for pay public wireless internet access l.
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For-pay Public Wireless Internet Access

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For-pay Public Wireless Internet Access - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For-pay Public Wireless Internet Access Dr. Butch Anton hereUare Communications, Inc What is 802.11b (WiFi)? Global standard/unlicensed frequency (ISM band) Active IEEE standard Hot new technology Major player adoption 802.11b, WECA, and WiFi For-pay public wireless?

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for pay public wireless internet access

For-pay Public Wireless Internet Access

Dr. Butch Anton

hereUare Communications, Inc

what is 802 11b wifi
What is 802.11b (WiFi)?
  • Global standard/unlicensed frequency (ISM band)
  • Active IEEE standard
  • Hot new technology
  • Major player adoption
  • 802.11b, WECA, and WiFi
for pay public wireless
For-pay public wireless?
  • Ability to use 802.11b-enabled devices at all sorts of public locations
    • Cafés, coffee shops, airports, hotels, etc.
    • Anyplace you want to sit down and access the Internet
  • Pay “per sip” – only pay when you use and for what you use
why do users care
Why do users care?
  • WiFi is a hot technology being placed in the hands of consumers in all sorts of devices
  • Network footprint is small, localized islands, like home or office
  • No compelling reason to use enabled devices outside of these areas
  • Current for-pay networks are small, so you have to sign up with several to have any coverage
why do isps care
Why do ISPs care?
  • Additional service offering/differentiator
    • Draws new customers
    • Helps retain existing customers
  • Additional channel for selling data pipes
    • Opens an entirely new channel for selling bandwidth
  • Secure corporate wireless Intranet access
    • Addresses a market segment that was previously untapped – additional revenue opportunity
why do business owners care
Why do business owners care?
  • Great way to differentiate in their space
  • Recurring revenue stream, which is very different from typical business models
  • Little or no effort to install and maintain – hardest part is driving to the bank to deposit the monthly checks!
  • Drive additional sales of core business
    • Customers stay longer and consume more
what is my opportunity as an isp
What is my opportunity as an ISP?
  • Partner with location owners
    • Bundling
      • For installation fee
      • Revenue sharing
    • Sell more pipes
    • Secure global corporate wireless Intranet access
      • Bundled with a VPN and our locator software
what is the solution
What is the solution?
  • A company which focuses on
    • Making it easy for business owners to deploy for-pay public wireless networks.
      • By developing technology to provide AAA functions in the access point and licensing it to all AP manufacturers
      • By operating a trusted third-party settlement and clearinghouse
      • By offering customized billing solutions to all its partners
    • Making it easy for users to enjoy a ubiquitous WiFi network footprint across the globe
      • By aggregating disparate WiFi networks into one seamless whole, so that users have the same experience everywhere
value proposition 1 single location networks
Value proposition #1Single Location Networks
  • Enable easy bring-up of single-location networks (SLNs)
    • eCoinBox™ (ECB) offers AAA functionality integrated into the access point and ties the SNL into the global hereUare network
    • SLN owners can purchase a hereUare-enabled access point off the shelf, plug it into their DSL connection, and be up and running in minutes.
value proposition 2 consumer aggregation
Value proposition #2Consumer Aggregation
  • Today’s networks suffer from a lack of a large customer base
    • Each network is its own island with its own customer base
    • Network Service Providers (NSPs) can’t tap into a larger customer base of WiFi-enabled device owners unless they sign up with that particular network operator
value proposition 3 network aggregation
Value proposition #3Network Aggregation
  • WiFi network access suffers from several problems:
    • NSPs can’t justify building larger networks because they don’t have customers, but customers are slow to adopt because there is no footprint
    • NSPs don’t look at SLNs as potential network sites – they’re too small
    • Only with a combined network footprint that covers all the NSPs’ networks and the SLNs do you have a compelling network offering
versatile solution
Versatile solution
  • Works equally well with single-location networks and existing WiFi installations
    • Exactly the same technology
    • Exactly the same customer experience
  • Locator application adds additional functionality/value/branding
    • Provides searchable listing of all hereUare network locations
    • Can be used to configure WiFi parameters and start secondary applications like VPNs.
    • Billing Service Providers (BSPs) can enter into private-label relationships
  • The hot upcoming global technology
  • Key differentiator for ISPs
  • Incredible opportunity for ISPs to offer new bundled offerings
  • Recurring revenue opportunity, with potential for revenue sharing
  • Addresses a need that exists TODAY