quickly

  7. Finding More Feeds • Find more RSS feeds on your iGoogle page: • Pull down menu “More --> Even More” • Select: • “Blog Search” and explore, click the RSS Feed orange icon or the letters RSS, opt to add those you like to your Google homepage

  8. Making Your Own Blog (optional) • Return to your iGoogle page, pull down menu “More --> Even More” • Select “Blogger” and follow the prompts to establish your account • Blogger Help is found at: •

  9. How to Post to your Blog (optional) • Find how to post to your new blog at: • Send your blog URL toTerri and post it in theDiscussion Forum

  10. GoogleDocs • Return to your iGoogle page, pull down menu “More --> Even More” • Select “Docs” • Select “New” to create a document in GoogleDocs or “Upload” to transfer a document from your computer to GoogleDocs • After you’ve saved the document, opt to “Share” it with others. Share with to fulfill the assignment (Note: do not use this email address for mail. I only use it to access Google’s tools)

  11. A 572 Project that teaches Google Docs • • A video on Google Docs: • • The online video showing how to manage files and folders •

  12. More Videos • Opening up Google Docs: • Google Docs interface: • Managing files and folders: • Uploading to Google Docs: • Creating Google Docs: • Sharing Google Docs: • Accessing a shared Google Doc: • Collaborating/Commenting on a Google Doc:

  13. You can also use Google Forms to do research… • Create a survey using Google forms • Collect data • Google forms will analyze the results for you • Preliminary analysis of course • Example from the Digital landcape team • Click Formsshow summary

  14. This is how… • You simply create a new "Form" in Googledocs. It looks like surveymonkey, but is way easier and has no limitations on length. • Once the form is done, you can email it, or post it to a website to have people take it. • When people answer the form (survey), it automatically fills out the answers on the Googledocs spreadsheet for you. • You can edit, analyze, and administer the form through the "form" menu in Googledocs. • I linked our form (survey) to The password to see the form and discussion pages is

  15. Comparison Chart of various online communication tools

  16. Finally, Tip or Trick of the Week • Each week, look for something fun or interesting in this section! • Bookr is an online book creator that uses Flickr photos. It’s part of the Flickr toys division. • • Some examples: • •

  17. Optional Practice • Set up and personalize iGoogle page with tabs • Find and subscribe to RSS feeds, organize them under your iGoogle page tabs • Set up Blogger account and start your own blog • Post your thoughts about these new tools and how you might use them to extend your knowledge or with your students • Use GoogleDocs to share a screen shot of your new iGoogle page with someone. Click on "Share" and select "As Collaborator." Instructions for screen shot. (FYI - I do not check this email account - it's only for access to Google great tools)